Commemoration of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey between 1915-1918, St. James Convent — the heart of the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City, April 24, 2017. (Photo: KNI)JERUSALEM — As Israelis stood in silence on Monday for two minutes at 10 a.m. in memory of the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, residents were gathering around St. James Convent — the heart of the Old City’s Armenian Quarter — to remember the victims of the 20th century’s first genocide, that of the Armenians. In a chilling coincidence, Holocaust Memorial Day, which is observed in Israel according to the Jewish calendar, and the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, which takes place annually on April 24, fell on the same day this year drawing a mix of cultures and tragic memories in Jerusalem’s Old City. While the world recognizes the Jewish Holocaust, Armenians, who lost 1.5 million people and land in modern-day Turkey, are still fighting to get the world to recognize their genocide. Turkey denies claims of genocide. Israel and the United States are among countries that refuse to use the word “genocide” when describing the events of 1915-1918. During that time some 1.5 million Armenians were killed in executions, death marches and through starvation by the Ottoman Turks. April 24 commemorates the day in 1915 when 250 Armenian intellectuals were rounded up and executed in what is regarded as the first step of the massacres. Commemoration of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey between 1915-1918, St. James Convent — the heart of the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, April 24, 2017. (Photo: KNI)   Jerusalem’s Armenian presence dates back to the time of Jesus. The quarter itself was established after Armenia declared itself a Christian nation — the first in the world to do so — in 301. From that time Armenians made pilgrimages to the Holy Land to bolster their faith. Since then, the community maintained a presence in Jerusalem and increased in size, especially after the genocide scattered its victims throughout the Middle East. In the last several decades however, caught in the crosshairs of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Armenians have steadily emigrated from Israel to seek opportunities elsewhere. Now with only 1,000 residents, a school, churches and two social clubs, the Armenian Quarter is a shadow of its past. About 100 residents gathered on Monday to attend a service in memorial of the victims and to demand recognition and justice. Similar marches took place around the world drawing tens of thousands. Several Israelis stood with the Armenians in Jerusalem this year. “Our country, which was established by Holocaust survivors, doesn’t recognize the Armenian Genocide. It is my duty in life to try to get the (Israeli) government to recognize this so know that there are other people who suffered and deserve recognition,” Yaron Weiss, an Israeli tour guide told KNI. “Jews came back to their homeland (after the Holocaust), but for Armenians, their homeland was taken from them. All the world must know this.” In a speech at the ceremony outside the Armenian seminary, Weiss declared: “From here, the Holy City. it is incumbent upon us to send the message to humanity: No more!” “We must remember and never forget… until the genocide is recognized,” he said. On Monday evening, Jews and Armenians gathered for a joint memorial ceremony at the Nature Museum in Jerusalem, arranged by Israeli Naama Ringel. Most Israelis identify with the Armenian plight on a personal level, Weiss explained, but political and financial interests at the governmental level dictate that Israel placate Turkey and Azerbaijan by sidestepping the word genocide. Perhaps a recent landmark discovery that came out of Jerusalem this year will change that. Taner Akcam, a Turkish-born scholar at Clark University in Massachusetts, said he found in the archives of the Armenian Patriarch in Jerusalem the “smoking gun” of the genocide coverup. The New York Times reported on Sunday that Akcam discovered a telegram, written in secret code, requesting details from the field about the deportations and killings of Armenians in the eastern Turkish region of Anatolia from a high-level Turkish official, Behaeddin Shakir. The document was used to help convict Shakir in a tribunal. Akcam said this discovery proves both the existence of the tribunals and, for the first time, the deliberate and willful official planning involved in carrying out the massacres. Akcam said the find was “an earthquake in our field,” and said he hoped it would remove “the last brick in the denialist wall.” The telegram was part of a collection of court records ferreted out of Turkey in 1922 by Armenians.
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A Syriac Christian militia in Syria that is fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda and also opposes the Assad regime is asking President Trump for direct military assistance and to be treated as equals with the U.S.-backed Arab forces preparing to take Raqqa, the “capitol” of ISIS. The Syriac Military Council (MFS) is a Christian component of the 50,000-strong Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Kurds, Sunni Arabs, Turkmen and Christians backed by the United States and formed in October 2015. The U.S. military describes the alliance as its “best partnered forces” in Syria. The special operators helping the forces to fight ISIS say they have “absolute confidence” in them as the forces, including 1,000 women, prepare to attack Raqqa. The MFS’ request for President Trump’s help reads in part:  “There is no single reason to exclude us from the same support in equipment as is given to the Arabs. The fact that we suffered under genocides emphasizes the need for delivery of military equipment. If we are weak, we are a target of the extremist forces that the SDF is fighting against.  “We will be part of any operation against Raqqa, regardless our current level of military equipment. We cannot imagine that the U.S. would deliberately want us to be poorer equipped than our Arab partners when we go into that big battle.  “We thank the U.S. for the air support given in crucial battles and the support to the SDF. We also hope that this is an opportunity to work together for the long-term security and freedom of our people and all the peoples of the region.” The MFS statement says that the U.S. military assistance favors the Turkmen and Arab components of the SDF over the Christians and Kurds. It also disputed Turkey’s claim that the Kurdish component is part of the PKK terrorist group. The MFS has a presence in the Christian areas of northeastern Hasakah Province, a multiethnic province with Kurds and Arabs. The province has great potential for U.S. strategy, as it has been suggested as a candidate for a “safe zone” for refugees, most prominently by Dr. Ben Carson when he was running for the GOP presidential nomination. About half of Syria’s oil production is based in Hasakah Province. The Syriac Military Council (MFS) launched by the Syriac Union Party in January 2013 and is estimated to be about 2,000-strong and includes a Christian female unit named the Beth Nahrin Women Protection Forces. The organization includes Christians identifying as Assyrians, Syriacs and Chaldeans. Watch a video of the Christian females’ training camp in the Kurdish area of northern Syria.  The MFS initially tried to ally with various Syrian rebel groups, such as those backed by Turkey who are fighting under the Free Syria Army banner, but their Islamist orientation prevented it from going anywhere. A MFS commander said, “Most have a mentality that they can’t accept diversity within Syria.” In early 2014, MFS allied with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Turkey considers to be a branch of the PKK Kurdish terrorist group. The U.S. position is that they are operationally separate, which MFS agrees with, even if they are ideologically unified. The YPG is the Kurdish component of the Syrian Democratic Forces. The MFS is on the side of the secular-democratic Syrian opposition, even if it doesn’t directly engage Assad’s forces. It “started out as a staunchly anti-government militia, and its leaders insist that its views have not changed,” reports Middle East Eye. The Syriac Military Council (MFS) and its Beth Nahrin Women Protection Forces (HSNB) condemn the Assad regime as a “murder machine.” When they launched, they declared support for “the Syrian people’s revolution in its desire to bring down the Ba’ath regime.” The MFS commander in Hasakah says the Assad regime and ISIS should be viewed as part of the same enemy, accusing the ruling dictatorship of exploiting ISIS to stay in power. “They [the Assad regime] are the ones that bring ISIS in…We want to launch attacks on ISIS, but the army of the regime does not allow us to. They have contracted different outside militias, some of which are sympathetic to ISIS, and allowed them to enter and loot homes,” he said. With President Trump’s reversal on the Assad regime, U.S. policy is now aligned with the Syrian Christian forces that belong to the Syriac Military Council and oppose Assad, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Islamist rebels. As the MFS Christians prepare for the bloody battle in Raqqa, they are hoping that President Trump hears their voice. Let’s hope that their statement reaches him. Ryan Mauro is’s national security analyst and an adjunct professor of homeland security. Mauro is frequently interviewed on top-tier television and radio. To invite Ryan for an interview or to speak please contact or 662-259-0988.
American Culture & Faith InstituteRelease: April 19, 2017George Barna  Ongoing studies by the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI) show that Americans are generally dissatisfied with a variety of aspects of life in the U.S. In addition to their disenchantment with the morals and values of most Americans, adults also have widespread concerns about living conditions and circumstances in the country. Read moreAdditional information about this and related research is accessible on the American Culture & Faith Institute website, located at
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Failure is Not the Best Option

Failure Is NOT The Best Option  “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” ~Henry Ford Recently I set up some forms to pour a well needed sidewalk in front of home.  It has only been 5 years since we removed the old sidewalk, why rush?  With a little encouragement from my family, I set to work. The sidewalk had to follow a curving, sloping contour.  I knew I needed a flexible material to use on my forms.  I had seen contractors use a flexible thin 1/8” tempered hardboard.  It worked great…well at least at first. Remember, I am a landscaper, not a contractor. As we installed the tempered hardboard, I noticed the boards begin to get small waves in them.  They were losing their form.  Even I knew this was not good for pouring concrete.  And then, the next night it rained, the waves magnified and the boards seemed beyond use.  If I poured the concrete now, the sidewalk would be wavy and inconsistent. Incorrect forms I had several negative reactions inside my head.  One, forget this, we don’t need a sidewalk.  After all, we had done fine for five years!  Two, this is too difficult for me.  I will just call in a contractor and let them do it. Then I remembered one of the famous “Mom Sayings”: “No child of MINE would do something like that!”  Okay, then – what to do next?   I knew that using the tempered hardboard for the entire length of the project was a mistake, I just wasn’t sure how to fix it.  So, I called in a guy I respect and who works with concrete a lot on campus. His name is Denny.  I asked him questions, listened, made notes.  He gave me some great ideas and suggested several little tricks to save me some time and money. I implemented the changes Denny suggested.  Set up a time for the concrete delivery and then worked like crazy to pour the concrete.  It looks amazing. Here are the 3 quick lessons I learned: Always seek out good advice from several sources. Listen, write it down, follow the advice. When you mess up, stop. Start again more intelligently and fix it. Be patient. No matter how quickly I wanted to get the sidewalk poured, if I would’ve poured the concrete into the wrong form, I would see it everyday, reminding me I did it wrong.  I might disagree with Nike on this point:  Don’t just do it…do it right. I love my new sidewalk.  It was worth the wait. Forms Done Right   Keep cultivating your Greatness, Jeff McManus To Schedule Jeff McManus, Contact or 662-259-0988.
