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Author Mark Rose, Last of the Long Hunters

About Author and Bush Pilot Mark Rose

Author & Film Producer

Alaskan Bush Pilot

Patent Holding Inventor/Engineer, Geology Researcher and Commercial Pilot.

Founder Genesis Alive – issues concerning the Bible, faith and evolution of our day.

Owns Six (6) Foreign & Domestic Patents

Author of The NOAH CODE: The first major update on the Flood of Noah and its modern implications in over 50 years! All new maps, charts and graphics!  (May 2019)

Author of Two Masters – Training Individuals & Church Leadership in Finances.

Summarized Bio

Mark Rose has worked above and beneath the Earth for over 40 years. He has traveled around the world working in some of the largest underground mines. An earlier career flying in Alaska proved to him one thing: that the earth in the too not distant past experienced a grand cataclysm, a cataclysm that’s been largely ignored by institutional science. In The Noah Code he sets the record straight with a straight forward and well researched approach. Rose is a patent holding inventor/engineer, geology researcher and commercial Pilot.

Latest Film Project

Last of the Long Hunters

Alaska Long Hunters - the filmIf you’re a pilot or know one, this book and now film, it could save your life! ​If you are interested in a real thriller about Alaska flying… check out Alaska Long Hunters. ​Available for instant reading on your PC, tablet or phone using the ePub version and Kindle.

Special Announcement:
The link below represents the final rendering of Alaska Long Hunters free of charge. We have put our heart and soul and more into this film. It represents a story spanning six decades and documents a portion of Alaska history and people that are unique in the world. The story is not mine, it was paid for at a very high price by those that have gone before us, some to their peril, more in extreme difficulty and many in faith. I hope you all will respect and cherish that fact as Mic and I do, and handle accordingly.

The story behind Last of the Long Hunters:
Bush Pilot Mark Rose in Alaska
Last of the Long Hunters is a story about the challenges of flying in the Alaskan Arctic and the dangers involved. In Long Hunters I hope to bring alive my experiences as best as can be put to paper, this so the reader can be right there in the cockpit with me, as well as my grandchildren. We lost a lot of great men in those years, this title reflects what it was like. I also share my struggle with faith, and how that worked out in the end, the reader open to decide for themselves. I included some good images from my collection. I will say the practical mountain flying section will save lives, period. Second volume will focus on the Helicopters, that will be a thriller!

Long Hunters by Author Mark Rose

A true piece of Alaska! Want to learn what flying the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic was like? This is your book! True life recollections of a real bush pilot, hunter and trapper who lived this life for decades in the Great Land. Stories of flying airplanes and long-range helicopter’s to every corner of the State, ending in an encounter that changed the pilots life forever. Every pilot needs this book. 

Last of the Long Hunters records the life of a young Alaskan working and flying in Alaska’s Frontier Arctic. You’ll experience the front seat thrills of bush planes and helicopters operating in the most dangerous conditions on earth, flying in minus 600F temperatures and horrific storms airborne among the magnificent mountains, glaciers and rivers only Alaska has to offer. Includes true-life experiences of accidents, rescues, comradeship, humor, heartbreaks and life in Arctic Alaska, gone forever when dismantled into parks and native lands in the 1970’s.

Published by Genesis Alive LLC By Mark D. Rose, 178 p. 35 images and maps

The Masters Way: The Road to Financial Freedom in 21 Days Kindle Edition

The Masters Way by Mark Rose

The Master’s Way: The Road to Financial Freedom in 21 days by author Mark Rose

  • Get on the Road to Financial Freedom in just 21 Days! In this volume you will find a concise “how too” setting the foundation for this teaching/training system to get out of debt in just 21 chapters. Designed to augment the new online training app including video explanations, Rose condenses 30 years of counseling, teaching and experience in this important work based upon the timeless principals from the Bible. The reader will find a wealth of practical wisdom and tips garnered over his many years of experience helping people with real life financial issues step out of despair into freedom. Appendix Includes a number of practical and vivid charts and forms, useful in getting a handle on your budgeting and overall financial life direction. Topics covered; Life Stewardship. Your Part and God’s Part, “Know Well the Condition of your Flocks’, How to get out of Debt, How to retire the Debt on your Home, Children, Education debt, Long-Range Planning, Cascading Wealth and much more. Each chapter concludes with a quiz matching the app. 144 pages. over 30 unique images and forms. For more see:
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Bush Pilot Mark Rose in Alaska
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Mark Rose

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-Mark Rose

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Long Hunters by Mark Rose

Alaska Bush Pilot Releases 'Last of the Long Hunters' Alaska

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