Talk Radio lands interview with the one, the only, Josh Bernstein. 8/4/14
TTR: “We really love your passion, tell us are you are you really that passionate off the air too?”at passionate off the air too?”
Josh: “He says with no hesitation, “Absolutely!” “I want my listeners to absolutely love me or absolutely loathe me. I don’t want to be “moderately liked” by everyone. My favorite compliment is when a liberal says to me, “I disagree with almost everything you say but I love the way you say it.” To me, that is priceless.”
TTR: “So what your saying is that you really like to stir things up then?”
Josh: “I do my show in a deliberate fashion yes. America is circling the drain right now and this administration refuses to stop flushing the toilet. I do my show with a sense of urgency because we are running out of time.” I could deliver the news in another way, but who wants to listen to that? It is one thing to gain an audience it is another to keep it. I am fortunate to have been able to do that.”
TTR: “You have interviewed some really well known people in politics. You are also the Director of Communications for a large Tea Party Group. How do you prepare for your interviews and how do you come up with such different questions?”
Josh: “Well, I must admit that my position as Director of Communications for Candidate Vetting for the Tea Party Community has afforded me many opportunities to interview some of the best and brightest candidates running for the U.S. House and Senate. In addition to that, I have also interviewed numerous big name Conservatives from Government, Hollywood, Famous Authors, writers, even comedians. Every guest is unique in that they all share a different story but maintain a common goal, and that is to spread liberty and freedom to all.” 
Josh: “I prepare for my interviews much the same way any other professional would, know their background, their accomplishments, their mistakes, and their passions. Where I differ I think is in how I serve up the questions and the fact that I ask respectful but direct questions that do not allow the interviewee any room for talking points or wiggle room. I want direct answers which is why I ask direct questions.”
TTR: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you have definative goals and how do you plan on achieving them?”
Josh: “That is a great question. I learned a long time ago that if you have a “back up” plan, a “safety net” so to speak to fall back on you will never reach your goals and your full potential. So, I removed the safety net. For me, it is either sink or swim. I thrive under those conditions and I think having that mentality makes me tell myself it is not a matter of if, but rather when I make it in broadcasting.” If you don’t have that attitude you won’t make it in this very competitive business.” I have a lot of lofty goals and to be quite honest I hope I achieve all of them well inside of five years, but obviously I want to be able to make a full time living on the air, and eventually do my show five days a week. I truly believe that if enough people in important decision-making positions such as general managers, program directors, etc get a chance to hear me they will give me an opportunity to reach a larger audience and in the process allow me to reach my goal to be a well known, top rated on air talent.”
TTR: “Well, Josh I really have enjoyed this interview! You have given us some excellent answers and great insight into who you are. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your aspiring career, and thank you for taking the time to speak with us.”
Josh: “Thank you so much for your support and I am truly grateful and humbled to have this interview. It means a lot to me. God Bless.”