Author Todd A. McNutt

Privacy Expert

Author Todd A McNutt has written books on privacy including his current book “Other People Secrets … Your Life UN-redacted.”

He has spent the past 24 years in information technology with a focus on protecting individual privacy rights. The last 5 years has been focused on RFID technology.  He has developed technology which detects RFID in any product, packaging, pet or person.

The combination of his exposure to both sides of this topic make him an expert o the subject. “This is the ultimate threat to the American People and our final right to privacy. If we let this one go, we will never recover.”

First book “Other People’s Secrets” was published in 1994.

Current book “Other People’s Secrets… Your Life UN-redacted” was recently published and is available in paperback or ebook formats on

SPEAKER: Todd has spoken in private groups and public forums as well as individual and family consultation on privacy and personal safety.

CONSULTANT: Todd spent two years as a Consultant for a SANYO Surveillance Representative firm, rounding out his knowledge on personal and family security.

Other People's Secrets - by Author Todd A McNuttOther People’s Secrets: Life UN-redacted Paperback – March 22, 2018

This book answers questions you didn’t know needed to be asked. Blowing through conspiracy theory and religious outcries to get to the facts about the entire Information Industry and make us all scream…. wait a minute!!!

It’s time to ask… who is “we”? 

Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 14,390. Language: English. Published: July 18, 2017.
A fact-filled expose’ on the RFID industry and the strengths and weaknesses that make it what it is and limits what it can be. From product identification and tracking to human identification and tracking… including cloning your credit cards, violating your Civil Rights and even addressing the Mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelation. This book is a MUST READ!