Egypt is seven hours ahead of us in time. So while most Christians in North America were soundly sleeping with Palm Sunday church outfits laid out on their dresser, the Coptic Christians of Egypt—roughly 9 million people—were gathering into their ancient churches to celebrate Palm Sunday.  But on this day, two explosions rang out in Coptic churches of Alexandria and Tanta in Lower (Northern) Egypt. At least 37 Coptic Christians were murdered with ISIS claiming responsibility following the attacks. ISIS has been growing numbers in Libya and the Sinai Peninsula where such militants likely hailed from. Alexandria sits along the Mediterranean from Libya where thousands of people have been trying to escape ISIS. Palm Sunday is the day Jesus of Nazareth rode amongst “multitudes” of people to Jerusalem as they gathered to worship whom they saw as the Messiah who had stated “the time for His kingdom was not yet” but that He had come to save the people (Luke 19:11-12). What they did not know what that this ride would be exactly one week before Jesus would be resurrected from the dead, according to the New Testament. To this day, his body is nowhere to be found—giving hope to millions of followers of Christ. Namely, the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Father Mina, a Coptic Priest I met, told me that every Sunday, Coptic Christians gather and read the verses about martyrdom (the concept of being killed for their faith) such as Matthew 24:9 “They will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name” and John 16:2 “an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.”  There are many verses about followers of Jesus being killed for their faith, but the Bible never calls on anyone to wish for this or act upon it. What it does is offer hope. These Christians read these words as a reminder that God knows of their suffering and as each word of their biblical text continues to be fulfilled 100% in our days, it gives the persecuted the strength they need to feel content despite affliction and the hope of a loving God who will avenge the evil of this world. It is that kind of faith and contentment that Coptic Christians and so many others around the world cling to on days like this. While ISIS celebrates their bloodshed, they fail to realize that they are 100 percent playing into every Biblical prophecy that the Jesus they lash out against predicted thousands of years ago – thus bringing Bible verses into fruition and hope to the Coptic saints of this world.  Every time ISIS kills a Christian, the forgiveness and testimony of his or her family brings dozens of people to Christ in watching their witness. In the words of an Evangelical pastor in the Middle East to me, “today ISIS is the evangelizer… I am merely a baptizer of their converts to Christianity.” ### About Jennifer Breedon - Click here To Schedule an Interview with Jennifer Breedon, contact or 662-259-0988
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By Terry Beatley Author of What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America’s “Abortion King” and president of Hosea Initiative          The word “precedent” has been mentioned numerous times during Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, but it was Senator Dianne Feinstein’s day 2 inquiries which triggered me to contemplate and marvel at what Sir William Blackstone, one of the most widely read contemporaries of the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and framers of the Constitution, called the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Blackstone affirmed the parallel equality of the “laws of nature” (the moral law governing nature and inscribed on the heart of man) to the "law of God" (the revelation of the same law in Scripture).  Senator Feinstein, though, was pressing Judge Gorsuch to agree that the Roe v Wade decision of 1973 which decriminalized killing unborn children was not only a precedent, but something now called a “super-precedent.” She insinuated it was solidly supreme.      As if to carve in stone the infallibility of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions by tacking on superlatives—no matter how incorrect and unjust the SCOTUS decision might be—Feinstein and other dissenters of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God aimed for supremacy over God’s law. In the end, they will always lose no matter how many “super-super-super’s” they put before the word “precedent” because God has already spoken and given us His Supreme Law.  Here it is: the right to life is inalienable, unalienable, absolute, immutable, unassailable, indisputable and undeniable. Supreme Court Justices, Congresswomen, nor a mob of misguided feminists who march on Washington give us the right to live. God does. In fact, God keeps stacking the deck in His favor making His “Super-Super-Super-Precedent” on this perceived inconsequential matter of human life known through the realm of science and the science even converted the heart and mind of America’s “Abortion King,” Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He was the former atheist who cofounded NARAL [Pro-Choice America]. The science opened his eyes to the Supreme Law written on his heart—that the unborn child is his second patient and that abortion is cold-blooded murder.       In fact, when I interviewed 83-year-old Dr. Nathanson in 2009, he told me, ““Terry, the bombshell was real-time ultrasound. It made everything come alive. It opened a window into the womb.” In his book called The Abortion Papers, Dr. Nathanson reflected on the tactics he and others used to obtain abortion victory.  He wrote, “A political victory achieved by such odious tactics is at best an unstable tyranny spawned by an unscrupulous and unprincipled minority.  At the very least this disclosure of those odious tactics should compel those who are uneasy with permissive abortion to re-examine the issue…” If still alive, Dr. Nathanson would be glad that Senator Feinstein is asking the next Supreme Court Justice to revisit Roe v Wade’s permanence—or lack thereof.      Dr. Nathanson grew to appreciate that neither our legislators nor our judges can alter the value system for which America must operate. It was settled at the birth of our nation when it was written in the Declaration of Independence. It’s the value system which recognizes the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Whether Senator Feinstein likes it or not, Judge Gorsuch is bound by the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  She, nor any other senator, can undo it because those laws are written on that man’s heart. Judge Gorsuch also knows they are written in America’s founding documents and he cannot alter that either. The intentional killing of innocent life—no matter how the procedure is linguistically sugar-coated—does not abide by our founding principles. Period.      When Judge Gorsuch and future nominees are confirmed and the abortion cases are revisited, these Justices will have what the Supreme Court did not have in the early ‘70s: 1) the science of real-time ultrasound showing what it looks like to rip a baby into pieces, 2) they will have the super-majority on the Supreme Court, 3) they will have what the founder of NARAL left behind—his testimony of intentionally deceiving American courts, legislatures and women, and 4) the Court will have Dr. Nathanson’s 1975 resignation letter to NARAL in which he writes—      “The judgments of the Supreme Court were never meant to be infallible or eternal. And what if we’ve been wrong—if the Court should soon reverse itself on the abortion issue in the light of changing times and/or new scientific evidence? What an incalculable injustice will have been perpetrated. What an immeasurable irretrievable loss will have been suffered.      The annual dues of NARAL are ten dollars and the hubris of certainty. Regretfully, I can no longer meet those dues.” Sincerely, Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D.      NARAL’s founder understood the fallibility of man’s perception of precedence and how it can never supersede the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. The truth Dr. Nathanson and our Founders left behind will trigger the restoration of righteous precedent, justice in the courts and an unstoppable catalyst to heal our land. About Terry Beatley Terry Beatley, president of Hosea Initiative, is a writer, lecturer and political activist for the rights of unborn children. She has served as Virginia coordinator for raising awareness of the need for a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and is on the board of Virginia Christian Alliance. Terry’s recently released book What If We've Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America's "Abortion King"reveals Nathanson's 8-point strategic marketing plan to deceive American women into accepting abortion and his political ploy called the "Catholic Strategy" -- an intentional ploy to separate Catholic teaching from legislative judgment. Nathanson gave Terry instructions to reveal his former strategy of deceit and to deliver his personal parting message to America. Terry has been a contributing writer for The Washington Times, World Net Daily, Fairfax Free Citizen, and The Free Lance Star. Terry has been interviewed for articles…
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Blue Lives Matter says: "There were all sorts of warning signs & red flags along the way. In the end PC sympathizers prevailed. Very sad." A 14-year-old girl was raped at Rockville High School by two illegal immigrants. Illegal Immigrants Rape Student At Rockville High School Rockville, MD –  A 14-year-old girl was brutally raped in a Rockville High School bathroom on Thursday morning by two illegal immigrants. Henry Sanchez-Milian, 18, is from Guatemala, and already had a pending ‘alien removal order.’ Jose Montano, 17, is from El Salvador.  Both have been in the United States between seven and eight months. Neither have any known criminal history. According to Fox5DC, the incident occurred at Rockville High School about 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning.  Although the two suspects are much older than the victim, all are freshmen.  Court documents that were released Friday morning, March 17, 2017, reveal the details of the violent attack. The victim knew Montano apparently from school but did not know Sanchez-Milian.  She told police she was walking with Montano in a school hallway when he asked for a hug.  He then slapped her on the buttocks and told her to come with him and Sanchez-Milian.  They continued walking, and as they passed a boys’ bathroom near the gym, they forced her inside. She repeatedly told them to stop and tried to fight them off.  The victim told police that Montano and Sanchez-Milian took turns raping and sodomizing her, and forcing her to perform oral sex on them.  There was a noise at one point near the door and shortly after that, one of the suspects threw his jacket over the victim’s head and walked her out of the bathroom. Both Sanchez-Milian and Montano then left and the victim immediately reported the rape to school officials.  Police were contacted and an investigation was begun.  Blood and DNA were collected from the bathroom.   They were each charged with First-Degree Rape and two counts of First-Degree Sexual Offense.  Prosecutors argued that both should be held without bond because they are a danger to the public and they are a flight risk.  The judge agreed.  Both also have new pending ICE detainers, which means they will be deported after they serve their sentences if convicted. The Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent has declined interviews, citing an ongoing investigation. One question is why older males such as Sanchez-Milian and Montano were allowed to be in freshmen classes with much younger students. Parents also want to know if school officials knew that Sanchez-Milian had an active deportation order pending against him, and if they did, why wasn’t it enforced.  Although school officials refused to comment, the president of the Montgomery County Council did take interviews, and referred questions right back to school officials.   When pressed about Rockville’s being a sanctuary city, the president Roger Berliner, said that it was not.  However, in a recent report released by ICE, it is shown on a list of jurisdictions that specifically “choose not to cooperate with ICE detainers or requests for notification, therefore potentially endangering Americans.” Berliner’s response when told about the report?  He said that, “the county does cooperate when a crime has been committed.” So what exactly is being done to make sure young girls are safe in Rockville schools?  Why must a crime be committed before the county cooperates with ICE? Do you think that public schools should be enrolling adult illegal immigrants? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. ###
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SURVEY DETAILS HOW THE CORE BELIEFS AND BEHAVIORS OF MILLENNIALS COMPARE TO THOSE OF OTHER ADULTS March 15, 2017 | | -- Millennials are becoming an increasingly important generation in American life. As the segment reaches its young adult years, it represents the nation’s primary birthing generation; a large wave of newcomers to the workforce; the dominant niche of newlyweds; and the fastest growing constituency of newly eligible or registered voters. As they form new households or establish themselves as consumers they are also becoming a highly desired target for marketers and active participants in the real estate market. But Millennials also represent one of the most spiritually challenging generations to reach adulthood in the past century. While the Baby Boom generation broke the mold of faith traditions and preferences some 50 years ago, Millennials are raising a new set of challenges to Christianity and to a nation whose morals and values have long reflected biblical principles. Worldview Differentiation The Worldview Measurement Project, conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute, reveals that Millennials are, by far, the generation least likely to possess a biblical worldview. While 16% of those in the Boomer and Builder generations possess such an outlook, and just 7% of Baby Busters have a biblical worldview, only one-quarter as many Millennials have a biblical worldview – just 4%! This startling distinction in their choice of worldview is reflected in various indicators of their lifestyle. For instance: Only 59% of Millennials consider themselves to be Christian. That compares to 72% of adults from older generations Less than two out of every ten adults 30 or older (18%) claims to be in the atheist-agnostic-none faith preference category. Nearly three out of every ten Millennials embrace that category (28%) One out of every three older adults (33%) is a born again Christian, stating that they will experience eternity in Heaven with God after their death on earth only because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Far fewer Millennials (20%) share that expectation A minority of adults 30 or older (43%) supports same-sex marriage. However, nearly two-thirds of those under 30 (65%) support it Conservatives outnumber liberals by a 2:1 margin among adults 30 or older (28% versus 12%). Yet, the opposite is true among Millennials: only 12% are conservative while 26% are liberal Millennials are the generation most likely to prefer socialism over capitalism (44% compared to 35% among older adults) While only 6% of adults 30 or older claim to be in the LGBT community, two-and-a-half times as many (15%) adopt that label among Millennials Major Differences in Beliefs Of the 20 questions in the belief section of the Worldview Measurement Project, Millennials were statistically different from other adults on 12 of those indicators. There was only one measure on which Millennials were more likely than other US adults to have a biblical perspective: they are less likely to believe that all people are basically good. However, even on that measure, a majority of the adults under 30 years of age (59%) held a belief that conflicts with the biblical view. Overall, the survey discovered that Millennials are less likely than older adults to have a biblical view on 19 of the 20 beliefs evaluated. The largest gaps between the beliefs of older adults and those of Millennials related to the nature of God; the existence of absolute moral truth; concepts concerning evil; and the personal importance of faith. Substantial Distinctions in Behavior The Worldview Measurement Project included 20 questions related to biblical behavior. The survey results noted that Millennials were statistically different from other adults on 14 of those indicators. There were three measures on which Millennials were more likely than other US adults to have a biblical perspective: personal interest in the well-being of others, choosing service over personal progress, and sharing their religious beliefs with people who believe differently. In total, Millennials emerged as less likely than older adults to have a biblical view on 11 of the 20 behaviors evaluated. The largest gaps between the beliefs of older adults and those held by Millennials – differences of 15 percentage points or more – concerned the moral acceptability of cheating on taxes, using non-prescription drugs for recreational purposes, and getting married to someone of the same sex; and being less likely to worship God other than within a church service. Patterns and Probabilities George Barna, the Executive Director of the American Culture and Faith Institute, noted that younger adults have historically held less conservative values than their elders. “The question that remains is how much the views of Millennials will eventually move to the right on the ideological continuum. The challenge to conservatives is that the current views of Millennials are so far to the left-of-center that even a typical amount of repositioning over time will leave the youngest generation considerably more liberal than desired, and more distant from traditional norms than has been the case during our lifetime.” Asked how likely it is that Millennials will eventually embrace a biblical worldview, Barna demurred. “Remember, a person’s worldview is typically developed between the ages of about 18 months and 13 years,” the social scientist explained. “There is usually very little movement in a worldview after that point. You could say with confidence that the worldview a person possesses at age 13 is probably the worldview they will die with. Unless pre-existing patterns radically change, we are not likely to ever see the Millennial generation reach even ten percent who have a biblical worldview.” Barna also identified one of the most important implications of this situation. “Parents are one of the most important influences on the worldview of their children, and Millennials are entering their prime childbearing years. But because 24 of every 25 Millennials lack a biblical worldview today, the probability of them transmitting such to their children is extremely low. You cannot give what you don’t have. In other words, if today’s children are going to eventually…
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"If we want to transform our culture then ..." A new survey released Monday revealed just 10 percent of Americans truly have a biblical worldview, despite four times that amount believing that they do. The American Culture and Faith Institute, headed by pollster George Barna, interviewed approximately 6,000 people from the general population and in church leadership in early February. The ACFI determined 10 percent answered the 40 question survey regarding biblical principles and lifestyle in a way consistent with a biblical worldview (way of understanding the world). The ACFI was not looking for perfect responses to all the questions, but 80 percent or more answered in a way that is consistent with biblical truths. “Everyone has a worldview. The critical question is which one people have embraced,” said pollster George Barna, who oversaw the survey. “If we want to transform our culture then we will need to change the choices people make that produce that culture. And in order to change those choices we must identify the beliefs that led to those choices.” Perhaps surprisingly, 46 percent of those polled reported having a biblical worldview, but their answers were not consistent with their profession. For example, among the views adopted in a related survey by ACFI by a majority of Americans that would not be consistent with the Bible are a belief that people are basically good (74 percent) and having faith matters more than what faith a person has (66 percent). Indicators that are consistent include a belief that moral truths are unchanging and absolute; that God created man in a miraculous event (not through evolution); and the Bible is totally accurate in all the life principles it teaches. Travis Weber, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, believes the long-term health of American society depends on restoring a biblical worldview. “The Bible speaks truth about humankind,” he told Western Journalism. “The more we depart from a Biblical worldview when making our laws and policies, the more we will suffer as a country.” Joseph Backholm, president of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, observed that currently, “The culture is doing a much better job evangelizing the church than the church evangelizing the culture.” He added that the secular humanists worldview “is destined to fail” because it is based on ideas that are false. When it does fail, there will be “a great opportunity for those who understand and can articulate a biblical worldview to speak into the chaos and to speak into the harm being caused by these false ideas and provide an alternative that will ultimately resonate with people,” Backholm contended.  To that end, a teaching that has been gaining prominence in the Christian church in recent years centers on a belief in the seven mountains of cultural influence.  Dr. Lance Wallnau, a noted speaker on the subject, explained that those who control the seven mountains–religion, education, family, government, media, arts, and business–ultimately steer the direction of a society.  The more people who hold a biblical worldview in these seven mountains of cultural influence will mean more people being exposed to and coming to believe in the Bible’s truths in all aspects of their lives.
