John Paul JP De Gance

J.P. De Gance, Founder and President of Communio

About John Paul (J.P.) DeGance

J.P. launched a relational health movement based on data-informed statistics, replicable playbooks, and intentional outreach.

After five formative years as a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable, the Culture of Freedom Initiative is now Communio. The initiative identifies and scales proven strategies that boost the habits that give rise to human flourishing: strong families and strong faith. 

Talking Topics:

Cultural Norms | Marriage/Divorce Statistics & Costs | Church Statistics | Family Statistics | Addictions | Suicide

  • Loneliness is skyrocketing.
  • Life expectancy shrinks as addiction and suicide rates rise.
  • Too many people lack meaningful relationships.
  • At the same time, churches empty at alarming rates.

J.P. De Gance is founder and president of Communio, an organization that increases human flourishing by equipping communities and churches to build out proven, data-informed strategies that strengthen families, marriages, and faith.

Communio has pioneered strategies at scale that have improved city-wide divorce rates and boosted social capital by increasing ongoing membership and engagement in evangelical, mainline, and Catholic churches. This has included a successful project in Jacksonville, Fla., that saw the divorce rate drop by 28 percent in just two years.  A coalition of churches served by Communio’s efforts saw increases of more than 10,000 average weekly congregants sustained over a two-year period.

Beginning in 2015, in Communio’s formative stages, J.P. was first to bring the new technology of modeling and predictive analytics into the service of ministry enabling churches and local nonprofits to target their outreach to those who could most benefit from it.

Prior to his time with Communio, J.P. served as the executive vice president of The Philanthropy Roundtable, America’s leading network of charitable donors working to strengthen our free society, uphold donor intent, and protect the freedom to give. In that capacity, he worked with the Roundtable’s members including individual philanthropists, families, and private foundations.  He has worked nearly two decades in philanthropy.  J.P. is a graduate of the University of Florida and lives with his wife Christina in Virginia with their eight kids.

About Communio

Communio is launching a relational health movement through data-informed ministry, replicable playbooks, and outreach

Communio provides new research around how churches in America are doing in marriage ministry as well as the surprising link between marriage and faith practice. JP provides a snap shot of how Communio equips churches to strengthen relationships, marriages, and families.

  • Across the country, loneliness is skyrocketing. Life expectancy shrinks as addiction and suicide rates rise. Too many people lack meaningful relationships. At the same time, churches empty at alarming rates.
  • A primary factor driving this mass exodus from faith is the collapse of marriage. Millennials with married parents are almost twice as likely to attend church regularly when compared to counterparts from unmarried homes.¹
  • The future of faith is directly tied to healthy marriages. Yet, churches are not engaged in this area. 75% of churches lack a substantive marriage ministry.²
  • Less than half of Americans reach adulthood with married parents. If the church focuses its considerable energies here, families will flourish and churches will grow. Every community would thrive.

At Communio, we partner with churches to build out data-informed, full-circle relationship ministries to ensure that more people choose the adventure of marriage, and that marriages are healthy.

More than one in four Americans hold no religious affiliation. That number climbs to four in 10 among Millennials.  But, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers shockingly have nearly the same level of church attendance if they have just one trait in common: Their parents remained married through childhood. 

Communio has commissioned multiple academic studies seeking to understand the hidden drivers of religious decline and has engaged in more than $20 million in experimentation with hundreds of churches over the last 3 ½ years to find the effective methods to reverse this trend.

During this national webinar, we’ll review findings of a new Communio-commissioned study through the Barna Group seeking to understand how churches are allocating their ministry time and resources.  The study revealed a massive ministry gap that, if filled, could produce major renewal in just a few years.  During our conversation, we’ll also share details on Communio’s unique Church Platform and City Platform, which serves churches in filling this gap.

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