Former cop turned author talks about his new book.

Interview of 30 Year Veteran Santa Barbara CA Cop talks about his new book: A Higher Call To Duty

Guest Sgt Mike McGrew tells stories of his 30 year experience as a cop in California and his journey to faith.

Show: Bill Martinez Live

Host: Bill Martinez

Date of Interview: March 28, 2019

Topic: New book – A Higher Call To Duty

A Higher Call To Duty

30-year police veteran Sergeant Mike McGrew worked some of his city’s most gruesome cases, from the violent homicide of a suburban housewife to the devastating molestation of dozens of children by priests at a local Catholic church. He experienced the chaos during the LA riots and negotiated with a killer on live radio. Still, nothing could prepare him for the suffering he’d encounter in his personal life, including the death of a child and his own battle with stage three colon cancer. Like so many other law enforcement officers and veterans, Mike began down a path of destruction filled with the empty pleasures the world had to offer. Just before reaching his breaking point Mike found the hope he so desperately needed in an unlikely place: the Gospel. A Higher Call to Duty details Mike’s journey to redemption through Jesus Christ and how that relationship transformed him and propelled him into a very different fight between good and evil. For anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one, struggling with addiction or disease or simply feeling lost in a world full of darkness and despair, Mike’s story may offer a solution – hope for the hopeless, grace for the unforgivable and ultimately salvation.