About Mark Kreslins

Mark Kreslins – Host

Kreslins brings a wealth of experience as a speaker.  Beginning in the mid-1980s, working as a Senior Legislative Assistant to two Congressmen, he was exposed firsthand to the problems deceit and corruption on Capitol Hill. Having been in the belly of the beast while working on the Hill, he knows all about the sausage-making process from an insider’s viewpoint–and sausage-making it is!

Because of his experience, he is passionate about bringing about real change vs. the sophomoric change so often proposed by the national government and national parties. A provocative writer and speaker, Mark has been a regular contributor to Fox News, and appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 program. He’s written numerous articles and has been profiled in a variety of publications over the years. He was  also co-host of a very popular weekend broadcast, The Forgotten Men (AM 930, WFMD).Offering substantive changes and solutions challenging the listeners to abandon status quo thinking. He now broadcasts at the Veritas Radio Network M-F from 6am – 8am.

Veritas Radio Network

On a personal note, Mark is an evangelical Christian and takes seriously the Great Commission–all the way into politics. He’s the husband of his wonderful wife Patti, father of four wonderful children a grandson and a great son-in-law. He’s active in his church and enjoys the outdoors.

“As a Christian, I can see no better use of time for me and my wife as we enter this season of life than to fully engage in the liberty movement. We have four children that are counting on us for a real change instead of immorally saddling them with a debt they cannot pay.”