Fights Break Out, Shots Fired At Police In Ferguson, After Claims Michael Brown Was Dealing DrugsPolice Officers Attacked After New Ferguson Protest Over Michael Brown Video Ferguson, MO – Protests turned into fights with police, which turned into shots fired and somebody trying to torch a patrol car after an angry Black Lives Matter crowd was protesting an alleged police cover-up that Michael Brown was a drug dealer. Video was recently released which appears to show Michael Brown dealing drugs at a Ferguson convenience store, just hours before he robbed it. Michael Brown’s mother claims that the video is proof that Brown wasn’t really robbing the store, he was just collecting on the debt owed to him from his drug transaction. The video claims a police cover-up of Brown’s drug deal, which is being interpreted as proof that the shooting of Michael Brown was unjustified. An attorney for the convenience store says that the video was edited to cut out the part where the store employees threw the drugs back at Brown. The attorney said that he will release the full video on Monday. After the widespread release of the video clip, protesters began to gather at the convenience store that Brown had robbed. Ferguson police moved in to clear the hostile trespassers out, which resulted in multiple arrests and fights with people who resisted. While officers were dealing with the trespassers, shots rang out as somebody opened fire at police from across the street. 7-8 shots went off, and nobody was hit. You can see a video clip of the shooting taken by Derk Brown here:   Officers later discovered that somebody had tried to torch a patrol car, stuffing a rag in the gas tank and setting it on fire. The fire went out with minimal damage to the car. For a group of people who have been desperately holding on to the lie of “hands up don’t shoot,” the thought of Michael Brown as a drug dealer looked like redemption. Unfortunately for them, even this new narrative is irrelevant to the shooting of Michael Brown.
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President Trump has issued an executive order correcting his controversial travel restrictions incorrectly derided as a “Muslim ban.” Of course, despite major changes, groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are still calling it a “Muslim ban” and are committed to retaining the issue’s divisiveness so they can endlessly bash Trump as a bigot and raise their own profile in the process. "This executive order, like the last order, is at its core a Muslim ban, which is discriminatory and unconstitutional," said the executive-director of CAIR, Nihad Awad, who nonetheless touted the revisions as a “partial victory.” Below are 10 points about the revised executive order that you’re unlikely to hear from media outlets and politically-driven organizations who have are dependent upon continued controversy: 1) Just as before, it is not a “Muslim ban.” As explained by Clarion Project advisory board member and leader of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow in this video, it’s based on an intersection of geography and security risks. It was limited to 6 of 50 Muslim-majority countries and impacted non-Muslims, including a family of Christians fleeing Syria. And, just as before, it is more of a pause than a ban. Refugee admission is stalled for 120 days and entry from the handful of selected countries is only banned for 90 days. As we’ll discuss, the exceptions are so wide that even describing it as a “pause” is a bit of an overstatement. 2) Iraq is removed from the list, bringing the list of impacted countries down to 5. Including Iraq (and especially the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan) was a mistake from the beginning, as I mentioned on Fox News when news of the revisions first broke. That is now fixed. The executive order implies that this change is not an admission of fault, claiming that the Iraqi government agreed to improved intelligence-gathering and security measures. Those conversations with the Iraqis obviously took place after the initial executive order and maybe some improvements were agreed upon—but even if this language was just to save face, this is still an improvement that shows the Trump Administration can be influenced by constructive criticism. 3) It justifies the inclusion of the other five countries. This executive order explains why the President chose these five countries, which is a scaling back of Trump’s campaign pledge to ban immigration from all terror-prone countries (which is a scaling back of his initial pledge to ban all Muslim immigration). Iran, Syria and Sudan are designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism and former two are explicit enemies of the U.S. Libya and Yemen are failed states with inadequate counter-terrorism abilities and so much chaos that the U.S. doesn’t even have an operating embassy. Somalia is similarly unstable with a major Al-Qaeda foothold and the Somali community in the U.S. is known for its high rate of radicalism. 4) The five countries are chosen based on the Obama Administration’s determination. The Executive Order explains that these five countries were selected based on the Obama Administration considering them to be “countries of particular concern” that could not participate in the visa waiver program. It was the Obama Administration that stated that persons coming to the U.S. from these countries pose a greater security risk than those from other countries. Everyone who argues that there’s no reason to treat these countries as unique risks is arguing with Trump and Obama. Where were the condemnations of President Obama’s “Islamophobia” for identifying these Muslim-majority countries as posing a special danger? 5) 300 refugees are under FBI investigation. It is true that refugees undergo a lengthy screening process, unlike typical visa applicants. Opponents of the travel restrictions point to how only a small percentage of refugees have been convicted of terrorism-related offenses. The Senate Judiciary Committee said only about 40 had been convicted, or about 7 percent of the total of 580 since the 9/11 attacks. The executive order points out that 300 people who were admitted into the U.S. as refugees are now under FBI counter-terrorism investigations; a much higher number than the previous figures used for gauging the risk. In fairness, a Department of Homeland Security report says most foreign terrorists are radicalized years after arriving in the U.S., so we don’t know if this figure necessarily proves there’s a major gap in the refugee vetting process. We also don’t know how many of the 300 refugees are from the five affected countries. 6) There is a 10-day advance notice. The previous Executive Order went into effect immediately, catching airlines and governments off-guard. This one goes into effect in 10 days, giving time for preparation. 7) It explicitly does not apply to current visa and green card holders. Permanent residents and current visa-holders are not affected this time. The original executive order’s unclear language has been fixed. 8) Syrian refugees are no longer singled out. The original executive order suspended refugee admission for 120 days but singled out Syrian refugees for indefinite exclusion “until such time” that the government determines that they can be safely admitted. The singling out was unnecessary, as that’s the same standard for allowing refugees from other places, but the original language emphasized that Trump was delivering on a campaign promise to reject Syrian refugees. That language is no longer. A refugee of Syrian nationality is not viewed as inherently more objectionable than a refugee of another nationality. 9) There are very wide exceptions. This is not a total ban or pause on all people from those five countries. This executive order uses clearer language to allow for major exceptions even within the 120-day refugee pause and the 90-day pause on visitors from the five countries. Far from a wholesale treatment, it emphasizes that each applicant will be handled on a “case-by-case basis” in case they qualify for a waiver. There are waivers for when the applicant’s entry into the U.S. is in our “national interest” or rejection of the person would cause them “undue hardship.” The order gives various examples of what…
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WORLDVIEW SURVEY REVEALS “IRRECONCILABLE” DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS March 8, 2017 | | -- Those who have wondered why conservatives and liberals seem to have irreconcilable differences need wonder no more. The Worldview Measurement Project conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute shows how vastly different the core beliefs of those two segments have become. Ideology and Theology Drawing from a nationwide survey of adults that measured how many people have a biblical worldview, the research discovered that people who are politically conservative are more than twice as likely as those who are politically liberal to have biblical positions on the twenty belief indicators tested by ACFI. In addition, the survey found that political conservatives are about 60% more likely to hold biblical positions on those indicators than are those who qualify as politically moderate. There were 15 belief statements among the 20 included in the survey for which conservatives were substantially more likely than liberals to hold a biblical point of view – that is, a difference between the two groups of at least 25 percentage points. Those included the following differences: Saying that God is the all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator of the universe who still rules it today (a 43 percentage point difference between the two segments) Strongly agreeing that the main purpose of life is to know, love, and serve God (40-point gap) Asserting that everyone is a sinner in need of a savior, repentance and forgiveness (39-point difference) Believing that the Bible is the word of God, with no errors (38-point gap) Strongly disagreeing that Satan does not exist but is just a symbol of evil (36-point gap) Saying that God created human beings in what is pretty much their present form, just as the Bible says (34-point difference) Strongly agreeing that the Bible is totally accurate in the life principles it conveys (33-point gap) Believing that God is aware of everything happening and remains actively involved in peoples’ lives (33-point difference) Believing that the Bible is the most reliable source of absolute moral truth (32-point gap) Believing that the most important indicator of personal success in life is one’s commitment and obedience to God (31-point difference) Believing that success is best indicated by commitment and obedience to God (31-point difference) Firmly asserting that their religious faith is very important to them (31-point gap) Contending that there are moral absolutes that are unchanging (30-point difference) Saying it is very important to be engaged in developing a deeper relationship with God (27-point difference) Saying it is very important to increase their personal understanding of God’s ways, as described in the Bible (27-point gap) Those statistics reveal that conservatives and liberals have substantially different perspectives on such central beliefs as the nature and influence of God; the reliability of the Bible; the definition of success in life; the existence of moral absolutes; the purpose of life; the centrality of faith; and the existence of evil. People who classify themselves as neither conservative nor liberal on political matters tend to fall somewhere between the positions of conservatives and liberals on spiritual and worldview questions. The ACFI data shows, however, that these political “moderates” are typically positioned more closely to the liberal point of view than to the conservative outlook. The survey also pointed out that among the twenty different belief statements only one of those was embraced by a majority of the adult population. A slight majority (55%) believes it is very important to develop a deeper relationship with God. Inevitable Division Noting that our core spiritual beliefs are central to determining our self-image, our character, and how we live, researcher George Barna expanded on the importance of the survey results. “The bottom line is that we do what we deeply believe,” Barna commented. “Imploring people to just get along by compromising their convictions is not a realistic call to action. These beliefs form the core of peoples’ worldview, which is the filter through which they experience, understand, and respond to the world. Their worldview helps them makes sense of reality and gives them a way of reacting to situations that is consistent with what they believe is right and appropriate. You cannot compromise your convictions and feel good about yourself. The only way we can get people to come together in a more meaningful, honest and peaceful fashion is by addressing the worldview that is responsible for peoples’ choices.” The ACFI survey revealed that the link between ideology and beliefs helps explain the recent election results. “Election surveys have pointed out how significant people’s candidate preference in the presidential race was to their hopes for the future,” said Barna. “In that light, the Worldview Measurement Project surveys demonstrate the power of worldview, even in elections. Among all adults, those with a biblical worldview were more likely to vote than were those who did not. That is because a biblical worldview informs people that participating in the direction and leadership of society is a personal duty. Further, among voters who have a biblical worldview, 68% voted for Donald Trump and 27% voted for Hillary Clinton. Their primary motivation had to do with restoring traditional moral values. Among voters who do not have a biblical worldview, Mrs. Clinton held a 47% to 44% edge. She was the preference of those without a biblical worldview primarily in the hope of adopting more postmodern values. “These people are not merely accepting the party line. They are expressing their view of the world. The only viable route to creating political accord on the divisive issues of the day is to facilitate adjustments to their worldview.” Barna further indicated that a quick resolution to the “culture war” plaguing America is impossible. “This confrontation has been in the making for the last 50 years. The fact that it is coming into focus now reflects our past unwillingness to admit that our choices have consequences. The implications of the choices that we, as a society, have made since the mid-Sixties, in terms of…
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Dickson Police Officers Justin Walton And Rob Peeler Arrested Without Being Told Why Dickson, TN –  Two Dickson police officers say that they were arrested after being caught up in their department’s unethical behavior and small-town politics.  Dickson Police Officer Justin Walton and Dickson Police Officer Rob Peeler were assigned to public works picking up garbage, ordered to lie, and then arrested without being told why. According to both Officer Walton and Officer Peeler, they responded to a call after a fight and assault at a local Mexican restaurant, Las Plazas.  Officer Walton arrived first, then Officer Peeler. Officer Katrina Pulley, who is married to a Dickson Police Sergeant, also arrived on scene. The people involved, Richard and Tasha Curtis, and Rex Buttery and his wife, have changed their stories several times.  The only version that hasn’t changed is from the waitress who witnessed the incident. What they can agree on is that they had been eating a meal together and all four had been drinking.   Read More here. Follow Up to above article: Dickson police officers speak out after indictment for tampering with records DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two Dickson police officers are on administrative leave after they were both arrested and charged with destruction and tampering with governmental records. The two men, Justin Walton and Robert Peeler, were indicted by a grand jury last week. News 2 spoke with each of the officers, who said they are stunned they were arrested. The charges came in the wake of how the two officers handled a report after a fight at a Dickson Mexican restaurant last October.  According to Walton and Peeler, there was no clear evidence of who started the fight, and both sides accused the other.  Read More Here.  
