Drew Montez Clark

Expert Topics:

  • Running for Congress (FL-25)
  • Border Security
  • Fighting For Faith, Family and Our Constitutional Freedom
  • America First – Constitutional Conservative
  • Censorship
  • Government Overreach
  • Foreign Influence
  • Pro-God
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Second Amendment
  • Pro-Parental Rights
  • Pro-Israel
  • Pro-Trump
  • Pro-Veterans
  • Pro-Agriculture
  • Pro-Constitution

Drew Montez Clark

Drew Montez Clark for Congress -- FL 25

  • Doctor Drew Montez Clark is a chiropractor at Integrative Medicine & Rehab – Running for Congress in FL Dist 25.
  • Liberty Focused
  • Constitutionally backed
  • 2nd Amendment loving
  • Trump supporting
  • Pro-Life
  • Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur.
  • Regardless of race, religion, or gender!
  • My goal is to provide district 25 with an America First, Constitutionally Sound, voice!


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I am a Liberty Focused, Constitutionally backed, 2nd Amendment loving, Trump supporting, Pro-Life, Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur grounded in my faith.  I refuse to sit by idly while the torch of liberty, which so many before me sacrificed for, is extinguished. Furthermore, I absolutely refuse to pass on anything but freedom to the next generation.

I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.

¬Thomas Paine

I am one of three brothers who grew up in Danville, VA son of two educators.  They demanded from an early age that we become free thinkers and exercise critical thought at every step.  That is what led me to conservatism and to this very moment.  Remaining silent with all that is happening in our world today would make me part of the problem.  I was raised with the understanding that I should not complain or have an opinion unless I am willing to find my role in arriving at a solution.  Entering the race for U.S. Representative of District 25 is what I believe to be my role in ushering in objective solutions that help us save our great country!

See I believe the answer to all the above situations can be found in two places; through God and the Constitution.  I have seen too many instances over the last few months where we apparently set the constitution aside for a perceived temporary solution.  I happen to believe that the constitution and bible exist specifically for moments like these. That means that we should leaning more so into these truths to help us navigate these difficult times and heal as a nation! I believe that small business plays a high role in the recovery of our economy! I believe that every citizen in SWFL and beyond has a role to pay in our healing process here local and nationally… Regardless of race, religion, or gender! My goal is to provide district 25 with an America First, Constitutionally Sound, voice!   Just because I live in this district with my family, does not mean that I proclaim to have all of the answers.  We all view the world through a different set of lenses and therefore each have a unique and meaningful perspective that should be heard.  Furthermore, the solutions that we come to together should be community focused, locally supported and not require government overreach!



Running for Congress in Florida – District 25:


My world view is framed by faith and joined with my fellow American Citizens through the lens of the constitution.  Simplistically speaking, my world view influences all of my policy perspectives and qualifies me to represent you!

Our Nation is burning.

RINO Infestation in GOP Must be Dealt With by Patriots

Dr. Drew Montez Clark says:

We are in unprecedented times in American when honoring the constitution is what makes us unique.

We need patriots in congress who speak and vote their conservative values regardless of the pressure to do otherwise!

The Republican Party is infested with RINOs who need to be cleaned out if America is to be rescued.

While President ‘Brandon’ & his radical leftist administration are having talks with #IRAN & #Venezuela, Iran is showing utter disregard for American embassies as they bomb #Iraq

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Biden threatened to withhold $$ from #Ukraineif they didn’t fire the person who was investigating Hunter for corruption and now #Russia is claiming wrongdoing?

Despite the pain that Americans are feeling at the pump, President Brandon still pushes his America Last agenda! Unleash the American Energy!

Are you telling me that “we” would rather purchase oil from communist regimes thereby strengthening their opposition to #Freedom as opposed to becoming #EnergyIndependent
Choosing the American gas & oil industry is a matter of #NationalSecurity

After our display of weakness, it will take more than sanctions to regain credibility!


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