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  • William Owens - Bike Trek to Phoenix

The Enemy of Friendships – Political and Spiritual Self Righteousness

November 20th, 2017|0 Comments

Nine days into my Shift to Greatness Bike Trek, I’m discovering something about myself that has been confirming what I knew was true deep inside. Like most who roam around the same people with common [...]

  • Alveda King - Color Blind

Evangelist Alveda King Noted in Influential Christian Roster While Urging Prolife Votes for Alabama

November 20th, 2017|0 Comments

ATLANTA, Nov, 20, 2017 |TruthPR|  -- "Being included in the 'Newsmax 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America' roster brings a new level of accountability to my lifelong journey of service to God and humanity," said [...]

  • Middle East Forum

US, Israeli Lawmakers Issue Joint Declaration ahead of Trump Mideast Initiative – Middle East Forum

November 16th, 2017|0 Comments

News from the Middle East Forum November 16, 2017 Washington, DC – November 16, 2017 | |– An unprecedented joint declaration by members of Congress and Israel's Knesset has laid the core principles of a [...]

  • Tipping Point w Liz Wheeler

Gregg Roman Interview: Middle East Forum Launches Project to Tackle Islamist Financing

November 14th, 2017|0 Comments

Interview of Gregg Roman, Director of Middle East Forum, by One America News Network (OANN) Liz Wheeler. Topic: Major American foundations have given millions of dollars to Islamist organizations "American organizations with clear ties to [...]

  • Middle East Forum

Members of Congress, Knesset to Declare Support for Israeli Victory at Historic Meeting

November 14th, 2017|0 Comments

PHILADELPHIA – November 13, 2017 | |– Members of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus (KIVC) have arrived in the U.S. to meet with their counterparts in the Congressional Israel Victory Caucus (CIVC) and sign [...]

  • Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll

AS THE TAX TURNS – By Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll

November 14th, 2017|0 Comments

As the tax plan turns, sounds like a soap opera.  It’s crazy to see these grown adults we elected to represent the people do all but.  The U.S. tax codes have not been transformed in [...]

  • Rev Mark Creech

Getting Rid of the National Anthem Won’t Improve Race Relations

November 11th, 2017|0 Comments

First, athletes across the country took a knee during the national anthem to protest the mistreatment of minorities in America. For most, the action was deemed an improper venue for making their statement, and highly [...]

  • Alveda King - We Are One Human Race

Evangelist Alveda King: Judge Moore, NAACP, National Anthem, Church Shootings – America must cease fire or self-destruct

November 10th, 2017|0 Comments

Atlanta, GA, November 10, 2017 | | - “For this people's heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed; lest they should see with [...]

Interview of Raheel Raza Regarding Censored Women’s Film Festival (10-9-17)

November 9th, 2017|0 Comments

The Hard Question Host Blanquita Cullum interviews Raheel Raza regarding the Censored Women's Film Festival (Raheel's segment begins at 17:45)Request Interviews Here   > View Highlights of Achievements Author of THEIR JIHAD…NOT MY [...]

  • Censored Women's Film Festival

Weinstein Can’t Shut These Women Up

November 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Men in Hollywood (and around the world) can’t abuse or silence these women     HOLLYWOOD – In Hollywood and around the world, certain men have bullied, abused and even raped women – and then tried to [...]

  • Middle East Forum

Israeli, American Lawmakers to Push ‘Victory over Palestinians’ Paradigm in US Events

November 9th, 2017|0 Comments

The Jerusalem Post November 9, 2017   A right-wing project working to shift the paradigm to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by declaring Israeli victory will make a new push next week to garner public [...]

  • Middle East Forum

Middle East Forum Launches Project to Tackle Islamist Financing

November 8th, 2017|0 Comments

Philadelphia – November 8, 2017 | | – The Middle East Forum (MEF) has launched the Campaign on Islamist Financing (CIF), a research body and resource for foundations, politicians, journalists, and private companies that [...]

  • Revisiting one of the unintended consequences of the Protestant Reformation.

The Pro-Islamic West: Born 500 Years Ago

November 7th, 2017|0 Comments

by Raymond Ibrahim FrontPage Revisiting one of the unintended consequences of the Protestant Reformation. Five-hundred years ago yesterday, on October 31, 1517, a Catholic monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door [...]

  • William Owens, American Poet

Shift To Greatness Bike Trek 2017 Press Conference

November 6th, 2017|0 Comments

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jackie Jones 662-259-0988 The Shift To Greatness organization is hosting a rally on November 7th in Las Vegas to call upon fellow artists of every expression to use their gifts to express [...]

  • Texas Church Shooting

The Church Under Fire Will Arise

November 5th, 2017|0 Comments

With another shooting, this time at a Church in Texas on Sunday, I believe the time for the American Church, in particular fellow artists, to “SHIFT" into action could not be more important. The Church has [...]

  • Middle East Forum

Middle East Forum Investigation: Foundations Gave Millions To Groups Accused Of Terror Ties

November 4th, 2017|0 Comments

PETER HASSON Associate Editor As seen in The Daily Caller Major American foundations have given millions of dollars in funding to Islamic organizations accused of having ties to radical Islamist movements or designated terrorist organizations [...]

