Marc T Little

Marc T Little

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  • Political Commentator
  • Urban Renewal

Marc T Little

Attorney | Political Commentator

  • Attorney in the State of California since 1994
  • Political Commentator
  • Pastor
  • Founder, CURE America Action, Inc.
  • Published Author
  • Serves as the chair of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (Urban C.U.R.E.) located in Washington, DC and founded by Star Parker.
  • Serves as a Trustee of Claris Health,
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More than 30 years ago, Marc Little said “yes” to life although a gunshot wound to his right leg tried to prove otherwise. After the amputation of his right leg, he beat the odds and lived. Now through his work as a lawyer, pastor, and political commentator, he teaches others how to say “yes” to life and uses a myriad of professional experiences to “Do well while being good.

Legal and Community Services 

In 2020, Little launched CURE America Action, Inc., a 501 (c)(4) to advocate for life in the womb and to promote messages of Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution throughout the nation.

Little has been a licensed attorney in the State of California since 1994 and remains a practicing litigator for the Law Offices of Marc T. Little, PLC.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California, his Juris Doctorate from the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California and his Masters from Fuller Seminary.

With over 17 years of management experience and earned relational capital, Little invested years building both the Los Angeles and Inglewood communities in the areas of faith-based business and economic development, civic engagement, policy, and education. He is a published author and has taken an active role in the Sanctity of Human Life community and charter school education. These accomplishments are highlighted below and are complimented by his more than 25 years of service as an independent director.

Independent Director 

Little has 25+ years of independent director experience. For-profit board experience includes:

●      News Corporation (Fox) Diversity Committee (Los Angeles, California)

●      The Forum Enterprises, Inc. (Inglewood, California)

●      Centinela Hospital Medical Center (Inglewood, California)

Little has also been an active member of the non-profit corporate board community. These boards include:

●      Center for Urban Renewal and Education (Urban C.U.R.E.) (Washington, DC)

●      Support After Abortion (SAA) (Florida)

●     1Race4Life (Pasadena, California)

●      Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce (Inglewood, California)

●      Kingdom Men’s Gathering (Porter Ranch, California)

●      South Bay Workforce Investment Board (Inglewood, California)

●      Partners for Progress (Inglewood, California)

●      Champions for Progress, Inc. (Inglewood, California)

●      The Ulmer Institute (Los Angeles, California)

●      Faithful Central Bible Church (Inglewood, California)

●      Kingdom Global Ministries (Dallas, Texas)

●      STEM Preparatory Academy (Los Angeles, California)

●      Claris Health (Inglewood, California)

●      Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, Georgia)


Cable Television, Radio and Print Commentator

Frequently called to appear on cable news, print and radio, Little has frequently been called on as a pastor and strategist on various media platforms that include:

Cable/TV: Fox & friends (Fox News), Focus Today (Dove TV), Daily Ledger with Graham Ledger (One America News Network), CNN’s The Messy Truth with Van Jones, The Rick Amato Show (One America News Network), The Blaze with host Star Parker (The Blaze), ESPN & NFL Network, Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony (presenting Floyd Little for induction).

Recent Appearances:

Biden Issues Executive Orders on Coronavirus Unemployment

Benefits, Food Stamps,

Christ Must Prevail over Color in Georgia

Print:, Fox News, The Washington Times, Breitbart, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Herald Examiner, Sacramento Bee, LA Focus, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal

Recent Op-Eds:

BLM Targets Its Own Children via Gender Confusion and Sterilization

Christ Must Prevail over Color in Georgia evail-over-color-in-georgia/

Radio: The Larry Elder Show (KABC and The Answer), The Frank Sontag Show (KKLA/Salem Communications),  Freedom’s Journal Radio with Lonnie Poindexter (Urban Family Talk), and Tavis Smiley Radio (Public Radio International), The Frank Pastore Show (KKLA/Salem Communications), with Shaun Powell, and more.

Periodicals: “Catalyst,” C.U.R.E. Fall 2016 Quarterly Issue, “Keeping the Faith,” by Tavis Smiley, University of Southern California Athletic Department’s “The Trojan Way”



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