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Kurdish fighters in Syria. Photo: Wikipedia.   Assyrian autonomy would do more than rectify a centuries-old injustice. It could also be the key to preventing irreversible damage to relations between the U.S. and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban against seven Muslim-majority countries has been met with a growing backlash in the Middle East. In response to Trump’s executive order, the Iraqi parliament voted to support reciprocal restrictions, barring Americans from entering Iraq unless Washington reverses its decision. This leaves Iraqi Kurds in a very precarious position. “The KRG must now decide whether to help unify Iraq or go to war with Iraq,” said retired Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, an expert on Assyrian Christians and CEO of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. “The Kurds may now feel compelled to implement their own travel ban against U.S. citizens, since their Muslim brethren would interpret such opposition as both a betrayal and an unpardonable offense against their religion.”  Any refusal by the KRG to implement such a ban would put the Kurds at odds with the federal government in Baghdad. It would also prove damaging to Kurdish aspirations for independence, since the KRG cannot afford to enter negotiations while opposing the travel bans imposed by Iran and Iraq against American citizens. By supporting Assyrian statehood, the KRG would send a clear message that it stands firmly with the U.S. and Western values. The three countries would share an unbreakable bond based on shared morals and economic prosperity. Assyrians are indigenous to Mesopotamia, and their history spans more than 6,700 years. When the Assyrian Empire came to an end in 612 B.C.E, the Assyrians would go on to become the first nation to convert to Christianity. The Assyrian language, a dialect of Aramaic, is likely what Jesus would have spoken during his lifetime.  The Assyrian flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Prior to the Islamic conquest of the Middle East, the Assyrian Church had an estimated 80 million adherents. Today, the Assyrian population throughout the world has been reduced to a little more than 4 million. Continuous murder, rape and forcible conversions to Islam have resulted in as much as 95 percent of this ancient community being forced to live outside there native region. Until 2003, the Assyrian-Christian population numbered 1.5 million in Iraq. By the end of 2015, that number had been reduced to an estimated 150,000. This constitutes a 90-percent reduction of the Assyrian Christian population in their ancestral homeland. This genocide of Assyrians continues today, with the Islamic State terror group committing mass murder, forced conversions, rape and the destruction of Christian holy sites under its dominion. “If a new Assyrian state becomes a reality, Assyrians from all over the world would go back,” said Sangari. “The majority of talented, Western-educated Assyrians would probably go back as well.”  American Assyrians who return to their homeland would represent a link to the U.S., which the KRG could cultivate by supporting the foundation of this new Assyrian state. President Trump recently stated that persecuted Christians in the Middle East would be given priority as refugees. If the KRG were to aid in the rebuilding of the Assyrian national homeland, this would represent a goodwill gesture that would reverberate to Washington and send a powerful message that the genocide of Christians in the region will not be tolerated. Bradley Martin Western-educated Assyrians would serve as a significant boon to the region. Coupled with oil production, a sophisticated economy would emerge for everyone’s benefit. Kurdish statehood is therefore contingent on the rebirth of an Assyrian state. Although KRG President Massud Barzani recently stated that a declaration of Kurdish independence was imminent, the problem is that the KRG remains deeply divided. There is no guarantee that the two factions that make up the Kurdish Peshmerga forces will remain unified, since both militias remain deeply partisan. This division, compounded by potential conflicts with Iran and Iraq, does not bode well for the continued survival of a Kurdish state. Rather than a blessing, oil wealth would be a regional curse as it is used to fund further military campaigns. If the KRG supported the rebirth of an Assyrian state, it would have a reliable and powerful ally in the region. A new U.S.-backed alliance between Kurdistan, Assyria and Israel that enshrines Western principles of freedom and democracy would create an oasis of peace and prosperity in an area of the world that desperately needs it. Bradley Martin is a fellow with the Haym Salomon Center news and public policy group and deputy editor for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research.
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UC Police Department, Berkeley, Were Ordered Not To Save People At Berkeley Riot Blue Lives Matter National Spokesman Randy Sutton has conducted an investigation into the UC Berkeley riots, and collected the following information from our law enforcement sources. The epic failure at the University of California Berkeley to safeguard lives and property during the recent riot personifies not only ineptitude and cowardice at the highest levels of University and Police leadership but something far darker and insidious.  It reveals that same leadership becoming complicit in violating one of the most fundamental and cherished rights in America.  That of free speech. Officers stood by and did not intervene as the rioters, armed with homemade weapons, incendiary devices, and firebombs, attacked innocent people and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.   The “Incident at Berkeley” will go down in history as one the most embarrassing and degrading examples of police leadership in modern memory.  The images of  University of California Police Officers in full tactical gear doing absolutely nothing as a swarm of black-clad uniformly dressed, masked rioters, were attacking and injuring innocent people will forever darken the image of law enforcement officers everywhere. What Led Up To The UC Berkeley Riot A student group at U.C. Berkeley invited a controversial figure to speak at a campus event.  Milo Yiannopoulos is a British journalist, author, public speaker and senior editor for Breitbart News. His viewpoints and performances have created protests previously, some of which have turned violent. Without a doubt, the University and the UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo Bennett were aware of this and had ample time to prepare. In fact, in a written statement issued after the event the University said that “it had prepared security measures following what had happened at Yiannopoulos’ previous events.”   On the date of the event, Wednesday February 1, 2017, approximately 1500 protesters begin gathering by Sproul Plaza, holding up signs and chanting.  Approximately 100 Police Officers from University of California campuses were brought in under a “mutual aid” agreement to deal with the expected protests. The officers on scene were under the leadership of UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo Bennett. Yiannopoulos arrived and was waiting in the building to give his talk with a contingent of private security personnel. Protesters were allowed within very close proximity of the people who came to see the event, resulting in arguments and altercations.   The crowd grew larger and more unruly until suddenly, without warning, approximately 150 “black bloc” agitators appeared in what appeared to be a paramilitary formation, armed with pikes, clubs, industrial fireworks and Molotov cocktails. The newcomers were dressed head to toe in black, wore black face masks, and some had wooden shields.  They ran into the crowd and began attacking those who, based on their appearance, were believed to be Donald Trump supporters.   The rioters set fires, smashed windows, committed hundreds of thousands of dollars in vandalism, set fireworks off in the direction of the police and beat some people while pepper spraying others. The UC Police Department did nothing. The scene became total mayhem with violent attacks and felony crimes taking place within feet of the police, and still, they did nothing, and now we know why. Officers Ordered Not To Help When officers arrived at the area where the protesters were gathered at about 2 PM, they were ordered into the Martin Luther King building where the speech was to take place, where they would “shelter in place” until almost midnight. The officers were ordered to lock the doors and do nothing to help the beaten and injured victims who begging them for help on the other side of the glass, long after the event was cancelled and Yiannopoulos evacuated. Everybody should rightfully be asking: how is it possible that such violence and criminality could take place at a planned event on a university campus while the police, in essence, surrendered their authority and allowed total anarchy? Well perhaps not TOTAL anarchy, as there was one person arrested at the end of the night. The answer is clear.  The leadership of the University Administration in concert with the leadership of the University of California Police Department, shirked their responsibility and subjected not only thousands of civilians to violence and terrible danger, but violated the tenants of law enforcement altogether, the tenants of “To Serve and Protect.” Why? Perhaps because they were so concerned with the “protesters” right to “free speech” which, in reality, was mob rule, that they willingly sacrificed the free speech of Milo Yiannopoulos and those who came to listen to him.  The hypocrisy is stunning to anyone who truly honors the concept of “free speech,” but quite understandable when viewed through the eyes of those whose values and respect for the United States Constitution are, what we could call, “fluid.” Moving On From The Incident At Berkeley The “Incident at Berkeley” is far from over and the ramifications could touch college campuses and other institutions of learning all over this nation. John Bakhit is a former Police Officer and now Managing Attorney for Mastagni and Holstedt in Ontario, California and he represents many of the University of California Police Officers who were forced to “stand down.” Bakhit is exploring methods of revealing the truth of what happened that day to the attention of those in government who can investigate and “make sure this never happens again.” We at Blue Lives Matter echo that sentiment and we would like to call for the United States Department of Justice to fully investigate this injustice. Never again should people attending a public event be intimidated and physically assaulted because of their political views. Never again should Anarchists masquerading as “peaceful protesters” be allowed to commit acts of violence and intimidation without fear of consequences. And never again should a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer be subjected to watching beaten and injured victims crying for help and be ordered to do nothing as they look on helplessly because of cowardly and unethical leadership. Do you think that there’s any…
FBI Pursuing UC Berkeley Rioters UC Berkeley rioters to be identified and hunted down with help of FBI. BERKELEY, CA, February 9, 2017 | | – The FBI is now working to identify the people involved in the rioting at UC Berkeley on February 1st, so that they can be prosecuted for their crimes. According to Fox News, a peaceful crowd of non-masked protesters carrying signs had been protesting outside the campus student union building for most of the day.  Shortly before self-admitted internet troll and an editor for Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulous, was scheduled to speak at an event, a second group showed up and began throwing smoke bombs and flares at the building. Yiannopoulous later said in an interview that “Violent left-wing protesters stormed the building and forced me to be evacuated by police and by my security detail.” Read More here  
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January 25, 2017 Bellevue School BoardP.O. Box 90010Bellevue, WA 98009 Attention Bellevue Washington – School Board of Education This message is to the Board of Education in Bellevue Washington concerning the Bellevue WA School District teacher’s decision to wear Black Lives Matter T shirts in their classrooms on January 31 to show their support to that racist movement.  My name is Lieutenant Randy Sutton (Ret) a 34 year police veteran and the National Spokesman for BLUELIVESMATTER, the largest grass roots police support group in the nation with 1.3 million followers on Facebook alone.  Your decision to utilize your positions of authority and influence within the area of the classroom to show support for a racist, hate based organization like Black Lives Matter who routinely calls for and celebrates the death and injury and attacks on American Law Enforcement Officers is nothing short of an abuse of your power and position.  The children in your charge are highly susceptible to suggestion and influence and are in school to be educated not only in the basic knowledge that will carry them through their school years but to become honest, caring and free thinking members of something far larger than themselves...American society. While we should always strive to improve that society, America is built upon the rights to live free to think as you wish, express yourself as you feel, live without fear of persecution for your religious and political beliefs, and many of the other qualities that we as a nation have come to embrace as unalienable "rights".  With that comes the responsibility of conforming to the laws and regulations set down by society that try insure that ALL people’s rights and freedoms are protected.   Now let me ask you, who are the Guardians of that Society and charged with protecting ALL of the men, women and children who make up it's people.  Yes, the American Law Enforcement Officer.   The same men and women who last year, every 58 hours gave their lives in service to their communities.   The same men and women of whom approximately 50,000 were assaulted with guns, knives, bricks, bottles, firebombs, fists and any number of other assorted weapons.   The same men and women who bore witness to countless acts of cruelty, violence, death, grieving, personal loss and other assorted horrors too graphic to mention. The same men and women who Black Lives Matter  have called for their deaths which as evidenced by the carnage and multiple deaths that took place in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other towns and cities across this nation has come to pass. Law Enforcement families have been left fatherless and motherless, parents have lost their children and countless loved ones have been left only to grieve. Why? Because they chose to serve and protect not only their communities but the very same people who have called for the violence against them.   I have buried my friends.  I have held their loved ones in my arms and felt their hot tears fall and mingle with my own upon my chest.  I have watched parents wither away and die from their heartbreak.  I have heard the thunder of the 21 gun Salute and the mournful sound of Taps as another uniform clad body is laid to rest more times than I can bear to remember and to think that you will honor the organization that calls for more deaths and celebrates them is not only disgusting and repulsive but reveals how you mock the values of human kindness, compassion and honor.   To think that you are influencing the minds and hearts of those who are most impressionable, the children in your charge is not only disappointing, it is absolutely frightening.  Children who should be led to embrace empathy, understanding and tolerance are instead going to be subjected to your politicizing and pandering to a group that espouses nothing but hate and intolerance to the American Law Enforcement Officer.  I personally cannot believe that every educator in the school system of Bellevue Washington believes that this is the right path.  But I wonder if those that do not, will have the courage to stand up and call for this mockery to end.  But the ultimate irony here is this.  BLUELIVESMATTER  always has and always will believe this....ALL LOVES MATTER and more will die proving it.   Sincerely, Lt. Randy Sutton ### To Schedule an Interview with Blue Lives Matter, Click here or email  
