Sgt Mike McGrew, Founder of 911 At Ease International

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30-Year Police Veteran

Major Crimes Homicide Detective

Hostage Negotiator

President of the Police Officers Association.

About 911 At Ease International

Founded in 2014 by Sgt. Mike McGrew and Michael A. Hammer, 911 At Ease International serve first responders and their families, including police, fire, paramedics, emergency medical personnel and other essential agencies. Support services are free, confidential, and provided through professional, trauma-informed counselors.


Free, confidential professional trauma-informed counseling services for first responders and their families worldwide.


Renewed freedom and strength to be the best for their families, friends and the communities they serve.


Will My Supervisor Be Notified?

All counseling services are completely confidential unless the law requires divulgence. Supervisors will NOT be notified unless the first responder requests it. Counseling sessions remain confidential between client and the mental health professional.

Why don’t first responders use their insurance to get counseling?

It is rare for trauma trained therapists to accept insurance, and if they do accept insurance, they may not be equipped to deal with the intense issues that first responders face.

How is AEI funded?

AEI services are funded through the generosity of private foundations, corporate sponsorships, union and grant support.

About Sgt McGrew:

30-year police veteran Sergeant Mike McGrew worked some of his city’s most gruesome cases, from the violent homicide of a suburban housewife to the devastating molestation of dozens of children by priests at a local Catholic church. He experienced the chaos during the LA riots and negotiated with a killer on live radio. Still, nothing could prepare him for the suffering he’d encounter in his personal life, including the death of a child and his own battle with stage three colon cancer.

Like so many other law enforcement officers and veterans, Mike began down a path of destruction filled with the empty pleasures the world had to offer. Just before reaching his breaking point Mike found the hope he so desperately needed in an unlikely place: the Gospel.

A Higher Call to Duty details Mike’s journey to redemption through Jesus Christ and how that relationship transformed him and propelled him into a very different fight between good and evil. For anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one, struggling with addiction or disease or simply feeling lost in a world full of darkness and despair, Mike’s story may offer a solution – hope for the hopeless, grace for the unforgivable and ultimately salvation.

Latest Book:

Excerpts from A Higher Call to Duty by Santa Barbara Police Officer Mike McGrew


On one of the last days of my field training, an alert went out about a man breaking windows of businesses in the downtown area. My field training officer, Steve, and I happened to be nearby and were the first to respond. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and the streets were packed with people.When we got to the scene we spotted the suspect, a tall and scruffy man in his late 40s, frantically swinging a sword dangerously close to the crowds. Parking our squad car in the street to block oncoming traffic, we called for backup. The sword wielding man was particularly focused on a bicyclist. He repeatedly lunged toward the cyclist who was using the bike to shield himself. I noticed several families nearby and my first thought was, “We have to get this guy away from these people.”His attention turned to my partner and I, he screamed, “Which one of you sons-of-bitches am I going to kill first?” He charged toward Steve who stood about five-foot-eight, a stark contrast to my six foot three frame. Steve took a step back tripping over a planter on the sidewalk. He fell and the deranged man took a step toward him raising the sword over his head.In that instant it seemed like everything around me stopped, then moved in slow motion. It was up to me to save my partner’s life and I had to decide whether or not to shoot in order to do it. I envisioned the consequences of my actions if I pulled the trigger. The headlines would read, “Rookie Cop kills guy in front of downtown crowds,” but, I knew I had to do it.I felt my fingers tighten on my department issued revolver and saw the hammer of the gun cock back, but just before I pulled the trigger sending the bullet to the point of no return, he turned toward me. I released the trigger and my breath – closest I’d ever come to killing someone.NOTHING TOOK THE PAIN AWAY: I WAS SELF-DESTRUCTING


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