Mona K Oshana – Author, Speaker, Blogger and Executive Director of Power of Three

Born in Kirkuk, Iraq, immigrated to the United States in 1977, Mona says, “Leaving my homeland was not by choice, but by force”.

Radio Host Mona K Oshana is an Assyrian American, born in Kirkuk Iraq, a legal immigrant. Lead by God’s provision and her fierce mother, Mona and her family of 10, escaped Iraq during the totalitarian regime of Saddam Hussein. Drawing from her own life experiences of survival, she launched the “Mona K Show” where she features survivors’ stories that they may NEVER be forgotten.

Mona is an Author, Speaker, and Executive Director of “Power of Three” a Christian Non-profit organization.  She is actively working to raise awareness to the plight of the abandoned, forgotten, persecuted Middle Eastern Christians to save them from the eminent threat of total annihilation.

Mona K Oshana - Voice to the voicelessExpertise:
Christian persecution in the Middle East. Building a platform for the cause of the oppressed & persecuted, featuring testimonials of survivors.

Born in Iraq

Escaped as a child from Iraq during the rule of Saddam Hussein.

Reports the “raw” truth the mainstream media is currently diluting.

Offers her voice for the voiceless.

Presents a defense for the defenseless.

Raise awareness to the plight of the indigenous communities like the Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac as well as the Ezidi in the Middle East, being victimization and purged from their ancestral homeland.

Help maintain the presence of the Christians in the Middle East, the birth place of Christianity.

The Problem:
As the world stands with Israel, so also stand with the Christians of the Middle East. As without Israel the Middle East would be lost, so without Christians the world will lose all opportunity of civility and social justice. Please help us continue to tell the untold stories of thousands of displaced brothers and sisters. Today the situation of the Christians that have persevered is in the worst persecution since the Holocaust. The Christians’ worst nightmare has been realized, as it says in Job 3:25 “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me”. What more can happen, what worst atrocities can befall the struggling population? For this reason “silence is no longer an option”. This is why this platform must be strengthened to speak up on behalf of the persecuted.

Mona reports stories that get to the root of the issues that offer real solutions. It is news being reported from the hurting people with the most valid perspective. Mona shares actual testimonials of survivors of the persecution that can express their ordeal in their own words. Mona has become a voice for the plight of those who have lost their human rights and their voice, such as women and children who are among the main victims that have suffered the most in the present day chaos of the Middle East.  Mona has become one voice that people depend on to bring not only the latest news, but truth you will not hear anywhere else.

Books by Mona K. Oshana:

Mona K Oshana - Look Beyond the FireLook Beyond the Fire: Daily Life Under Saddam’s Regime Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

Mona K. Oshana’s heart-rending account of the struggle to live and ultimately escape the cruel totalitarian rule during the reign of Saddam Hussein. Drawing on her own life experiences, she illustrates the anguish and the suffering of her people then and now in Iraq today– a view that is rarely seen or covered by the media. Mona offers a true glimpse inside Iraq–beyond the controversy, beyond the politics to the heart of the country–its people.

Born in Kirkuk, Iraq, immigrated to the United States in 1977, Mona says, “Leaving my homeland was not by choice, but by force”. She tells the story of their escape in her book called LOOK BEYOND THE FIRE ……Click Here To Find Out More

Mona K Oshana - Dear ManDear Man Paperback – September 9, 2014

Wanted: Man and woman capable of managing a God-lead project to rebuild the broken human relationship. They must be willing to be on call 24/7, make a commitment beyond self gratification, sacrificing without measure, and be ready to accept any and all responsibility…….Click Here To Find Out More

Mona K Oshana, on the Assyrian Genocide

(* She starts speaking in English at minute 1:30)