About Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)

Sheriff Richard MackChampion of Constitutional Values

Author. Teacher. Constitutional Leader. National Leadership.

Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA.org)

Founder, Neighborhood Alliance


Led a Supreme Court victory for state sovereignty

Author of several books on freedom, government and gun control

Consultant on constitutional issues

Tea Party activist

Public speaker

Crusader for liberty

Trainer in constitutional issues for law enforcement

“The Constitution is not magic. It is only as strong as the hands of those who have promised to preserve it. But let’s make no mistake here. Ambiguity simply is not an option. Freedom is for people of all races, of all colors, of all religions; it is for all Americans. The Constitution was designed specifically to protect equal opportunity and personal liberty. Can we really afford to embrace ideology that moves us away from those ideals?”

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association - The Freedom Coalition

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET) is a strong advocate of states’ rights and individual freedoms. Sh Mack organized the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, CSPOA, an organization to unite sheriffs and police officers nationwide, who honor their oath to uphold and defend the constitutions of the United States and their own state. A tireless crusader for the Bill of Rights, Sheriff Mack works with various groups to further individual rights. These groups include Gun Owners of America, the Libertarian Party, the Second Amendment Foundation, Presidential Candidates Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and many others. Sheriff Mack has been an inspiring guest speaker at numerous national events and has championed the rights of Americans everywhere

Sheriff Mack says, “Research shows that the faster an armed individual can respond to an active shooter the faster the situation is deescalated.  Why is an FBI Academy trained, former sheriff and school resource officer, unable to protect his own students in a school that he works in?  Why are other teachers in schools across our nation who are trained and willing, not able to do the same as well?  Let’s #ArmTheTeachers”

Neighborhood Alliance is an ‘Arm the Teachers’ initiative providing a far more effective security for our schools and save lives.

We have the support of the public already, and urgent action must be taken with children’s lives at stake.

The far-left will tell you that restricting or banning gun ownership entirely will be more effective in reducing school shootings, but if criminals were concerned about legality, school shootings wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

Arm the Teachers is gaining traction all across America, as more districts are allowing teachers, as well as other individuals, with concealed carry permits, to carry on campus, but until we are free, we will never be safe.

Quotes from his latest book:

“The Magic of Gun Cont – Thomas Jefferson understood what was needed for a successful government because he had studied the previous failed attempts at government. He understood actual history, the nature of God, His laws and the nature of man. That happens to be way more than what most understand today. Jefferson really knew his stuff, and the truths he understood and intentionally embedded into our founding documents still apply today!”

“The Constitution either means what it says or it means nothing at all. If governments can do whatever they like and mandate gun control/registration or healthcare or water turnoffs to the Napa Valley in California then they can do anything! Only out of control narcissistic politicians could find excuses to circumvent our Constitution to promote their own selfish agendas and anti-American programs. If you wish to change the Constitution, there is a lawful process granted within the Constitution itself by which such changes may be achieved…Change it if you will, but until then, every public official has sworn to uphold and defend it, as mandated within the Constitution itself! For my part – whatever anguish it may cost – I am willing to accept the risks associated with freedom. I also concur with the intent of our Founders to bind politicians down with the chains of the Constitution. In the 60s and 70s the slogan in America was “give peace a chance.” Sure let’s try it! But maybe we could achieve that lofty goal by giving the Constitution a chance…




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“Sheriff Mack had the courage to stand for the independence of county sheriffs and defended the Constitution against the Congress of the United States, and the Supreme Court agreed with him! This was one of the most important States’ Rights cases in American history.”Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

“It is an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with a constitutional warrior, not just for Law Enforcement, but for the American people. I thank Sheriff Mack for all he has done to defend liberty.”Ted Nugent

Sheriff Mack is best known for challenging the Brady Bill, a gun control scheme requiring local law enforcement to perform background checks on prospective gun purchasers. He maintained that the Federal Government had no authority to command local officials, and became the first sheriff in American history to sue the Federal Government (under the Clinton administration) and win at the US Supreme Court. The case was based on the Tenth Amendment, states rights and local sovereignty.

Mack is the son of an FBI agent and began his own law enforcement career as a street cop in Provo, Utah. After graduating from BYU in 1978, Mack became an officer with Provo P. D. He was soon promoted to corporal, sergeant, and detective. He spent one year as an undercover narcotics agent. In 1988, Mack moved home to Arizona where he ran for sheriff. He was elected Graham County Sheriff and served as such for eight years. It was during this time – in 1994 – that federal agents informed all sheriffs that they would be required to work for the Federal Government under the mandate of the Brady Bill, and Mack’s court case began.

Since that landmark ruling Mack has written six books and appeared at over 120 Tea Party rallies nationwide. He has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government and has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine. He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and is on the Oath Keepers Board of Directors.

  • Honors and Awards
  • Samuel Adams Leadership Award (Local Sovereignty Coalition)
  • Elected Official of the Year 1994 (NM/AZ Coalition of Counties)
  • “Cicero” Award (Firearms Industry of America)
  • Inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame
  • Is the only person in American history to receive the highest honors for public officials from The Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and the NRA.
  • Numerous Tea Party groups have named Mack “America’s Sheriff”
  • The Second Amendment March in Washington D C of 2010 gave him the “American Patriot” award
  • Named one of the Top Ten Conservatives running for congress in the Texas 2012 elections
  • Received the “Heroes Don’t Wear Capes” Award from the San Marcos Area Republicans (SMART)Media appearances
  • Regular guest on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

  • Interviewed by:
    • CNN
    • Court TV
    • Nightline
    • Hardball
    • Univision
    • Telemundo
    • Russia Today
    • Good Morning America
  • Featured on Showtime’s “American Candidate”
  • Has been a guest on over 500 radio talk shows worldwide.
Sheriff Richard Mack
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