Interview of Kevin McGary, President of Every Black Life Matters

Host: Dr. Losa Dunne

Topic: CRT, Biblical Literacy, and the Woke Church: An Interview with Kevin McGary (Part 1)

The Communication Architect

Over the last two decades, Marxist ideologies have gradually seeped into the foundations of the nation’s educational landscape, planting seeds of division and discord in America’s soil through its ultimate training ground: the K to college public education system. In part one of this interview with culture-shaper Kevin McGary, we discuss what he calls the current fruit of Marxism, a movement that is now sweeping unfettered across the nation’s pulpits and classrooms. What is the root? What is the goal? What can pastors, parents, professors, and university presidents do to minimize the damage? Join us for this week’s show to learn how you can be a restorer of hope, unity, and biblical literacy in your realm of influence.

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