Media Alert: The REAL ID ACT – Author Says Department of Homeland Security is Mandating RFID Technology

Media Alert: The REAL ID ACT – Author Says Department of Homeland Security is Mandating RFID Technology

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Author, Todd A. McNutt has been in Washington, D.C. this week to talk to his Congressmen and Senators about the REAL ID Act, specifically about the Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL). And more specifically, the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is mandating RFID technology in the EDL when they did their own internal study (Privacy Impact Assessment for CBP Procedures for Processing Travel Documents at the Border 2008) that states serious risks.

Since he was in town, Todd decided to ask the DoHS for an appointment to discuss the program and get their side. When he called, he was asked what he wanted and after telling the operator, she directed his call to a young man who didn’t state his name (even after being asked three times). He spend the next 30 minutes in a circle of repeated statements that Todd knew to be untruthful and regardless of being asked five times, he refused to answer the basic question, “where can I find the list of things that are required to make an ID “REAL ID” compliant.” His final statement was, “you just don’t get it.” Todd said, “I felt like Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity, I even took the guy through a series of steps to try and find out who was finally in charge of making the decision about what established REAL ID compliance and it just angered him.” At that point, he asked Todd what his issue was and Todd said it was the use of RFID technology and explained a technology that he had seen personally, being demonstrated, that could read an EDL from a moving car from thirty feet as it passed by at high speed and he asked if that wasn’t going to bypass the Fourth Amendment. At that point the guy’s entire tone changed as he said, “well, you’re going to have to get used to it, because that the way things are going.” At that point, he hung up on Todd.

Todd said, “it only makes me more confident that there is more here than they want us to know, so I’m in this to the end.”

This morning, Todd went to the DoHS to make a short video to blog about the phone call in front of the main entrance sign. He was confronted by four Security Guards who then called for back-up and then four men described as “Federal Agents” arrived to question him and to tell him over and over that, “if you turn the camera on, you WILL be arrested.” Yet Todd was on a public sidewalk and NOT attempted to photograph or video anything even remotely related to security.

Todd goes back to Oklahoma this weekend to continue preparing for a 50 State Tour to meet with the Governors of all 50 States and all 5 U.S. Territories. “I’m going to put a copy of my book in their hand and tell them that under the Tenth Amendment, they have the power to just say ‘no’ to the DoHS attempts to pressure them into issuing what is nothing less than a state issued, national ID card.”

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Todd McNutt has spent over 24 years involved with the information industry. Initially as part of their legal invasion of privacy but mostly helping teach people how to protect their personal privacy. After inventing a device to detect RFID in packages, products, pets and even people he has written this book, “Other People’s Secrets… Your Live UN-redacted” to expose the entire impact that technology is having on our personal privacy and how WE can stop it, TODAY!