Chef R. Gary LeBlanc, FMP, CFBE

Gary LeBlancFounder and president of Mercy Chefs, a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals in disasters and national emergencies.

(Food Service Management Professional – NRA designation)
(Certified Food and Beverage Executive – International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant)

Entered the industry in 1979 under the tutelage of Ella Brennan at Commanders Palace in New Orleans.

Worked in the kitchen with Paul Prudhomme at Mr B’s Bistro.

Spent 15 years in New Orleans in restaurants and convention hotels.

Worked at the Monteleone for 9 years as Assistant Manager and Director of Catering and Conference Services.

Opened the Founders Inn and Conference Center, on the grounds of the Christian Broadcasting Network, as Food and beverage Manager and Banquets Manager.

Worked at the Breckenridge Colorado Hilton as Resident Manager and Food and Beverage Director.

Owned and operated Bayleaf Cafe in Cape Charles Virginia.

Managing Director of a Hilton brands 4 hotel portfolio in Chesapeake VA.

Founder and President of Mercy Chefs.

Ordained at New Life Providence Church as a minster 2007 to present.

 Gary LeBlanc, founder and president of Mercy Chefs

Mercy Chefs Mission Statement:
Mercy Chefs is a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals in disasters and national emergencies, recruiting and training volunteers and providing food service support to the activities of other faith based organizations and relief agencies.

* We utilize state of the art mobile kitchens and organizational resources that stand ready for a rapid response deployment to multiple locations at any given time.

* We serve victims, first responders and volunteers. This is the core of Mercy Chefs’ mission – to show God’s compassion and hospitality by feeding those (anyone) in need.

* We train volunteer groups (other nonprofits, agencies, corporations, and church groups, by engaging Christian hospitality industry professionals as Mercy Chefs.

* We use our strategic alliances with supporting government and non-government agencies.

To see someone take a moment of pause…mentally, emotionally and physically…and eat a delicious meal in the midst of devastation, we know we’ve made a difference that day.    

                                                                                                        – Gary LeBlanc, President & Founder


Gary LeBlanc receives Governor's Volunteerism

Gary LeBlanc receives Governor’s Volunteerism

Mercy Chefs is proud to have received the Governor’s Volunteerism award from Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe.

The award for volunteerism was given in order to appreciate the efforts that Mercy Chefs has been making over the years to cater to the needy. The mobile kitchens of Mercy Chefs are designed to provide safe, hygienic, wholesome meals to those disaster victims and volunteers and serve up to 13,000 meals in one day. Not only do the chefs in these mobile kitchens provide food to those who need it, but they also consult others on how to best practice food safety and hygiene procedures.

With help from our volunteers and supporters, Mercy Chefs has grown into a much larger community service organization, providing consultation to individuals on not only food safety, but also disaster preparedness, all while spreading the word of the Bible. Standing by their motto of feeding the body and soul, Mercy Chefs has managed to reach people not only in the USA, but also in Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal.

It was because of this perseverance and drive to do good that Mercy Chefs was recognized by the Governor in the most recent award ceremony. This was a huge achievement for the members and volunteers of Mercy Chefs who have been working hard to improve the community over the past ten years.

Having well established partnerships with faith-based and government organizations allow our expertise in professional food services to have a stronger impact. We can quickly provide immediate food service relief to devastated communities with enough volunteers to impact a successful result to those in need.