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Was Grace was targeted because of her disability?

Scott Schara lost his 19-year-old daughter, Grace, who had Down Syndrome, to illegal, unethical hospital protocols in October of 2021.

Physicians and nurses administered powerful, contraindicated drugs to Grace that ended her life.

In addition, a physician also wrote his own Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order on her without family knowledge or consent, ensuring no one would attempt to revive her.


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Scott Schara, a Wisconsin man who experienced firsthand the controversial hospital treatment of his daughter, Grace (19), who also had Covid but died due to the combination of questionable medications administered by hospital staff as well as the faulty decision to label Grace DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Scott is here  hoping to prevent more unnecessary deaths, warn others, and to share what he has learned.

This is Just the Beginning

Gracie was left to dieThere continue to be phenomenal developments, some of which we are not yet at liberty to share. However, we look forward to bringing the news to you each month and sharing everything we possibly can.

Grace Schara, a beautiful 19 year old young girl with Down Syndrome, died on October 13 at a COVID hospital – a hospital following the government treatment protocols that continue to fail at preventing COVID deaths. Many hospitals are committed to following what the government dictates, and receive financial benefits by doing so. Grace’s case highlights many abuses, along with the dangers of financial temptation. This is a tragic story that can help wake us up to what’s happening in many hospitals today and turn us to the only One who can truly fix this mess.

By listening to, and reviewing, the links and documents on this website you’ll learn who Grace was, the care she received, the specific combination of medications used to kill her, the financial incentives COVID hospitals are offered, and the possible agenda behind this tragedy. Most importantly, we hope you know God is real and cares about each of us.

Scott Schara (Grace’s dad), and his daughter Jessica (Grace’s sister), were given a rare opportunity to witness what really happens inside the doors of a COVID hospital. The fear of COVID, being spread by the media, has the population convinced to be afraid of this virus. This fear causes people to not challenge the hospital policies preventing advocates, family members, and caregivers in the room with COVID patients. As this family studied what happened with Grace, they have become aware of thousands of similar cases where advocates attempted to push back, but the hospitals proceeded with their agendas instead. It is hard to believe this is really happening here, in America.

This family’s conclusions are this: Once the hospital realized they would not convince the family to give the hospital authority to put Grace on an unnecessary ventilator at the doctor’s discretion, it’s probable that Grace was worth more dead than alive; perhaps there were patients, who would better facilitate their goal of profitability, waiting in ER for a COVID bed to open. On the final day of Grace’s life, after the doctor proclaimed how well Grace was doing, he unilaterally labeled Grace as DNR and then a combination of IV sedatives and narcotics were administered over a short timeframe that no one would survive, especially if already in respiratory distress. After reviewing the details, you be the judge.

Before going public, the family submitted a detailed summary, with supporting research, to the hospital with a request to meet with the CEO and the doctor involved. The family recognized their ethical and Biblical responsibility to give both of them the opportunity to discuss their perspectives. The hospital response was a refusal to meet.

The family has not taken the FEMA funeral reimbursement money available to them ($9,000). Cindy Schara (Grace’s mom) says, “We don’t want their dirty money.” Taking the money would be an acknowledgement that Grace died of COVID. As you will learn, she did not die of COVID!





The foundation has been incorporated under the name ‘Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shine’s On, Inc.’

It will take a few months before the Internal Revenue Service approves the application for 501(c)(3) status. In general, the organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or preventing cruelty to children under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal revenue code.

Once the charitable status is approved, the purpose of the foundation will be to honor God in any of the areas above. In short, the foundation plans to provide grants to individuals, including their family, and organizations who will shine God’s light, without limitation, as Grace did. The activities of foundation will likely include direct expenditures for its purpose. With that plan in mind, we have many ideas we are currently working on.

Today, we are putting our efforts into getting the word out about what’s happening in COVID hospitals and letting people know God still cares.


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