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God’s Amazing Gift Enterprises, LLC Announces  New Online Division

Christian News Service, August 18, 2015 — God’s Amazing Gift Enterprises, LLC announces its first new and exciting online division called, God’s Amazing Gifts with the slogan, Beyond Inspired.  This division, launched in August of 2015, is a 100% Christian owned and operated entity selling faith lifestyle apparel and family focused gifts.  Jacqueline Malone, Founder, spoke on customer expectations stating, “When shopping online at, customers can expect to find products that will exceed their Christian family shopping needs.”  This is true to point as the new store offers family apparel, footwear, head wear, accessories, pet wear, toys, jewelry, and home and office décor.  On a budget? No worries! God’s Amazing Gifts offers a price range and discount savings that will satisfy any minimalists.  This grand store covers the overindulgent as well, by offering a vast array of upscale stylish quality products and options.  No matter what your shopping preference, God’s Amazing Gifts’ product line will not disappoint!

Our mission is simply to spread the word of God in order to increase the Kingdom of God.  We believe that the word of God is the seed of life,” declares, Jacqueline Malone.  “Our slogan states, ‘Beyond Gods Amazing Gifts Logo VectorInspired’ because God’s word is more than inspirational, it is life transformational.  This is why we encourage the faith lifestyle and our products come stamped right down to the tags with God’s word and faith teachings.”  God’s Amazing Gifts is not your typical online gift store; it is equipped with a Scripture Library that allows customers to shop by scripture and related design. Scriptures and reference marks can be found on each product page. This feature helps customers study, learn and meditate on God’s word and teachings while shopping. 

“When buying God’s Amazing Gifts you are letting the world know you are standing up for peace, love, hope, honor, and faith,” reveals, Jacqueline Malone.  “In a time when the world seems to be in such disarray and division, God’s Amazing Gifts is a voice that puts a positive spin that shows people that God can heal all if you just believe.” 
To learn more about God’s Amazing Gifts and their wonderful and inspirational offerings visit them online at  While there, take a tour of this savvy store, read the Lifestyle page and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter for added discounts and savings. 
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Source: God’s Amazing Gift Enterprises, LLC