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Bellevue School District Teachers Wearing Black Lives Matter Shirts BELLEVUE, WA, January 25, 2017 | | – Bellevue school teachers are going to be promoting Black Lives Matter in public schools on January 31st by wearing Black Lives Matter shirts. Bellevue School District teachers will be promoting Black Lives Matter. (stock image) We spoke to several concerned teachers in the area who altered us to the event. They advised that it’s against the rules to promote political groups in schools and that when they tried to say something about it, they were treated like they were crazy. One teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, works just outside of the school district asked some Bellevue teachers why they were allowed to promote a political group. “We aren’t supposed to wear anything about politics. I asked, why are teachers promoting a political group that’s lobbying for reparations?” The other teachers’ reaction were swift with calls of, “That’s not true, and “Fake news.” Another teacher, who also wishes to remain anonymous, said that the school district was making it clear. While the teachers would not be required to participate, they would stand out in a negative say so they were all “encouraged” to participate. She advised that the teachers were feeling pressured to support a group that they didn’t agree with. The school district largely seems to be unaware that Black Lives Matter isn’t a statement for equal-opportunities or civil rights. Most people have their own personal beliefs about what Black Lives Matter means to them. They think that their personal definition for Black Lives Matter is what the organized BLM groups stand for; this is not the case.  Black Lives Matter is made up of political organizations with political goals that most people would disagree with, including disrupting the “nuclear family” structure (see Black Villages), taxpayer-funded reparations for black people (see Reparations), and the elimination of charter schools (see Invest-Divest.) If you are unfamiliar with the Movement 4 Black Lives website we linked to, that’s the coalition of over 50 Black Lives Matter organizations which is receiving $100 million in donations to push their political goals. This is the political message that the school district is promoting when they allow “Black Lives Matter” messaging. Furthermore, Black Lives Matter promotes itself by inciting people against police officers. The false narrative that police officers are racists and targeting black men is directly responsible for the terrorist attacks in New York, Dallas, and Baton Rouge which saw groups of officers assassinated by black gunmen who wanted to “fight back”. Most police officers have little tolerance for this group that is responsible for dead cops, and has protests chanting for more dead cops, and riots where people and property get hurt. Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman is known for calling it like it is and not mincing words, and he sent a letter to the Bellevue School District: This message is to the Board of Education in Bellevue, Washington concerning the Bellevue, WA School District teacher’s decision to wear Black Lives Matter T shirts in their classrooms on January 31 to show their support to that racist movement.   My name is Lieutenant Randy Sutton (Ret) a 34 year police veteran and the National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter, the largest grass roots police support group in the nation with 1.4 million followers on Facebook alone.  Your decision to utilize your positions of authority and influence within the area of the classroom to show support for a racist, hate-based organization like Black Lives Matter who routinely calls for and celebrates the death and injury and attacks on American Law Enforcement Officers is nothing short of an abuse of your power and position.   The children in your charge are highly susceptible to suggestion and influence and are in school to be educated not only in the basic knowledge that will carry them through their school years but to become honest, caring and free thinking members of something far larger than themselves: American society.  While we should always strive to improve that society, America is built upon the rights to live free to think as you wish, express yourself as you feel, live without fear of persecution for your religious and political beliefs, and many of the other qualities that we as a nation have come to embrace as unalienable “rights”.  With that comes the responsibility of conforming to the laws and regulations set down by society that try ensure that ALL people’s rights and freedoms are protected.   Now let me ask you, who are the Guardians of that Society and charged with protecting ALL of the men, women and children who make up it’s people?  Yes, the American Law Enforcement Officer.  The same men and women who last year, every 58 hours, gave their lives in service to their communities.  The same men and women of whom approximately 50,000 were assaulted with guns, knives, bricks, bottles, firebombs, fists and any number of other assorted weapons.  The same men and women who bore witness to countless acts of cruelty, violence, death, grieving, personal loss and other assorted horrors too graphic to mention. The same men and women who Black Lives Matter have called for their deaths which as evidenced by the carnage and multiple deaths that took place in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other towns and cities across this nation has come to pass.   Law Enforcement families have been left fatherless and motherless, parents have lost their children and countless loved ones have been left only to grieve. Why? Because they chose to serve and protect not only their communities but the very same people who have called for the violence against them.   I have buried my friends.  I have held their loved ones in my arms and felt their hot tears fall and mingle with my own upon my chest.  I have watched parents wither away and die from their heartbreak.  I have heard the thunder of the 21 gun Salute and the mournful sound of Taps as another uniform clad body is laid to rest…
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Blue Lives Matter Calls Upon House Speaker Paul Ryan to Intervene Blue Lives Matter says: "Thank you to Rep. Hunter, Rep. Lamborn, Rep. Babin, Rep. Rohrabacher, and Rep. Loudermilk for their support of law enforcement officers." These Republican leaders are champions for taking positive action for police officers and all who courageously wear or have worn a police officer/service uniform. Blue Lives Matter applauds these Republican lawmakers for their actions. We also ask Rep. Clay to stop hiding behind the 1st Amendment and be on record as to why he wants the painting to remain. WASHINGTON, DC., January 11, 2017 | | – The anti-police painting in the U.S. Capitol that was re-hung Tuesday morning in a ceremony staged by Rep. Lacy Clay, D-MO, was taken down again Tuesday afternoon. Actually twice, in two separate incidents. Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado, Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-California followed the lead of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, in removing the painting from the wall. According to Fox News, Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado, took the painting down again Tuesday, and returned it to Rep. Lacy’s office, stating that “it didn’t belong in the Capitol.” In a statement, Rep. Lamborn said “Just yesterday, we honored Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. I could not, in good conscience, continue to walk by a painting that so flagrantly disrespected the brave police officers that protect us here in the Capitol and in our communities across the country. I decided to continue the protest started by my colleague Congressman Hunter and I hope that permanent action is taken to remove this brazen attack on the brave men and women who make up the thin blue line.,” according to Politico. Rep. Clay then rehung the painting. A short time later, Rep. Rohrabacher took action. The painting was taken down from the wall in a Capitol hallway later in the afternoon by Rep. Babin and Rep. Rohrabacher, who returned it to Rep. Clay’s office. Rep. Clay then took the painting back and replaced it on the wall. He stated that he was an “expert at hanging artwork.” Rep. Rohrabacher responded and said that the painting was “an insult to all police.” Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-LA, said “We may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them.” Rep. Clay said that he would be seeking a meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan to address the issue. It is unclear at this point whether House leaders or some other office will step in to try to resolve this divisive issue. The painting had hung largely unnoticed for about seven months and is part of a student art competition on display along a Capitol Hill corridor. It is untitled and the artist is David Pulphus. When the subject of the painting became apparent, many groups and individuals expressed outrage and demanded that it be removed. Rep. Lacy refused to remove the painting. On Friday afternoon, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, took the painting down after stating its depiction of police angered him, and took it to Rep. Lacy’s office. Rep. Lacy called the removal “blatant censorship” and had the painting rehung this morning along with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Rep. Clay has asked Capitol Police to file charges against Rep. Hunter for theft but said he has not heard back from police. Although no formal statement has been issued, Capitol Police are not investigating further Rep. Lacy Clay’s whining about Rep. Duncan Hunter. What is even more interesting is Rep. Clay’s comment that he is not “anti-police” but merely supporting the First Amendment rights of the artist. In a later statement, he said that “the artist’s world view has been shaped by the ‘animalistic’ behavior of police officers, particularly the recent, high-profile cases in which unarmed black males died in confrontations with police.” Apparently he supports the artist’s view in light of his actions and words. House Republicans had a closed-door meeting to discuss proper channels to have the painting permanently removed, including investigating whether the painting violated the rules of the competition. Tuesday morning, before the painting was rehung, Rep. Hunter said “It doesn’t belong in the U.S. Capitol. It’s that simple. It violates the rules of the art competition. You cannot have offensive things in the competition and this does.” He said that the rules do not allow paintings with “sensationalistic” subjects or those that depict “contemporary political controversy.” His chief of staff, Joe Kasper said that the Capitol was not an Art Museum and that “It’s not the right place to have anything that calls attention to police officers as swine”, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. He also said that Rep. Clay’s attempts to have Rep. Hunter arrested was “a punk move.” Rep. Gary Loudermilk, R-Georgia, weighed in on the controversy and said today that he wants Congressional officials to replace the painting with a poster of all of the names of police officers who have been shot and killed. The latest statement from Rep. Hunter: “The Capitol Police aren’t going to arrest me for taking down a picture that portrays them as pigs.” And that he plans to ask the Architect of the Capitol to have the painting removed. We thank Rep. Hunter, Rep. Lamborn, Rep. Babin, Rep. Rohrabacher, and Rep. Loudermilk for their support of law enforcement officers. We have previously stated that the painting is offensive and should be removed immediately. 140 of our police officers paid the ultimate sacrifice in 2016. Two more died on Monday. It is insulting to them and their legacy, and to their families. Many others in addition to police officers are outraged. It is also time that Rep. Clay stops hiding behind the 1st Amendment and is honest about why he wants the painting to remain. If you agree that the painting should be taken down, please contact your Congressman and/or House Speaker Paul Ryan. To schedule an interview contact Jackie Jones at
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Interview Opportunity withBlue Lives Matterwith Spokesperson Lt. Randy Sutton"One Police Sergeant has been murdered and one Police Officer is dead from a traffic collision while responding to the murder. It is almost incomprehensible, the loss that law enforcement suffered today. The brutal murder of a Police Sergeant in Orlando, Fla. who was gunned down by a career criminal in a parking lot and the death of a Orange County Deputy who was killed when a car turned in front of his police motorcycle as he rushed to the scene of the murder".Authorities have been searching for Loyd since Dec. 13, when they say he killed Sade Dixon, 24, a mother of two who was three months pregnant when she was fatally shot. Loyd has an extensive criminal record. He was released from federal prison on cocaine charges in 2014 and his arrest record in Orange County dates back to 1994."This suspect should not have been released from prison." Schedule Interview with Blue Lives Spokesperson: LT. RANDY SUTTON Police officer and deputy killed in Orlando   An Orlando, Florida police officer is dead after she was shot at a Walmart yesterday (Jan 9th) morning.  A massive manhunt for murder suspect Markeith Loyd is underway at an Orlando apartment complex in the neighborhood of Pine Hill .   Police contend Loyd has been on the run for the past month for another crime and was seen leaving the scene near the Walmart Monday morning where the officer was shot.  He reportedly fired at an Orange County Sheriff's deputy and escaped after carjacking a vehicle. Several schools in Orlando are currently on lock down.  Blue Lives Matter encourages anyone who has information about Markeith Loyd’s whereabouts is asked to call 1-800-423-TIPS.   To Schedule an interview contact: Jackie@TruthPR.comcall 662-259-0988 orclick here:    Book Online Blue Lives Matter spokesperson Lt. Randy Sutton.    Hero Down: What We Know About Murdered Hero Sergeant Debra Clayton ORLANDO, Fla., January 10, 2017 | | –  Orlando Police Department Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, and an Orange County Deputy Sheriff, whose name has not yet been released, were killed Monday, January 9, 2017, in separate but related incidents. According to FoxNews US, the suspect, Markeith Loyd, had been a fugitive since December 13, 2016, when he shot and killed Sade Dixon, age 24, who was pregnant, after she broke up with him.  During the same incident, Loyd shot and critically wounded her brother, Ronald Stewart. Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was putting bags in the trunk of her vehicle in the Walmart shopping lot around 7:40 AM this morning when a shopper approached her.  The shopper told her that Loyd, who was wanted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for Sade Dixon’s Murder and Ronald Stewart’s Assault, was inside the Walmart in the checkout line.  Master Sgt. Clayton walked toward the Walmart as Loyd came out of the store. Read more.    
