Guest LTC (R) Sargis Sangari 

On 23 JUL 19 LTC Sargis Sangari, CEO NEC-SE, was interviewed by Gary Lane on Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). The subject of discussion was Iran crisis, POTUS and DoS approach to the crisis, Britains new role, and Europe’s eventual involvement in striking a new deal, and Saudi Arabia’s future.

Trump the diplomat, or warmonger? What the president and you need to know about escalating tensions with Iran.

Topic: Iran

  • Will Pres. Trump push for a new agreement with Iran
  • New agreement is a priority over everything else.
  • Is Iran Lying?
  • Iran has been ascending in the region since 2003
  • Within Islam itself – we have to understand our goal is that an agreement has to protect Israel.
  • What about Great Britain? The Europeans are being brought into discussions.
  • Are Sanctions working?
  • If you strike an agreement with Iran in the long run, the U.S. needs to be in charge.
  • What do you see happening here? Are we preparing for war?
  • Iran is taking steps to have a new deal? We will get to a deal.
  • The problem for Iran is that our Congress needs to do their job.