Angela Stanton King for Congress - Georgia 5th DistrictOn Running for Congress 

I am excited to announce that this morning I qualified to run for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District. My campaign will focus on the core values that matter to the voters of the 5th District- job creation for minority communities, economic growth, criminal justice reform, faith and family, and supporting our active military and veterans.

On Jobs and the Economy

I want to ensure that the people of the 5th District continue to benefit from the sensible economic policies under the leadership of President Donald Trump. Because of our President, more African Americans are employed now than ever before in the history of our country.  Our President has spent 3 years creating 7.1 million jobs. These jobs are helping ALL Americans, regardless of race or background. I fully support the President’s tax plan, which created opportunity zones here in the 5th Congressional District, giving those in our community the ability to build their own small business and achieve the American dream.

On Criminal Justice Reform

It is critical that we double down on the progress that President Trump has made with regard to Criminal Justice Reform. His focus on reforming our broken criminal system is geared towards improving the lives of minority families across the district, state, and country. I am a living, breathing example of these reforms and when I get to Congress I will continue to work with President Trump on this critical issue.

On Faith and Family

My family has always put faith first. I am a strong believer in the sanctity of life. It’s time that someone stands up for the lives of the unborn. I am proudly prolife and will fight in Congress to protect the lives of babies, especially by working to pass the Born Alive Act.

On Vets/Military

Our nation’s security is paramount. Let me be clear – OUR TROOPS SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT AN UNFAIR FIGHT. We need to make sure our armed forces are better equipped, trained, and supported for any ANY foreign or domestic threat. President Trump has spent billions of dollars revitalizing our military and providing wage increases for those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom, and when I am in Congress, I plan to fully support his efforts to back our military.

Under his leadership, the Department of Veteran Affairs has been vastly improved for its unacceptable and disastrous state four years ago. As a member of Congress, I will support President Trump’s work to improve VA resources, hospitals and medical access for our veterans.

Angela Stanton-King