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Blue Lives Matter Announces New Membership Opportunity December 22, 2016 | | --On average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United States every 61 hours. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, to date 64 police officers died from a firearm-related shooting in 2016. That number is up a horrific 68 percent. Crimes against law enforcement officers have reached epidemic highs making it difficult for many cops to have a joyful Christmas. Last week Georgia had six officers shot in as many days. In Americus, population 17,000, two police officers were killed in the line of duty this month alone. To compound the declining morale of our nation's law enforcement, President Obama recently appointed Debo Adegbile, attorney for cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, to the Civil Rights Commission. With anti-police protests and violent demonstrations, its no wonder many officers are discouraged. 34-year law enforcement veteran and Blue Lives Matter National Spokesman, Lt. Randy Sutton, believes President-Elect Donald Trump will lift the spirits of our nation's police departments. "Once Trump gets in and turns things around, I think we will see some differences," Sutton said. While many hang holly and wrap presents to usher in the King of Kings for Christmas, officers across the nation will work hard during the holidays to keep our communities safe, and guard businesses from would be thieves. During this time of year, it's especially important to show support for our police and the communities they serve. There are a few simple acts that can help make it a "Blue Christmas" in the communities we live. A simple handshake of gratitude or homemade baked goods delivered to your local law enforcement agency goes a long way in restoring hope in the hearts of our nation's officers. When pulled over, respond politely to the officer. Keep your hands in full view until instructed otherwise. Standup for law enforcement whenever you can. That means not tolerating distrustful conversations that use degrading terms when referencing police. Apparently, citizens across the country are making up for the lack of support from the Obama administration and various anti-police community groups. "Many of the officers tell me they've never seen as many people thank them for their service," Sutton said. "Those small interactions really do play a role in showing the police they are supported." Another way to support your local police department is by getting to know the officers. Introduce yourself when you see them out and about. Whether its dough for cookies or the kind of dough that supports a police charity, be intentional this year in extending acts of support. Indeed, Blues Lives Matter. Founded by active and retired law enforcement officers, Blue Lives Matters now has a platform to support men and women in blue similar to other membership groups like the NRA. Starting as low as $10.00, a Blue Lives Matter membership offers life-saving equipment, training and a $10,000 death benefit in the event an officer is killed in the line of duty. Let's do our part to ensure our communities are not only safe for its citizens but our law enforcement officers, too. Have a very Merry Blue Christmas. ### About Russ JonesRuss Jones is a 25-year award-winning journalist, correspondent, media analyst, and media consultant. He's traveled the world on investigative reporting trips and consultant major political and cause-oriented campaigns. He may be reached at or You can also follow him on Twitter @russjones and To Request an Interview, Contact  
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Publisher helps Pastors turn sermons into books.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, December 15, 2016 | | – After ghostwriting and editing more than 200 published books, several which have become national bestsellers, Neil Eskelin, publisher of LifeBridge Books, has announced a major expansion of the 14-year-old company to help pastors turn their sermon series into nationally distributed books. Says Eskelin, “There are outstanding messages being preached in pulpits every week that deserve to have a much wider audience.”                Whether you have a rough draft or just the transcripts of a sermon or seminar series, we will convert it into a marketable product—edited, designed, typeset, and ready for print. Usually, we work with six or eight messages around a central theme. The book may be self-published, presented to a major publisher, or become a LifeBridge product. Of course, you have final sign-off on all revisions prior to publishing.                Neil Eskelin holds a Masters degree in communications from Ohio State University. More than 8 million copies of books he has ghostwritten have been published by major publishers including Thomas Nelson, Penguin/Random House, Wiley, and Fleming H. Revell. His own books, including Yes Yes Living in a No No World, and The 24-Hour Turnaround, have sold more than one million copies. Request an interview or more information here.
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“Every Light Aircraft Pilot Should Have This Book. It May Save Your Life.” -Mark Rose December 14, 2016 | | -- An avowed atheist, Mark Rose turned to God for the first time when he was 22-years-old as his plane ran out of fuel flying through a massive snowstorm in the Alaskan bush. “If there is a God, I need your help now,” Rose said. Immediately after that prayer, the plane popped out of the snowstorm. “Before me were the beautiful lights of Kotzebue – it might as well have been the lights of heaven,” he recalls. Rose chronicles this story and his years as a bush pilot, hunter and trapper in LAST OF THE LONG HUNTERS. At 16 Rose learned to fly, and by age 22 had become a bush pilot who helped maintain a fleet of helicopters that worked on the Alaska pipeline. In LAST OF THE LONG HUNTERS you’ll have a front seat view of the thrills of bush planes and helicopters operating in the most dangerous conditions on Earth, flying in minus 60 temperatures and horrific storms, airborne among the magnificent mountains and glaciers that only Alaska has to offer. The book opens with a look at early history of the 49th State, leading to the eventual use and development of a new tool of transport – the single engine airplane. While LAST OF THE LONG HUNTERS weaves together thrilling stories of an Alaskan bush pilot, it ultimately compels readers to grapple with its final truth. “Everything I read in the Bible is either a lie or its true. It’s all or nothing. From reading the Bible I understand God is my creator,” Rose said. “If Jesus can raise someone from the dead and forgive my sins, that’s exactly what God has for me.” What People Are Saying: “I highly recommend this book! This is a fantastic read with a big payoff. This is a great read for anyone who loves history, aviation, hunting and true-life stories. We've all enjoyed hearing those unbelievable stories growing up, around a campfire or the dinner table. Those stories that have you on the edge of your seat and the ones that creates heroes. This book is an incredible story and a true story the author lived through and changed his life forever. In addition I enjoyed the setup with the history of Alaska, his growing up in Alaska, the visual journey the author takes you through heading into the vast unknown of the Alaska territory. I'm not a pilot but I found myself following the author's routine and there are a lot of tips in the appendix of the book that are his notes to other pilots where he is wanting to pass his wisdom along. Looking forward to reading more from the author!” - Rodney Hatfield, past director of Bible sales worldwide for Thomas Nelson To purchase the book go to You can also follow Mark Rose on Facebook at ASIN: B013DDMQFWKINDLE: B013DDMQFW Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #7 Piloting & Flight Instruction
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For the first time you can read here the actual FBI documents showing the links between 22 radical Islamist villages in the U.S. and al-Qaeda. National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro Available for Analysis  (New York, NY) December 12, 2016 | | -- The Clarion Project has obtained newly-declassified FBI documents from 2003 revealing that the jihadist cult Jamaat ul-Fuqra, also known as Muslims of America (MOA), had ties with al-Qaeda in Pakistan. The group is best known for its network of about 22 Islamist compounds on American soil. The disclosures come on the heels of the release of the Fuqra Files website, an authoritative database of information about the group. The FBI reports show there was a counter-terrorism investigation into Jamaat ul-Fuqra / Muslims of America (MOA) in New York in 2003. One file has the heading, "American Islamic Radicals." The reports point out, "Prior to assuming the name MOA, JUF has had a profound history of carrying out violent actions to include, arsons, bombings, shootings and assassinations." SEE THE FBI REPORT HERE  ### INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: PROFESSOR RYAN MAURO, NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST, CLARION PROJECT Professor Ryan Mauro National Security Analyst, Clarion Project Associate Producer, Faithkeepers Professor of Counter-Terrorism, Liberty University Professor Ryan Mauro is the National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the threat of Islamic extremism and provides a platform for voices of moderation and tolerance within the Muslim community. He is also a consultant to various government agencies, political campaigns and policy-makers and a professor of homeland security, counter-terrorism and political science. Mauro has made over 1,000 appearances on international radio and TV programs from both the left and the right, including frequent segments on FOX News Channel, Al-Hurra, CCTV, Voice of America, Wall Street Journal Live, etc. He's been widely published and quoted in outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill, Roll Call and the Daily Caller. He has served as a strategic analyst for the Wikistrat consultancy and as an intelligence analyst and director of the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center. Mauro has a Bachelor's Degree in Intelligence Studies, Master's in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies, all from American Military University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security specialization. To interview Ryan Mauro, please contact: Jackie@TruthPR.com662-259-0988 Schedule An Interview (Click here).  
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From Left To Right: Alveda King (Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn), Walter Hoye (Founder of Issues4Life) Dean Nelson (Board Chair of the Douglass Institute) and Day Gardner (President of the National Pro-Life Union) ATLANTA, GA, December 8, 2016 | | -- Just after Thanksgiving, Dr. Day Gardner called Evangelist Alveda King and said: "We need to say Merry Christmas again."  They quickly called their partners in Christ Rev. Dean Nelson and Rev. Walter Hoye to get the ball rolling and Christmas Bells ringing. The Movement has legs now.  LET'S SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN! Together they are promoting the open letter Walter has written below "to Pastors, leaders and all believers." They are inviting all to celebrate Christmas by signing on and sharing the letter far and wide. LET'S SAY "MERRY CHRISTMAS" AGAIN OPEN LETTER Dear Pastors, community leaders and all believers ... Brothers and Sisters, Merry Christmas in the mighty and matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, let us remember the reason Christ was born and the price He paid for the sins of the world as the Holy and Spotless "Lamb of God" slain before the foundation of the world. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, lived and died that the world would have a second chance at eternal life in Heaven. Lifting up the name of Jesus in the public square, especially this time of year has and is the practice of billions around the world. December 25th (“Christmas Day”) has been a federal holiday in the United States of America since June 28th, 1870, when Congress created the original four holidays (“New Years Day”, “Independence Day”, “Thanksgiving Day” and “Merry Christmas." Indeed, celebrating "Christmas", the birth of Christ, is as American as it gets. As Christians let us reject the trend to substitute "Happy Holidays" for "Merry Christmas”. As Christians let us remember the admonition of Christ Himself in Luke 9:26 and boldly proclaim "Christ is the reason for season" by saying “Merry Christmas” as we consecrate His holy and miraculous birth in the language of our everyday lives. Is saying “Merry Christmas” demanding that non-Christians convert to Christianity? No! Of course not. Just as someone in the Jewish faith who says "Happy Hanukkah" isn't demanding that Christians or non-Christians convert to Judaism, neither are Christians who say “Merry Christmas” demanding that non-Christians covert to Christianity. When we Christians greet the world with “Merry Christmas” we are openly expressing to the world that we believe in Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. Not only is the public expression of our faith in Christ encouraged in the Bible, it is one of the fundamental freedoms we have and enjoy as Americans. So let us cancel the trend to say "Happy Holidays" or any other substitution for “Merry Christmas” and both faithfully and fearlessly say "Merry Christmas”. May God richly bless you and yours. ### Request an Interview with Dr. Alveda King here.
