Author Gregory Wrightstone: “I have attached the letter that the PA Coalition for Responsible Government got from the IRS in the targeting scandal. I was Founder and President, & since we pre-dated the Tea Party, we ended up being #8 on their hit-list. Note that by the time we received the letter, we only had two weeks to comply w/ the long list of items requested.

Our Treasurer was a CPA for a big firm and immediately resigned, I was in the midst of equity funding a new start-up and the others involved were businessmen… we ended up unincorporating. Lois Lerner won.

With the recent IRS settlement of $3.5 million, this issue is back in the news. If you would like me on your show any time to talk about this or climate change (I have a new Op Ed coming out soon on Forest Fires), let me know.”

IRS Letter to PN Coalition for Responsible Government

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