Interview of Kevin McGary of Every Black Life Matters
By NC Family Staff
August 14, 2021

NC Family Policy CouncilOne of the prominent and contentious issues in our nation today is that of race and race relations. Teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) is on the rise in public schools, and countless “social justice” organizations are calling for drastic change to end the “systemic racism” they claim is embedded throughout our culture.

In response to the civil unrest in many of our nation’s cities during 2020, Kevin McGary helped found Every Black Life Matters, an organization dedicated to confronting injustice and defending Black life from conception to death. McGary joins host Traci DeVette Griggs on this week’s episode of Family Policy Matters to discuss how EBLM is different from other “social justice” organizations, and to give his opinion on the future of race relations in our country.

“We believe that standing up for justice at the root—when life begins—is fundamentally the actual definition of justice,” says McGary. “We need more minorities pointing these things out!”

Is there such a thing as systemic racism? McGary thinks so, but not in the way that our popular culture says. “Law enforcement is not systemically racism,” argues McGary. “’Systemic’ is an entire system that’s dedicated to a particular paradigm or culture,” like how Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger sought to exterminate the Black population by placing abortion clinics disproportionately in Black communities.

Another example of systemic racism is Critical Race Theory, continues McGary. “Critical Race Theory is a racist theory that says all whites need to be discriminated against […] Then it’s up and down, in and out, through and through designed to propagate that. CRT itself is systemically racist.”

Tune in to Family Policy Matters this week to hear Kevin McGary share his thoughts on racism in America, and how his organization is working to stand for Black life. There are several ways you can listen, or read the transcript!

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