Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll says:

“The recent health care proposal by Senator Graham will keep the integrity of Obama Care intack. It enshrines the principles of the AHCA.  Giving block grants to states to fund Medicaid is not fixing or changing Obama Care. 
 Medicaid was not set up and intended to be a health care plan for healthy bodies. Medicaid was set up as a joint federal and state program to help with medical costs to some people with limited income and resources. With Senator Graham’s proposed block grant, Medicaid will  becomes a state government run health care program which we’ve seen fail in many states.  This block grant proposal once implement will also fail because there will not be enough money in the states and federally to fund this expansion. States will always come back to the federal government asking for more funding more.  Just like transportation dollars and education dollars, some states will be donor state and others will be recipient states receive excessively more. There will be no equity to states in this proposed grant funding.
 Where is the GOP’s proposal to allow purchasing private or co-op health insurance across state lines? Where is the proposal to get rid of the 18 plus taxes that currently exist in the ACA? Why are states being required to offer preexisting condition coverage rather than have the free market offer insurance? Mandating preexisting insurance coverage encourages people to not be insured until an illness occurs, then other policy holders and tax payers foot the bill for this cost.
The federal government should be regulating the insurance industry to make sure their products are not overly priced, can create fairness in distribution and afford people flexibility in their choices.  The federal government should NOT be expanding government run health insurance under the disguise of a health care plan.
This shell game being played by the congress is dishonest and unfair to the American public.[fc id=’2′ type=’popup’ placement=’right’ button_color=’#4488ee’ font_color=’white’]Request Interviews Here[/fc]
A complete repeal should be the first step, followed by opening up the free market so that anyone who wants to purchase health insurance can.”