Angela Stanton King

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About Angela Stanton King

Accomplished writer, speaker, and advocate uses her life story, a testimony of redemption, to make a profound positive impact in today’s social climate. Her agenda of prison reform and family unification brings hope to those behind bars.

  • National Best-Selling Author (3 Books)
  • Founder & President of American King Foundation
  • Community outreach coordinator for The Alive Center
  • Board of advisors for Cando Clemency and Alveda King Ministries
  • Best known for her critically acclaimed memoir, Life of a Real Housewife (formerly Lies of a Real Housewife)
  • Released from Prison in 2005
  • Reality TV star of the BET Network docuseries “From the Bottom Up”
  • Dedicated to reforming the Criminal Justice System and supporting returning citizens

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Angela Stanton King
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