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Eric Carroll - Dad Talk TodayJust another father fighting for his right to be dad.

Founder, Dad Talk Today
Host of Podcast: Dad Talk Today

Talking points:
Family Law
Single Parent
Government Incentives
Child Support

Eric Carroll grew up in the town of Columbus, Georgia, as the son of a preacher and inside a home rich in ministry. His goal is to help others and to educate legislators about the broken family court systems destroying America. Dad Talk Today was started to fight against the injustices burdening and profits being made from broken families.

As the host of an ever-growing podcast, Eric is becoming a recognizable force in the legislative arena. His name and the Dad Talk Today brand are reaching millions of individuals each week, and his guests include some of the top names in politics and entertainment.

As a father, Eric understands the importance of family and leadership inside the home.  His desire is to give each child the best possible chance at a childhood filled with love and support from every possible source, starting with the family unit.  He knows this will only increase their opportunity for success and fulfillment later in life.

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Dad Talk Today Podcast

Welcome to DadTalkToday.com! Dad Talk Today is a podcast that talks about all things family law and parental alienation. Started in Aug 2019 Dad Talk Today has already gained 115,000+ followers on our social media, started a tv show, as well as met with many legislators to discuss our issues. Dad Talk Today is the one podcast that we hope one day will have an end.

Whether you are going through divorce or a custody battle we have specifically designed our network with resources to help you navigate through these difficult times. Together we can and together WE will!

We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Apple & Google Podcast, IHeart Radio, Stitcher, North GA TV, and are in the works to get even more syndication.

Stay cool, Stay Dad!

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