Bob Jacobus

Bob Jacobus

Expert Topics:

  • Foretold – Seeing is Believing
    • Bible Predictions – tested against march of history, ground photography, and NASA satellite imagery.
    • Pivot Points of History – From Calvin to Arminius, Foretold’s impact through the ages.
  • Health Care – Medicine’s Brave New World – Medical Intervention, Innovation and God’s Design
    • Therapies altering the code of life requires a theological review & response
  • Children’s Faith – Ensure your kid’s faith will echo into eternity
    • Capture the imagination and earn the right to be heard – God’s model of persuasion through the centuries.
  • Political Principles – Bible & USA
    • God’s transcendent political principles from decentralizing power to opposing human Kings with practical application today.
  • Fog of War – Who do you believe in troubled times?
    • Opposing Opinions, Opposing Science, and Opposing Analysis – ancient Biblical principles for navigating life & death decisions in everything from politics to vaccination
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Bob Jacobus

Author: Foretold - QuickShare Edition | Media Producer | Non-Profit Founder | Business Development | Bible Teacher

  • Author
  • Media Producer – Broadcast, Non-Profit, Fortune 500, Politics
  • Creative Director (Producer, DP, Editor)
  • Film Financing
  • Documentary video DP – USA, Africa and Europe.
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“I’m a news and marketing guy looking to tell the story of the facts with an economy of words. Nothing is faster that a picture that says a 1,000 words.” – Bob Jacobus

Short Bio:

Bob Jacobus is the founder of the Foretold platform and author/ designer of Foretold – QuickShare Edition. Using the skills aquired working in broadcast news at NBC, CBS and for Fortune 500 clients across industries, Bob takes complex ideas, products, missions, and services and crafts concise stories to capture attention and earn the right to be heard.

In Foretold, Bob approached the faith with a marketer’s eye and an apologists heart to find the Bible is the dream client.

Starting with the Wow of prophecy and fulfillment to capture the imagination, Foretold earns the right to be heard at a glance for a picture is worth a thousand words and seeing is believing.

Full Bio:

The founder and promoter of the Foretold platform, Robert Jacobus, has spend more than three decades telling stories and crafting media for broadcast audiences and Fortune 500 clients.

Bob started his career in broadcast TV at CBS in Philadelphia ultimately rising to Field Producer and Assignment Manager for NBC News through the mid 1990s.

Bob launched Mission Media Ministries (MMM) as Director and Founder from its inception in 1997 through December of 2007 to unite professional media believers to put their skills in action for their faith. These professional colleagues from the secular media created pro-Bono advertising campaigns for a loose association of 200 local churchs in the Christian Churches Association (CCA) – .

Through his tenure at Mission Media, Bob spoke before over 600 churches expanding the CCA and briefing congregants on the evidence available to evaluate the predictions in the Bible.

A blow to the health of a family member forced Bob out of ministry and back into the media world in 2008.

Bob returned to his first career track working as Producer, Creative Director, Art Director, and Video Director creating media for Fortune 500 companies such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, Novartis, & Chubb Insurance; for political candidates for State and Federal Office; for media channels such as Hulu; and platform brands for various local companies creating print, digital, and interactive marketing.

He holds undergraduate degrees in Biblical Theology and Communications from Eastern University and today lives in Pennsylvania .



ForetoldThe book, Foretold, rich with photographs, grabs your attention, captures the imagination and proves beyond a reasonable doubt the Bible comes from the very Hand of God. Seeing is Believing.

Foretold – QuickShare Edition collects images from dozens of photographers shot on location in the dusty hot spots and war zones of the Middle East, NASA satellite images, and CIA field reports to prove the Scriptures are directly inspired by the very Hand of God. Seeing is believing.

Egypt was cursed to remain a lowly kingdom. The Philistines were damned to extinction. Edom would be desolate forever. Tyre shall be punished, foretold to go from seagoing superpower to fishing village. Ammon driven to desolation, but restored thereafter.

Predictions & prophets separated by hundreds of miles, recorded thousands of years ago, detailing millions of lives, all in one Book – the Holy Bible.

Foretold resurrects the publishing wildfire of Calvin (1539), Arminius (1600), Newton (1746), Keith (1823), and Davis (1931) by bringing this emphasis into the 21st century through a multi-channel platform. Successive generations rekindled this evidence every century, publishing hundreds of editions through written history, then hand drawn sketches, and finally black & white photos.

More than a photo intensive 60 page e-book, Foretold – QuickShare Edition is the ultimate evangelism tool that includes the QuickShare interactive presentation – a built in App like experience to capture the imagination and deliver a eureka moment that ends the debate and gives birth to life changing faith. – Quick to See, Quick to Share.

Foretold – QuickShare Edition fully embraces the next generation of the digital book ecosystem with an intuitive UI and flexible interactivity to let the reader become an expert presenter in a matter of minutes.

• Edom shall be desolate forever
• Egypt is cursed to be a lowly kingdom
• Tyre shall go from sea going superpower to fishing village

– and more all captured on camera today
2,500 years later God authenticates His Word, by writing history before it happens. Seeing is Believing.

In 20 seconds you’ll see if this is worth your time…


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