Date of Interview: October 10, 2019

Interview of Guest Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll

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Former Florida Lt Gov Jennifer Carroll:

“Not the Conservative Way. The state of conservative politics, even within the Republican Party, is in need of improvement.”

“What are the principles of the Republican Party? Do you even hear that anymore? Less government. Lower taxes…the (federal) deficit.

“If socialist ideals are so great, why are people leaving socialist countries to come to this country where we have freedoms and liberties that many people take for granted? That’s the question that needs to be asked.”

About Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll

First female elected as Lieutenant Governor in Florida and the first African-American and Caribbean elected Statewide.

Former Executive Director of Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs and a Navy veteran.

Retired as a highly decorated Commander Aviation Maintenance Officer

Immigrant -Immigrated to America from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago West Indies

Bestseller author When You Get There: An Autobiography

Florida’s 18th Lieutenant Governor

Florida State Legislator for over seven years

Small Business Owner

National Spokesperson for