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LIVIN LARGE with Geoff Pinkus is a men’s lifestyle show. Topics include Cigars, Cars, Spirits, Booze, Restaurants, Music, Sports, Broads, Hot Chicks (Hot Moms), Jets, Harleys, Guns, Bikes, Fishing, you get the idea… It’s a show for guys and for women who don’t object to being around REAL MEN.

Geoff Pinkus - The PinkerGeoff Pinkus is a Chicago talk radio personality who brings his humorous and always confrontational style to talk radio.

Geoff’s passion for radio from early on has landed him past shows as radio host on various Chicago area radio stations.
These days, you can find him popping up on the Mancow Show or on his Uncensored Podcast – “The NEW LIVIN LARGE”

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