  • Concerned Women for America

CWA of Missouri: The BDS Threat to Israel

November 3rd, 2017|0 Comments

November 5 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm The Pillar Foundation, 15820 Clayton Road Ellisville, MO 63021 United States + Google Map Click here for more information and to view and print flyer. Find out [...]

  • Frankly Faraci

Celebrities Open Up About Faith, Family as Dove Channel’s Original Hit Series “Frankly Faraci” Returns for a 2nd Season on November 8th

November 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

Harry Connick Jr., Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Atticus Shaffer, Candace Cameron Bure, Apple Store Creator Ron Johnson, Pitcher Adam Wainwright, and Corbin Bernsen reveal how their careers are inspired by faith   (LOS ANGELES, CA—November 2, 2017--—Dove Channel, Cinedigm’s (NASDAQ: [...]

  • Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll

JENNIFER CARROLL: Government officials see “the tax payers money,” as an endless faucet of money flowing in to use

November 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

Government officials usually say the cliche that “they want to run government like a business.” With most of them never running a business, having the headache to manage their own money to pay salaries, manage [...]

  • Alveda King leaves a new legacy

Evangelist Alveda King continues King Legacy Series with New GG’S COOKBOOK

November 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

(ATLANTA, GA | November 2, 2017 | – Why is Alveda King writing a cookbook? Who even knew she could cook? Does anybody care? In 2015 Evangelist King, prolife civil rights activist and Christian [...]

  • Jack Yoest

JACK YOEST: Unintended Consequences of the Tax Plan

November 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Jack Yoest, Assistant Professor of Management at The Busch School of Business and Economics at The Catholic University of America, comments on the president's tax plan.Request Interviews Here "When President Reagan cut taxes there [...]

  • Political Pundit and Author Carol Swain

CAROL SWAIN: Charlie Hebdo attacks prove critics were right about Islam

November 1st, 2017|0 Comments

What would it take to make us admit we were wrong about Islam? What horrendous attack would finally convince us that Islam is not like other religions in the United States, that it poses an [...]

  • Jack Yoest

Assistant Professor Jack Yoest at The Catholic University of America comments on the Diversity Visa Lottery,

November 1st, 2017|0 Comments

"In the early 1900's immigrants were thoroughly vetted.  About 2 percent were marked on their coat lapels "LPC" which meant "Liable to become a Public Charge."  Unproductive undesirables were turned back at Ellis Island. My [...]

  • Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll

JENNIFER CARROLL: President Trump is absolutely correct to halt “Diversity Visa Lottery”

November 1st, 2017|0 Comments

“The NYC terror attacker Sayfullo Saipov actions and the method of his entry from Uzbekistan to be a legal resident of the United States under a State Department program known as the “Diversity Visa Lottery” [...]

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll statement on DACA

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll statement on DACA: "President Donald Trump has turned the tables on the establishment GOP who's worked with the Democrats to block his agenda. Mitch McConnell once said that the president doesn't understand how [...]

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Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carrol speaks about North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un

"It’s said that negative attention is better than no attention. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un loves the attention and notoriety that show cases him as a nuclear leader who is feared by the western world, [...]

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Evangelist Alveda King: As Turbulence Roils POTUS Calls for National Prayer

  MEDIA RELEASE Forward to a friend View this email in your browser Media Contact: Leslie Palma 347-286-7277 Evangelist Alveda King:  AS TURBULENCE ROILS POTUS CALLS FOR NATIONAL PRAYER PRESIDENT TRUMP CALLS FOR NATIONAL [...]

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#TaxReform: Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll says “President Donald Trump is giving Republicans a gift”

Thank you for considering interviews with Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll in response to Pres. Trump's comments on Tax Reform. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at or 662-259-0988.  Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll "President [...]

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Bishop EW Jackson: “My father did not deny the reality of racial prejudice”.

Good morning and may all your bookings go flawlessly today! Please see below one of our many guests for your consideration. As always, we appreciate your interest. Please let me know if I can be of any [...]

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Authorities place Jerusalem’s Old City on lockdown – Update from Susan Heagy Available

NEWS JUST IN FROM ISRAEL Authorities place Jerusalem's Old City on lockdown - Update Israeli authorities reportedly placed the Old City of Jerusalem on a lockdown after rioting and clashes erupted on the Temple Mount, injuring upwards [...]

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Media Pitch: Top Tier Interview Guests – July 19, 2017

Top Tier Guests for your Talk Show View this email in your browser   Our Featured Guests of the day is published exclusively for accredited journalists, editors & bloggers, available by invitation only. To request [...]

Expert Interview Guests Available to speak about #CharlieGard

TruthPR: Media Pitch July 21, 2017 Attention Media: Thank you for considering the following guests who can speak about the life of Charlie Gard. If you have any questions or would like to schedule, please [...]

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TruthPR Interview Opportunities: Reaction to 9th Circuit Travel Pause Ruling

Interview Opportunities  Reaction to 9th Circuit Travel Pause Ruling "The overall issue of radical Islam is not adequately covered. For example, polls that show high levels of extremism in Muslim countries, such as those impacted [...]

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