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Keynote speaker, author of nine books and Christian Business Leader.  

Dr. Bob ReccordMedia Contact: Jackie@TruthPR.com or 662-259-0988

Founder/Chairman, Total Life Impact Ministries, Inc

Keynote Speaker

Nationally Recognized Motivational, Pro-Life, Adoption Speaker

Latest Book: Ending The Cycle of Father Wounds

Business Leader | Speaker

Prior Executive Director for the Council for National (CNP), in Washington, D.C.

Master Sportsmen | Outdoorsmen 

Contributor, Christian Sportsman’s Magazine


Family, Marriage, Men, Pro-Life, Adoption, Fatherhood, Fatherlessness


Dr. Reccord has always been a pioneer in the world of Christian Leadership.

Since 2006 he has been privileged to speak to more than 300,000 men through both live and simulcast presentations.  Presently he is engaged in developing some training curriculum for men for Promise Keeper’s new app.  He was the keynote speaker for the NRA National Prayer Breakfast at the 2013 Houston Convention.  Ambassadors Speaker’s Bureau named him second in the nation in speaking for them and raising funds for Pregnancy Resource Centers across the nation over the last five years.

He served as a business executive providing services and parts to the automotive, aircraft and computer industry.  While doing that he was also regularly speaking to Christian events and churches.

He has served as pastor in churches in three states and spoken to churches and Christian gatherings across the nation and overseas. Having been a pastor, Dr. Reccord firmly believes the church is central to God’s plan for transforming people and offering them biblical answers to life’s many issues. His passion for equipping the church comes through in his talks to his audiences. Dr. Reccord draws on his years of leadership to help provide value to his audiences.

He served as the Executive Director for the highly respected Council for National Policy (CNP) in Washington, D.C., a non-profit educational foundation whose mission is to restore and sustain American freedoms through business, civic, defense, educational, and religious forums. In doing so, he worked with many of the Christian leaders in the arena of social issues across this nation, as well as leaders on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Reccord also served as the first president of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) (1997-2006), an agency with more than 5,000 missionaries and 2,500 endorsed chaplains whose focus is to work with churches and state conventions to mobilize the Southern Baptist Convention as a missional force to impact North America with the gospel of Jesus Christ. During his presidency, the NAMB became one of the top three largest disaster relief agencies in the United States commended by President George W. Bush for its impact after 9/11 and the hurricanes of Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Additionally, more than 14,000 new churches were launched.

Bob feels it is critical for people to live a life which God can bless.  That requires a focus on what is “below the water line of life” because God looks not primarily on the outward appearance, but on the heart.  And it is those who guard their heart above all else which God says will have a well-spring of life and blessing (Proverbs 4:23).  It is this deep belief that led Bob to also serve as President and CEO of Hope for the Heart.

Dr. Reccord received a Doctor of Ministry degree and Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Indiana University. Since 2006 he has been privileged to speak to more than 300,000 men through both live and simulcast presentations.

 Bob and Cheryl, his wife of over 45 years, have three grown children, and seven grandchildren.  Despite the many positions and titles Bob has held, none are more important to him than husband, dad, and Pupa.

Bob is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and is one of Christian Sportsman’s Fellowship’s Master Sportsmen writing regularly for their Christian Sportsman’s Magazine. Whether as a pastor, businessman, husband or father, Bob has dedicated his life to helping people discover their calling and live a life that matters and makes a difference.

Latest Book:

Ending the Cycle of Father Wounds: Hope for Healing, and Preventing Infections Caused by Relational Wounds 

Father Wounds by Bob Reccord“Speaking to several hundred thousand people in the last decade I have found that many admit to carry Father Wounds. Among men, the percentage to be as high as 70-75% in an average audience, whether it numbered 100 or 10,000. Men often try to avoid the admission of, let alone the confronting of, Father Wounds”. Dr. Bob Reccord.


Hope for Healing, and Preventing Infections Caused by Relational Wounds

Dr. Reccord: “The heart and the soul gets hurt every bit as much as our bodies. When we are wounded, if we don’t deal with it, the infection sets in and festers and we lash out to others around us. until we deal with it. Like any wound in our body and until it is addressed, cleaned and nurtured, it will continue to infect and spread to some degree and affect things around us. We wound back.”


Just the facts:

 Data on the Extent of Fatherlessness

  • An estimated 24.7 million children (33%) live absent their biological father.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, “Living Arrangements of Children under 18 Years/1 and Marital Status of Parents by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin/2 and Selected Characteristics  of the Child for all Children 2010.” Table C3. Internet Release Date November, 2010.

  • Of students in grades 1 through 12, 39 percent (17.7 million) live in homes absent their biological fathers.

Source: Nord, Christine Winquist, and Jerry West. Fathers’ and Mothers’ Involvement in their Children’s Schools by Family Type and Resident Status. Table 1. (NCES 2001-032). Washington, DC: U.S. Dept of Education, National Center of Education Statistics, 2001.

  • 57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, and 20.7% of white children are living absent their biological fathers.

Source: Family Structure and Children’s Living Arrangements 2012. Current Population Report. U.S.  Census Bureau July 1, 2012.

  • According to 72.2 % of the U.S. population, fatherlessness is the most significant family or social problem facing America.

Source: National Center for Fathering, Fathering in America Poll, January, 1999.

  • Among children who were part of the “post-war generation,” 87.7% grew up with two biological parents who were married to each other. Today only 68.1% will spend their entire childhood in an intact family.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau. “Living Arrangements of Children Under 18 Years Old: 1960 to Present”. U.S.  Census Bureau July 1, 2012.

  • With the increasing number of premarital births and a continuing high divorce rate, the proportion of children living with just one parent rose from 9.1% in 1960 to 20.7% in 2012. Currently, 55.1% of all black children, 31.1% of all Hispanic children, and 20.7% of all white children are living in single-parent homes.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau. “Living Arrangements of Children Under 18 Years Old: 1960 to Present”. U.S.  Census Bureau July 1, 2012.

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