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December 6, 2016 | | -- Activism on college campuses has reached new levels not seen since the 1960s. Protests on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus in 2015 could have served as the ringleader to cause other student bodies to rise with defiant voices. Likely inspired by riots in Ferguson, Mo., orchestrated by Black Lives Matter, and funded by billionaire George Soros, with regularity students and faculty now use institutions as platforms for leftist political engagement. With great irony, institutions that once allowed for diversity of thought are now more often centers of narrow ideology. Acres upon acres of terrain are used to not only teach, but also lobby against the "isms" of the world, including the ills of capitalism. While the harms of racism and sexism are real, many institutions of higher learning have moved to other extremes.  The latest trendy outrage is the so-called "sanctuary campus" movement. Soros money thought to be financing this endeavor, too. Following the election of President-Elect Donald Trump, some universities and campuses seek to supersede federal laws providing protections to illegal immigrant students. Some claim Trumps proposal to tighten illegal immigration and do away with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as the justification.  The University of Mississippi is one such campus. Recently the Associated Student Body Senators and some student organization presidents called for the university to become a sanctuary for illegal immigrant members of the community.  Some 66 teachers, faculty and students signed a document supporting the proposal – that included refusing "ICE physical access to land owned or controlled by the university without a judicial warrant." Ole Miss Chancellor Jeff Vitter issued a statement regarding ASB's resolution on becoming a sanctuary campus. "As chancellor, my responsibility is to administer and operate the university within applicable Federal and state laws, as well as the policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning." The proposal was never presented for a vote as Ole Miss alumni flooded the university with emails and phone calls expressing their outrage. In the Lone Star state, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott maintains the state will suspend funding to any state school designating itself as a "sanctuary campus."  Princeton's President Christopher Eisgruber wrote that the concept of the “sanctuary campus” “has no basis in law, and that colleges and universities have no authority to exempt any part of their campuses from the nation’s immigration laws.” In defiance of federal law, some schools have formally passed policies creating sanctuary status. The Portland State University, University of Pennsylvania, Reed College, Columbia University and Wesleyan University officially declared themselves sanctuary campuses. In a video produced by, students at George Washington University state they would like to see the school implement sanctuary status.   "Yeah, I think it [campus] should be a safe space for everybody," replied another, explaining, "I don't think anybody should be judged." Some want to go even further than creating "safe spaces" for illegal immigrants but see student loans forgiven. "Oh, absolutely," responded one student, while another agreed, saying, "Yes, that'd be cool."  Another stated "safe spaces" are needed because for final exams because of the stress of the 2016 election. "School's been really stressful especially after the Trump election," one student vented to "Like, it's really hard to focus on your studies when there's so much else going on." One has to wonder if universities who create “safe spaces” and “sanctuary campuses” are ultimately doing students a disservice. Living in the “real world” means facing various worldviews and learning how to work with those who may have views different from your own. It’s time to re-evaluate the “helicopter parent” approach that has created the not so flattering moniker we know as the “snowflake generation.” If this critical problem isn’t fixed soon – we’ll have a century of leaders who melt at the first sign of opposition. Russ Jones is a 25-year award-winning journalist, correspondent, media analyst, and media consultant. He's traveled the world on investigative reporting trips and consultant for major political and cause-oriented campaigns. He may be reached at You can follow him on Twitter: @russjones60 and
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Audio Download for Radio Christ for all Nations Releases Historic Worship Experience Captured Live in Africa ORLANDO, FL December 6, 2016 | | - Christ for all Nations (CfaN) hosted a historic live worship experience led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, the President of CfaN, with guests Roy Fields, Hope Darst, and others. The event took place in Ghana earlier this year and resulted in an amazing worship experience. It is now available on DVD and CD. Holy Ground comes from the epicenter of one of the greatest moves of God in history where over 75 million people registered decisions for Christ. Contemporary musical arrangements and beautiful choral harmonies bring to life classic hymns as well as modern and original songs and medleys. The only site large enough to accommodate the massive crowds that attended this historic event was the city dump. The surrounding neighborhood was infamous for its high levels of crime, poverty and hardship. The CfaN team moved in, cleared the land and constructed the massive stage  complete with state of the art sound and lighting just in time for the hundreds of thousands of people that flooded the grounds. Beautiful sounds of worship filled the night air during the week long Crusade., The Gospel was preached with power, and by the end, 381,680 individuals had registered decisions for Christ. The whole event was captured in this historic worship album appropriately titled, Holy Ground.  Daniel Kolenda stated"This was the most personally impacting projects I’ve ever been a part of. What happened in Ghana is actually a picture of redemption itself. Jesus loves to enter our mess and bring a miracle, exchanging beauty for ashes and making everything new. It’s more than an album, it’s an experience.” Holy Ground was co-produced by Latin Grammy winner and 6-time nominee Carlson Barros. Holy Ground contains a DVD and CD combo pack with a full-color panoramic poster and details about the incredible change that took place during a one-week campaign in Africa with over 700,000 people. About Christ For All Nations (CfaN):( CfaN is a non-denominational missions organization, aimed at taking the Gospel message to the world. Christ for all Nations is primarily known for its historic crusades in Africa and recently surpassed a historic milestone of 75 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ at major events in Africa and other parts of the world. Media ContactDiane MorrowDiane@BarnabasAgency.com800.927.1517
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Chip and Joanna Gaines of 'Fixer Upper' (Courtesy of Magnolia Market) November 30, 2016 | | -- HGTV's Chip and Joanna Gaines have captured the hearts of fans all across America. A-matter-of-fact, according to recent ratings over 3 million viewers has made "Fixer Upper" one of the top rated programs on cable. Why? Because the duo shares a refreshing admiration for one another and the home seekers they serve. The average American enjoys a success story of rags to riches. The shiplap loving Chip and his wife Joanna also own Magnolia Market at the Silos, a furniture line, a magazine, and bed and breakfast. Click here for a free subscription to TruthPR mailings. But it was only a matter time until the intolerant left came after the Waco, Texas couple. Gay activists and liberal journalists have targeted the "Fixer Upper" stars because of the church they attend.   Apparently, the Gaineses attend a church that teaches the tenants of traditional marriage - marriage between one man and one woman. Like leading the lamb to the slaughter, the outrage started with an article in BuzzFeed entitled "Chip And Joanna Gaines' Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage." It should be no surprise that a publication co-founded by Kenneth Lerer, who is co-founder and Chairman of The Huffington Post, is the ringleader. Somehow BuzzFeed author Kate Aurthur equates one's qualifications to host a home renovation show to their position on homosexual marriage. "So are the Gaineses against same-sex marriage," Aurthur wrote. "And would they ever feature a same-sex couple on the show, as have HGTV’s House Hunters and Property Brothers? Emails to Brock Murphy, the public relations director at their company, Magnolia, were not returned. Nor were emails and calls to HGTV’s PR department." In typical group think fashion, various other mainstream outlets have joined the clarion call of orchestrated disdain. Outrage over the personal beliefs of Chip and Joanna who have never publically revealed in their perspective on same-sex marriage. To be clear, "Fixer Upper" is about home restoration. It's not a political or religious program. During an hour episode, viewers watch the cheery duo transform a dump into a "forever home." Why does their view on homosexuality matter? Gay marriage has become the Goldstar issue for this generation of progressives. It doesn't matter what you "say," but what you "think." The goal of the left is to silence those who don't conform. What is rather sad, edging on humorous is that somehow many in the media believe they have uncovered a major scandal that a church in Texas considers homosexuality to be a sin. Newsflash! It should be no shock that a church, especially one in the south, embraces a biblical perspective of marriage - that of a union between one man and one woman. What most reports conveniently leave out is the Gospel message of "hating the sin, but loving the sinner." According to the church's website, last Friday Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert of Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas addressed the Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage from a Biblical perspective. He offered both clarity and compassion regarding the decision and the issue of homosexuality and encouraged the Church to respond according to God’s Word. Biblical Response to Marriage (Photo courtesy Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas) "We are called to be rescuers; to speak the truth in love and to help people go to God and His word for whatever issues we face as a culture," Seibert said. Rational heads have prevailed, however. BuzzFeed readers have taken to Tweeter and made comments on social media objecting to the apparent witch hunt. (Photo: Screenshot from Twin brothers Jason and David Benham got the boot when the network canceled their do-it-yourself TV program over their beliefs on homosexuality in 2014. Like the Benham brothers, Chip and Joanna Gaines now face the hypocrisy of the left who demand conformity.  A worldview that is intolerant of perspectives that differs from the liberal narrative. Time will tell if HGTV allows the LGBTQ agenda to force yet another show to cancel because the stars didn't align with the litmus test of beliefs demanded by Hollywood and media elites.  It appears some in the media didn't receive the memo. It's this very intolerance and media bias that got Donald Trump elected. Most God fearing people are caring towards those with who they disagree, but have had enough of the alt-lefts forced conformity. To all freedom and shiplap lovers - it's time to rise in support of Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Russ Jones is a 25-year award-winning journalist, correspondent, media analyst, and media consultant. He's traveled the world on investigative reporting trips and consultant major political and cause-oriented campaigns. He may be reached at You can also follow him on Twitter 
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The Will of a Man and the Way of a Woman

Audio Download for Radio How to Balance and Blend Better in Marriage TAMPA, Florida, December 1, 2016 | | - While a man possesses a unique God-given motivational propensity for exercising a strong will in life, a woman conversely possesses a unique God-given propensity for discerning the appropriate way of life. Through ups and downs, these magnetic tensions have helped husband and wife writing team, Robert and Pamela Crosby, learn to balance, bend, and blend in their marriage. To appreciate the balance their differences bring, to bend more appropriately in response to each other, and to move toward a more joyous blend that can only emerge out of two quite different ways somehow turned into one. Simply put, where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY. The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman (Shiloh Run Press November 2016) invites readers to harness the magnetic draw of their differences and blend better with their spouse in both life and love. “The will of a man compels him to act on the strengths he feels he can offer.” comments Robert. “The way of a woman compels her to act out of the understanding she feels she can offer.” adds Pamela.  Together this draws both husband and wife into relational oneness and becomes the GPS of the relationship.  Clarifying how men and women are vastly different by design, emotionally and even spiritually can remove years of struggle. “Our inner motivation is really the core of our souls. It’s vital to remember that love brings us together and fear pushes apart,” comments Robert. The Crosby’s have been addressing the collaborative aspects of marriage for years through their ministry. The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman is not just another marriage book. It captures unique tools and resources for marriage unlike any on the market today. Written in an easy and conversational style this little gem of relational wisdom, invites readers to harness the magnetic draw of their differences, while celebrating their oneness. Each chapter includes Ask Away! Questions for Will and Way Conversations, which can be used along side small group studies.  Topics include: What men most want What women deeply desire Marriage: the backbone of society Restoring marriage and living Gods’ will Gods’ way Robert and Pamela Crosby are also co-founders of Teaming Life, a conference and resource ministry to couples and families. Together they have served s pastors at churches in New York, Ohio, Boston and now a brand-new church plant in downtown Tampa. Robert and Pamela speak at various couples and leadership events and retreats for local churches and church districts across the country. Robert regularly contributes articles and blog posts for,, Christianity Today, and Outreach Magazine.  The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman Robert and Pamela Crosby Shiloh Run Press November 1, 2016 ISBN 978-1-63409-929-5
