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Founder, Project 314

Would you Worship a “God in a Box”?

People from every nation of the world might be familiar with the story of Israel’s wilderness journey. According to Bible texts, the former Hebrew slaves built a mysterious wilderness Tabernacle following the Egyptian Exodus so that God might dwell among them at the foot of Mount Sinai.  A conventional life-size model (Timna Park, Israel) of that Tabernacle is shown in the image below:

As tradition would have it, Israel essentially journeyed with “God in a box”, as the mysterious Tabernacle is thought to be proportioned a bit like a shoebox – or perhaps a conventional shipping container.


But – what if – the Exodus Tabernacle story is so mysterious because Bible translations and the things that we’ve learned about this amazing wilderness tent were completely distorted?  What if generations of scholars and theologians have been depicting the wrong image of God’s house for centuries?   How would such a discovery shape your religious convictions?

Shown above is a computer-generated model created from the literal verse-by-verse and even word-by-word description of the Exodus Bible text.  How so?  For those dependent Bible artwork and translations, this will take significant explanation.  To that end, Project 314 was created as a multimedia outreach – with the mission of restoring this original image of God’s house to all sojourning nations embracing the faith of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

Help Pitch the Tent!

In light of this round tabernacle rediscovery, in the tradition of Moses, and with the help of Heaven, Project 314 will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help share, educate, and raise awareness of the round Betzalel Tabernacle.  Stay tuned for more!

About Andrew Hoy

Andrew is a Wisconsin native who began his career as a mechanical engineer after graduating from college (Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1994), completing both Energy and Design program curriculums.  Since graduating, Andrew acquired Professional Engineering Certification (Wisconsin), State Fire Fighter Certification (Wisconsin), and worked in large variety of roles in energy and power related fields, including nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, coal, diesel, maritime, HVAC, refrigeration, controls, and power transmission industries.  Taking a Sabbatical from his engineering carrer, Andrew became a published author, and moved to Israel where he became an avid student of Biblical and modern Hebrew (Haifa University & Morasha in Jerusalem).  Since returning to Wisconsin, Andrew made the “Betzalel” discovery, “and the rest,” as they say, “is history”… or should we say, history in the making!

Andrew made the Exodus π discovery and developed the round tabernacle concept, and will be directing the Betzalel Project Team in further discovery.

The mission of Project 314 and Project Betzalel to research, promote, and build structures in accordance with standards established by the original Hebrew Exodus Wilderness Tabernacle.  Additional detail of immediate objectives will be provided in near term crowdfunding campaign.

What if God meticulously revealed his image through the design of a gigantic tent?

What if the secrets to this tent have been rediscovered after begin log for scores of generations?

Project 314 - Tabernacle rendering

Project 314 – Tabernacle rendering

After their Exodus from Egypt, Israel built their great wilderness Tabernacle at the foot of Mount Sinai. This tent was created with an assembly of fabric sheets. The set of sheets was created under the supervision of Moses’ assistant named “Betzalel”, which means “House in God’s Image”.

Unfortunately, since Bible times, the design for this “house in God’s Image” was “lost in translation”. How? Given two possible fabric sheet orientations, scholars defer to tradition, assuming the correct (i.e., rectangular) layout of the sheets. Consequentially, they envision the tent Fram to confirm to the rectangular pattern as established by the fabric sheet assembly, which is misappropriated as a tent roof.

However, if the sheets, beams, and pats are reoriented, it’s apparent that the Bible describes a massive (approximately 17x larger) yurt-like tent. In addition, the sheet assembly makes a circular courtyard measuring 314 cubits, thereby alluding to an eternal God without beginning or end.

How Does the 314 key unlock the patterns of God’s house?

Come and learn the ancient secrets of the Exodus Tabernacle as revealed by Andrew Hoy, Professional Engineer, Author and Founder of Project 314 and Project Betzalel.

Project 314 was chartered in order to share the key to God’s House through research and multimedia outreach.  Project Betzalel was chartered to Raise David’s Fallen Tent.


1. Research and Development

a. Engineering model validation & refinement.
b. Biological and spiritual paralells.
c. Cosmology and astronomy research.
d. Metrology – geometric measurement standard development.
d. Mathematics – numerology & gematria.
e. Theological / apologetic / prophetic.

2. Promotion via Outreach & Education

a. Multimedia development: Videos, articles, books, models, websites, drawings, posters, artwork, etc.
b. Presentations, interviews, tours, etc.


3. Promotion via Physical Building / Construction

a. Museum-style models (small fractional scale).
b. Develop “standard” or modified scalable model for homes, backyard miniatures, and “yurts”.
c. Develop, facilitate, and construct authentic fractional scale tabernacle model(s).
d. Develop, facilitate, construct, and operate authentic full scale tabernacle model(s).

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

Betzalel Story – Unlocking Ancient Secrets

Are you ready to unlock the ancient secrets of Israel’s wilderness Tabernacle? Click below to begin your journey.

The Discovery – Uncovering Lost Tabernacle Secrets

The secrets to Moses’ wilderness Tabernacle have been lost for a period of over two thousand years.   Learn why this simple truth has remained “hidden in plain sight”.

Round Houses – New and Old

Solomon is said to have written, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  See how this principle applies to  the Tabernacle and nomadic tent architecture.

Who / What is Project Betzalel?

The name “Betzalel” dates back to the time of the Exodus when the wilderness tabernacle was first constructed.  Understand who – and what – Betzalel was – and is – in the scheme of the Tabernacle narrative.

Why Project Betzalel?

Apart from Betzalel, there are literally thousands of “good causes” out there.  Begin to understand why Project Betzalel is unique, and why an ancient tent applies to you in your everyday life.

A conventional life-size model (Timna Park, Israel) of Tabernacle.
BUT - WHAT IF?!?! But - what if - the Exodus Tabernacle story is so mysterious because Bible translations and ...
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