LTC (R) Sargis Sangari

LTC (Ret) Sargis Sangari

Lt. Colonel (Ret) Sargis Sangari

Topics: Military strategy, Middle East Foreign Policy, Middle East, Assyrians in Iraq & Syria.

Media Contact: or 662-259-0988

US Army ​Lt​. Col​. (ret.) Sargis Sangari with six years of combat deployment in the Mid East

​CEO of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement LLC​ – Academic and operationalized policy studies/research institution and think tank

​Founder of the United Assyrian Appeal​

Diplomatic status in Kuwait as Director of Host Nation Affairs

Ravens Challenge ASEAN trainer and adviser – Trains and advises the various global military EOD and SWAT participating units on EOD, CIED, CWMD, and Counter-Terrorism training, collaboration, and information exchange processes among military, police, academia, and private agencies.

Awarded Combat Action Badge

Conducted 670 Key Leader & Tribal Leader Insurgency Operations

Author of 3 Major Policy Papers on Special Operation Forces – used as guidelines in Civil Engagement in Iraq

Conducted over 7000 Humanitarian Missions

Sangari Planned, Researched and Executed the reception & integration of U.S Military personnel for U.S. Army laying the ground work for operations in Afghanistan.

Analysis and Designs for training affecting all civil affairs.

LTC Sargis Sangari is the CEO of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement and the Founder of the non-profit The Assyrian Initiative. This initiative’s goal is to ‘Stop the Assyrian Genocide Before it’s Too Late‘!
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About Sangari’s Non-Profit:

The Assyrian Initiative

Sargis Sangari

Sargis Sangari – Founder of the United Assyrian Appeal​

As ISIS continues to take territory across Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iraq in its pursuit of an Islamic Caliphate, the Christians of Assyria are struggling to survive as a people, a faith and a nation. Our Assyrian Project seeks to support the Assyrian people in Iraq in their struggle to protect their families, homes and homeland from brutal extinction. With timely support in the areas of security, governance and development, the Assyrian people will not only be able to halt and push back the threat from IS, but also establish a political presence in Iraq, thus strengthening their hold on their traditional homeland and its vast resources.

Bio: ​

US Army ​Lt​. Col​. (ret.) Sargis Sangari ​is ​the ​CEO of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement LLC​ and ​Founder of the United Assyrian Appeal​.

Besides his six years of combat deployment in the Mid East​ including ​22 Special Forces missions​, 144 combat patrols and commanding men during numerous enemy attacks​. Sargis​ was accorded diplomatic status in Kuwait as Director of Host Nation Affairs. The United Assyrian Appeal ​focuses on assisting the Military Families of the Dwekh Nawsha​/Assyrian Armed Forces to stabilize the well being of Assyrians in Iraq & Syria. ​

Lt Col. Sargis Sangari is a retired US Army Colonel who saw extensive combat in the Mid East as a Special Operations Forces soldier and who, after retirement, continues to advise the fledgling Assyrian Christian Army in Iraq known as Dwekh Nawsha* with his military expertise.

He found himself extremely busy since 2014. The phone continued ringing off the hook-all hours of the day-we were being hit with rockets and mortars, they tell me, in one of our sectors Daesh (ISIS) is trying to overrun us and outflank our sector, or there’s a suspicious vehicle approaching a checkpoint from behind the Forward Lines of Troops (FLOT).

We have to counterattack, call in airstrikes, against multiple targets, which we were not equipped to destroy. The multiple forces in Iraq still seek input and advice. There are wounded, limited paramedic capabilities. They get low on supplies or they have a problem with the Pesh (Peshmerga) letting them receive foreign fighters who would only gladly serve.” But they have other more basic problems. “The soldiers prefer to stay with their towns and villages to protect their immediate families but they have to feed them so they are forced to join Shia militias or Kurdish force structures or any others who pay them but thus leave their people unprotected to Islamic State and their region in the chaos of sectarian violence between Sunni Muslim Kurds, and Shia and Arab Sunnis”.

This is when United Assyrian, a 501C3 was formed to help their families and collects money to help feed the families so that their loved ones have the option of remaining in the ranks of the Assyrian Army and under an Assyrian Christian command and control.



*Dwekh Nawsha, an Iraqi-Christian paramilitary force based in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. Dwekh Nawsha is one of the major Assyrian Christian militias fighting genocide at the hands of ISIS.

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