Paul S Boardman

Paul Boardman

Expert Topics:

  • Chinese American Relations
  • DeCoupling from China

Paul S Boardman

Chairman of DeCouple China PAC | A Made in USA, Buy USA advocate

  • DeCoupling From China – Why We Need to Do it, What it Means, Repercussions
  • Rebuild America DeCouple from China
  • Chinese / American Relations
  • Political Implications of DeCoupling from China
  • Why a DeCouple from China PAC is Necessary
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Paul began his career in 1983 as advance staff for President Ronald Reagan and as a fundraiser for Sen. G Richard Lugar (IN) at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington, DC. Paul Boardman was a ‘Contract with America’ signer and the Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in the West Lost Angeles California 29th district opposing Congressman Waxman. He won contested primaries with 78% of the vote in 1994 and 82% of the vote in 1996.

The district included: Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks. Boardman is a Made in USA, Buy USA advocate. Currently Chairman of DeCouple China PAC from 2001 to present. Paul has led IG, Inc., a for-profit, Federal government and commercial market procurement consulting firm.

Why America Needs to DeCouple from China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed repeatedly over several decades to a written and publicly stated global communist policy toward colonizing the United States of America.

Imminent Need

China led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has undertaken total hybrid warfare to bring th world under CCP hegemony and control. There is U.S. bi-partisan agreement that freedom represented by America and several free countries including Taiwan is at risk. Only the free world led by America stands against the CCP’s aggressive campaign of global communist domination.




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