“The NYC terror attacker Sayfullo Saipov actions and the method of his entry from Uzbekistan to be a legal resident of the United States under a State Department program known as the “Diversity Visa Lottery” prompted President  Donald Trump to put a halt to the  program and he asked  Congress “to immediately get rid of this program.”[fc id=’2′ type=’slide’ placement=’right’ button_color=’#4488ee’ font_color=’white’]Request Jennifer Carroll for Interviews[/fc]

President Trump for months have tried to limit entry from seven to eight countries with know terror radicalization to prevent this sort of terror attack on U.S. soil. The President’s travel bans have been repeatedly overturned by liberal courts. I wonder if this recent terror attack on U.S. soil by a radicalized legal status immigrant will awaken these liberal judges to the jihadist threat on our home front.

President Trump is absolutely correct in his decision to immediately halt this program and begin the termination process of the Diversity Visa Lottery program, considering Saipov used his legal status for chain migration to bring other family members into the United States. Within seven years after becoming a legal resident through this Diversity Visa Lottery program Saipov became radicalized. He was also a known member of a mosque in New Jersey that was under years of surveillance by the FBI for their radical teachings. I wonder how many of Mr. Saipov’s family members and their extension of family members were sponsored under chain migration and are also radicalized?

Senator Schumer, who in 1990 sponsored the House bill that helped create the Diversity Visa Lottery program has come under fire; however, let us not forget that this bill was passed with Republicans voting for the bill and Republican George W. Bush signing it into law.

In 2011 lawmakers and some government officials raised national security concerns about the Diversity Visa Lottery program and in 2013 although Senator Schumer and his colleagues tried to end the program, they still could not get it done. Well here’s a president who’s taken the bull by the horn once again to do the job congress should be doing and that’s protecting and looking out for the safety of the people in this country. By Christ, these lawmakers were elected and swore on a bible to protect and defend the United States of America, not the world. It’s high time the congress stop playing politics and do their job.

I am a bit perplexed as to why 20 years ago Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Schumer and his congressional colleagues felt this county needed a separate immigration policy to increase diversity in the United States. All they had to do was review the many years of census data and they would have seen that the United States was very diverse with populations of: Native Americans, Indians, Asians, Caribbean’s, Europeans, Hispanics, Africans and other ethnicities and races. We did not need a social engineering diversity visa program to inject any particular racial or ethnic groups of people to help America become diverse. Minorities who’s been in this country for hundreds of years should feel offended that their race of people was not sufficient for Schumer to see that America was already diverse. Were all of these minority groups who helped build this country and their ancestors not good enough for Senator Schumer’s diverse America?

I pray that in moving forward our law makers do not bicker on doing what’s right to protect Americans. Our hearts and prayers go out to the injured and eight dead people and their families who were senseless killed by this terrorist. Lawmakers must consider and factor these innocent people plowed down by attacker Sayfullo Saipov’s senseless act when they deliberate ending the Diversity Visa Lottery program.”

Jennifer Carroll

Former Lieutenant Governor

Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll speaks about the terror attack in Paris and the impossibility to properly vet people from known terrorist countries.