Looking for a Middle East Expert? ? Meet Gregg Roman

Looking for a Middle East Expert? ? Meet Gregg Roman

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Available Guest – Gregg Roman

Are you looking for a Middle East expert to talk about:

Israel’s defense minister says the Hezbollah militant group controls Lebanon’s army“?

Gregg Roman says: “Hezbollah has expropriated the Lebanese army since at least 2006 (after the Second Lebanon War) and has fought side by side with them on multiple fronts, whether it be against ISIS militants in Arsal, or securing their flanks in the Qalamoun mountain range. Images of Hezbollah terrorists parading American equipment (APCs and artillery), paid for by the US taxpayer, during field exercises are ghastly considering the terrorist group is responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of American servicemen. Hezbollah and the Lebanese army have parallel command structures and Hezbollah’s political arm openly flouts their oversight over the Lebanese army. Even Lebanon’s President, a Hezbollah ally, nominally in charge of the Lebanese armed forces, has cast daylight on his support for the terrorist group. Certainly, Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, has full sway in the political and military decision making of a gross majority of Lebanon’s army and other paramilitary groups.”

Meet Gregg Roman, Director of Middle East Forum. He’s available for interviews. 

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About Gregg Roman

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  • Gregg Roman is Director of the Middle East Forum
  • Worked in Israel’s Defense and Foreign Ministries as well as at the Interdisciplinary Center (in Herzliya, Israel) 
  • Expert on Middle East issues
  • Former International Law Institute’s Inter-University Center for Legal Studies
  • Former Research Director on Information Warfare and Cyber-Terrorism
  • National Security Studies at the American University (in Washington)
  • Formerly served as head of the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation in Pittsburgh.

Prior to beginning his tenure as Director of MEF, Gregg served as Director of the Community Relations Council (CRC) for the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. In 2014, Gregg was named one of the 10 most inspiring global Jewish leaders by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He was responsible for the public affairs strategy, policy making, intergroup relations programming and Israel advocacy initiatives for the Federation. Read more about Gregg here.


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