Russ Jones, Executive Producer of Abide Meditation

Russ Jones, Producer of Abide Prayer & Meditation AppAbide –> The world’s most popular Christian prayer & meditation App.

Carpenters Code was started by former Google employees seeking to use their gifts to help bring people closer to God. Our mobile app, Abide, is the world’s most popular Christian meditation app, guiding hundreds of thousands of people around the world in Biblical truth and personal reflection.

What is our mission?

For the world to experience the peace of Christ through Biblical meditation.

Abide is the #1 Christian meditation app in the marketplace. 

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Russ’ Bio:
A twenty-five-year award-winning journalist and media specialist, Russ Jones is a storyteller at heart. Jones career spans from serving as Sr. Vice President of News Operations for USA Radio Networks, social media oversight for the pro-Newt Gingrich Winning Our Future presidential campaign Super PAC, a former NBC news correspondent to implementing strategic branding and public relations campaigns. Jones also produced the nationally syndicated Washington Watch with Tony Perkins radio program which airs on over 200 radio stations. Russ earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri in journalism. He has traveled the world and has a keen understanding of global worldviews. He has the ability and experience to develop strategic public relations and strategies for communities internationally.

Russ earned his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri and also holds a master’s degree. He has traveled the world to such destinations as Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam, India, Cuba, Mexico, and Belarus. With a keen understanding of global worldviews, he has the ability and experience to develop media strategies for communities worldwide.

As a journalist, Jones has produced internationally recognized news content for organizations and cause-oriented campaigns. His media strategies include promotional efforts on TV, Radio, Print and various social media platforms. Russ’ specialties include journalism skills recognized worldwide, social media implementations, marketing strategies and public relations.

Russ’ professional experience includes such positions as Sr. Vice President of News Operations for USA Radio Networks, freelance news producer/correspondent for American Family News, Total Living Network, CBN, the 700 Club and various other news outlets.

July 27th, 2017: Russ Jones hosted for Tony Perkins on Washington Watch:

One of Russ’ journalistic stories from Haiti.

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