About Jason Ho

Jason Ho

Chief Technology Officer, Revatron Co., Ltd

Lead Designer of F35 Flight Control & Image Displace Systems

Expert on Huawei 2.0 organization

Media Contact: Jackie@TruthPR.com or 662-259-0988

Jason Ho brings his 20 years of experience in integrated circuit design and fighting the CCP as he presents the new Huawei 2.0 organization (#Xilinx, #Ibiden, #NVidia) that has absorbed Japanese robotic and car companies to fool Americans and circumvent the moral economic embargo against #Huawei.

The branches of the CCP network extend not only into the #Japanese and #Taiwanese business realm but even into the government.

Speaks about Ms. Moe Fukada, Japanese Journalist/Author and IT Analyst, has been the lone voice exposing the CCP infiltration into Japan, now faces charges when she returns to Japan under their “Co Conspiracy Law” which in this case appears to be protecting powerful CCP interests rather than Japanese National Security.

Chief Technology Officer, Revatron Co., Ltd

  • Invented revolutionary DOORs (Direct Object-Oriented Reality system) technology, a real-time AI solution focusing on machine learning and 3D reality modeling in 2016. It has been selected by Tencent and China Mobile as key 3D technology in their related products.
  • Invented the end-to-end low latency Super Internet Technology targeted on 5G communication in 2015. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made an announcement of this technology in Intel ISDF 2016. Super Internet technology was also presented in ISDF 2016 showcase. 
  • Invented the Pathium Display Technology in 2010, a total solution for displaying holographic videos without the need of 3D glasses by using flat panel displays. This invention has been selected by Japanese National Lab, NICT, in 2012 for an attempt to the world’s first research center to engage in the development of a multiple-viewing-angle display system. The concept, feasibility, and quality of the Pathium Display system has been thoroughly studied and fully validated by the NICT. Public demonstration of this prototype was in Osaka at Umekita Square near Osaka Station until 2016.

CEO, Teklium inc.

  • Invented the Cell Structured Computer Chip technology in 2006. It uses new computer chip architecture which is capable of chip-level auto detection and correction of runtime errors. It uses a complete fractal network as the only interconnect topology in a computer chip.


An Outdated Japanese National Security Policy is putting the US in peril
Exposing #CCP Tech Spies / Influence Operations (I/O) in Japan & United States.

Can the U.S. effectively identify when our allies have a “back door” into China’s hands?

American critical technology has long been the target for enemy spies. But with America now having surrendered the integrated circuit (#IC) manufacturing for all our vital defense and #securitytechnology overseas, just how safe is it from foreign theft?

Mr. Jason Ho and Ms. Moe Fukada allege that the world’s biggest #semiconductor market vital for such U.S. systems as the #F35 is one of these “back doors”. From #Taipei to #Tokyo, to #WashingtonDC, they allege a network of CCP sympathizers are robbing the U.S., #Japan, and #Taiwan right under our noses, where the U.S. Government is seemingly turning a possible blind eye to it.

Huawei - Winbond - TSMCMost Americans see Japan as an important ally, but few may know Japan is no longer a country controlled by people with Japanese interests in mind. China has become a dominating factor in Japan, even in our daily lives.

Mr. Jason Ho, and Ms. Moe Fukada save the most shocking revelations of the #CCPs designs talk about the priorities for the U.S. to “close the back door” to China.

Jason Ho, Lead Designer of F35 Flight Control & Image Displace Systems & Moe Fukada, Japanese Journalist/Author & IT Analyst, add to the explosive allegations alleging that two of the trusted allies against the #CCP, may house a “back door” organization that funnels vital U.S. National Security Technology into the CCP war machine.

Thanks in part to the exposure of people like Ms. Fukada and Mr. Ho, and in part to more Americans breaking free of the CCP influence operations (#IO), U.S. Secretary of State, (#SECSTATE) #AnthonyBlinken released a statement on June 7th identifying #China by name and stating the U.S. MUST outcompete them and assist our allies in doing the same.

Full Interview with CBN Host Gary Lane and Jason Ho with Moet Fukada and Congressman Harada:

The last segment of the show is Gary’s commentary which mentions that Japan needs to be pressured to drop all charges against Moët.

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