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Hero Down: Detective Benjamin Marconi Assassinated SAN ANTONIO, Tex., November 20, 2016 | | – San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi was assassinated in an unprovoked ambush today in front of his Police Headquarters, this is who he was. Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was outside of the San Antonio Police headquarters on a traffic stop writing a ticket. A black car pulled up behind the officer without him noticing. The occupant of the black car walked up to the drivers side window and shot Detective Marconi in the side of the head. The assassin then leaned into the police car and fired another shot into the officer’s head. The suspect then got into his car and drove away. He is still on the loose. Authorities say that he is a black male around 5-foot-7, wearing a gray sweatshirt and black baggy pants. The suspect also had a beard. Detective Benjamin Marconi was a 20 year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. He makes the 7th officer shot and killed in Texas this year. We will bring this human piece of garbage to justice soon. Until then, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six, officers. “We ask that all Texans join us in praying for the officer’s loved ones as they deal with the aftermath of this unimaginable tragedy,” Texas governor Gregg Abbott said. “Attacks against law enforcement officers will not be tolerated in Texas and must be met with swift justice, which is why I look forward to signing my Police Protection Act into law – making targeted attacks against law enforcement a hate crime.” Our thoughts and prayers go out to the San Antonio Police Department and Detective Benjamin Marconi’s family and friends. Detective Benjamin Marconi, your life mattered. ### Request an Interview  
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November 18, 2016 | TruthPR | -- On Monday evening, November 7, 2016, Dr. Guy A. Davidson passed peacefully to his eternal home.  He was known for his kindness, sense of humor and fun-loving spirit, authenticity, and love of children.  He was driven by a passion for people and his faith. The fourth of six boys, Guy moved with his family to Arizona in 1939, where he graduated from Phoenix Union High School in 1947.  He went on to attend Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California; Cascade College in Portland, Oregon; Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri; and Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.  Western Seminary awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2002. His life in ministry began in 1951 as a Student Pastor at Community Church in Long Lane, Missouri, followed by a role as Youth & Education Director at First Assembly of God in Portland, Oregon while attending seminary.  Guy gained valuable experience as Director of Publicity for Gospel Publishing House in the mid-1950’s, before taking the position of Associate Pastor at Calvary Temple in Denver, Colorado.  He then served for four years as Senior Pastor of Peoples Church in Fresno, California. In December 1960, Guy married his sweetheart, Martha, in Denver.  While working again at Calvary Temple, Guy and Martha felt God calling them to begin a new church in the fast-growing Phoenix area.  With three other families, they began in 1965 to dream and pray about starting a community church on the southern edge of Tempe.  When Grace Community Church held its first service on January 8, 1967, there were 355 people in attendance – 55 more than the new sanctuary was built to seat.  The next week, Sunday School for all ages began, and by Palm Sunday of that year, a second service had been added.  During the first month, the congregation also began its long involvement in international Christian mission work by supporting Bible translation efforts in Mexico.  Under Guy’s leadership, a Christian school (now Grace Christian Academy) was started, and the church continued growing to become one of the first mega-churches in the East Valley. From 1988 to 1992, Guy served as the Director of World Medical Mission and Vice President of Samaritan’s Purse, based in Boone, North Carolina.  Following a pastorate in Danville, California, he and Martha returned to Arizona and launched Grace Fellowship Church in Buckeye.  Soon after, they founded Arizona Community Church in Tempe, where they ministered until 2002. Throughout his life, Pastor Guy was an advisor and trusted friend to leaders of many groups and organizations, and served on the boards of Samaritan’s Purse, Food for the Hungry, Global Outreach Mission and Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital.  Mission work was a passion of his – and he visited more than 155 countries over the course of his life.  He was especially committed to the work of David and Mary Lamb and the Grace Churches & Schools in Calcutta, India. Though Pastor Guy leaves a legacy of church and international ministry projects, he will be fondly remembered for his genuine love of people and his amazing memory of the details of their lives.  As soon as he greeted someone, he was quick to ask about their family members, and was always ready with a word of encouragement.  His phone calls, personal notes and letters (long before the era of Email!) reminded his congregation that he was thinking about them, and always concerned and interested about their well-being and spiritual growth.  It was not uncommon for him to visit someone in the hospital, perform a wedding and preach four sermons all on the same day! Rev. Douglas Ross, a long-time family friend and close associate of Pastor Davidson, said: “Since first meeting Guy in 1971, we have worked together on many projects.  But most importantly, he was our friend and pastor.  Guy was always the first to step in when anyone needed help.  He and I traveled to Cuba together on what became his last mission trip, and he was always asking me: ‘What shall we do next?’  For years we talked every day on the phone and had lunch nearly every week.  It is a great honor and privilege to have been his friend, and to officiate at his Memorial Service.  I love that man and deeply appreciate his ministry.” In 2000 Guy suffered a catastrophic stroke. Working for several years, he regained his ability to walk and talk again.  With re-found ability to communicate, he was able to continue spreading his positive attitude and joy in life – an enthusiastic example of how to be happy in spite of adversity.  In a final demonstration of his compassion for others, he donated his body to science so that even in death, he could somehow help others. He is survived by Martha, his wife of 55 years; daughter Shelly and son-in-law Mark Dunn, with grandchild Caylee; son Carey and daughter-in-law Heather; and brother Mark Davidson.  A Memorial Service will be held at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon, November 27, 2016 at Grace Community Church: 1200 E. Southern Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85282.   Gifts in memory of Pastor Guy may be designated for the Davidson Memorial Fund at Grace, which will be devoted equally to Grace campus development projects and International Mission projects – including the creation of an electronic library that will offer free access for pastors around the world to more than 1000 original sermon outlines created over the years by Pastor Davidson. ### For additional information:Rev. Douglas RossTelephone:  480-323-8840Email:
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Survey: Who Influenced Conservative Christians

Survey Reveals the Political Analysts Who Had the Most Influence on Conservative Christians   November 16, 2016 | TruthPR | -- The national media featured dozens of analysts who spent numerous hours trying to shape the thinking and behavior of the public throughout the recently concluded presidential election season. A new national survey conducted on Election Day reveals which of those commentators had the biggest influence on one of the most important voter segments in this year’s election: conservative Christian voters. Media Helped Shift the Vote The survey of 3,000 conservative Christians who voted in the November 8 election found that five media analysts had “a lot of influence” on people’s thinking about the presidential race among at least 10% of the SAGE Con constituency. (SAGE Cons are the Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives tracked in national surveys by the American Culture & Faith Institute, which conducted this study. More details about the nature of that group are provided at the end of this article.) The media personality with the greatest influence was Rush Limbaugh, listed by one out of every five SAGE Cons (19%) as having a lot of influence on their election considerations. The veteran broadcaster was closely trailed by Sean Hannity, who was chosen as having “a lot of influence” on their election thoughts by 17%. The other trio of talk-show hosts whose influence was mentioned by at least one out of ten Christian conservatives were Bill O’Reilly (14%), Laura Ingraham (12%), and Tony Perkins (11%). Unlike the others at the top of the list, Perkins is not a fulltime media professional. He is the President of the Family Research Council, a Christian ministry engaged in advancing faith, family, and freedom in public policy and society from a biblical worldview. His daily radio program, Washington Watch, along with the numerous articles he published over the course of the campaign, clearly hit home with the conservative Christian community. Other Popular Voices Of the more than three dozen media personalities whose influence was explored through ACFI’s election research, eight other media professionals emerged as highly influential with SAGE Cons. Charles Krauthammer was identified as highly influential in their campaign reflections by 9% of the conservative Christians. Tim Wildmon, host of a daily program on the American Family Radio network, the national broadcasting ministry of the American Family Association, was next. His influence was cited by 6% of the survey respondents. Rounding out the top 13 political analysts were Megyn Kelly (5%), Pat Robertson (5%), Todd Starns (4%), Eric Bolling (4%), Glenn Beck (3%), and Michael Savage (3%). Audience Patterns The research revealed several audience patterns of interest. Tim Wildmon, Todd Starns, and Pat Robertson all drew a greater share of their following from among those who are more conservative on social matters than they are on fiscal policy. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Tony Perkins were more likely to attract people who are very conservative than those who are moderately conservative. Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh were more likely to appeal to Christians who were more fiscally conservative than socially conservative. The results also underscored the fact that the most conservative Christian voters consumed a greater amount of political media than did Christians who are more tempered in their conservative leanings. The most conservative Christians also awarded the highest influence ratings to seven of the 13 media personalities on the list. Dominance by a Few The research showed the undeniable influence of the Fox media conglomerate within the Christian community. “A majority of the most influential voices impacting the minds of Christian conservatives were broadcast primarily by Fox television and radio stations,” noted George Barna, the researcher who directs the efforts of the American Culture & Faith Institute. “Several ministry leaders, such as Tony Perkins, Tim Wildmon, and Pat Robertson were included in the list, but they were outnumbered by individuals whose fulltime focus is media hosting.” Barna also pointed out that the media personalities at the top of the list tended to be those who appear on both daily radio and daily television programs. “It often seems that influence on the public’s thoughts is tied to saturation exposure. Some of these political analysts are broadcast on radio and television more than four hours a day, five days a week, and their comments are often turned into articles, blog posts, video clips, and other media content, extending their reach even further. “In the same way that campaigns buy as much media time as they can afford in order to capture public attention and persuade people to think in a particular manner, these political analysts benefit from tremendous daily exposure that no campaign or organization could afford to pay for,” Barna continued. “The liberal voting community undoubtedly has a similar profile of exposure to the political analysts featured on the more liberal outlets, like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR. For better or worse, the dozens of national political commentators featured on all of these media had a significant hand in shaping the election.” About the Research The research described in this report is part of the RightView™ longitudinal survey, a national study undertaken among spiritually active, governance engaged conservatives who are registered voters – a segment known as SAGE Cons. The survey undertaken for this report had sample size of 3,000 qualified adults and was conducted online by the American Culture & Faith Institute on the night of November 8, 2016. In RightView™ studies SAGE Cons are identified as adults who are registered voters; conservative on political matters; have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior; are active in pursuing their Christian faith; and are actively engaged in politics and government. They represent about 12% of the national adult population, which constitutes a segment of approximately 30 million individuals. The American Culture & Faith Institute is a division of United in Purpose, a non-partisan, non-profit organization. The mission of United in Purpose is to educate, motivate and activate conservative Christians related to the political process, in ways that are consistent with…
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Cliff Barrows passes away at 93

  Cliff Barrows, longtime Billy Graham associate, passes away at 93 Barrows was music director for Crusades, founding partner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 15, 2016 | TruthPR | – Cliff Barrows, 93, of Marvin, N.C., music and program director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), passed away today at Carolinas Medical Center - Pineville, following a brief illness. As longtime director of music programming, and later television and radio programming, for Billy Graham Crusades, Barrows traveled the world with Billy Graham since the first Crusade in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1947. Barrows hosted the weekly Hour of Decision radio program, heard around the world, for more than 60 years. Barrows and Graham met in 1945 while Barrows was on his honeymoon. The two men soon formed the first team of what was to later become the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “Cliff Barrows was the voice behind my father for 60 years, emceeing the platform for his Crusades and ‘The Hour of Decision’ radio program,” said Franklin Graham. “Not only was he one of my father’s closest friends, but he was a friend to all of us on the team and in the family. Growing up, and until the day of his death, I called him Uncle Cliff. He was very much a part of our family. My father has said: ‘The remarkable contribution Cliff has made to my ministry cannot be measured in human terms. I love him like a brother.’  His counsel and suggestions were invaluable. He was a great friend and will be missed by all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Ann and the entire Barrows family.” For his significant contributions to Gospel music, Barrows was inducted into the Nashville Gospel Music Hall of Fame in April 1988 and into the Religious Broadcasting Hall of Fame in February 1996. Barrows was also inducted into the inaugural class of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists’ “Hall of Faith” in 2008. Son of Harriet M. and Charles Tilson Barrows (both deceased), Cliff Barrows was born and raised in Ceres, Calif. He is survived by his wife, Ann, and five children (from his first marriage) and their spouses – Chris and Bonnie Thomas, Bob Barrows, David and Betty Ruth Seera, Clifford (Bud) Barrows, and Bill and Teri Barrows – and numerous grandchildren. He is also survived by Ann Barrows’ children and their spouses, Tal and Teresa Prince and David and Dana Shillington. Barrows was preceded in death by his first wife, Billie. A public funeral service for Barrows will be held at Calvary Church in Charlotte, N.C. (5801 Pineville–Matthews Road), on Tuesday, Nov. 22, at 10:30 a.m., followed by a private interment.   NOTE TO EDITORS: A special memorial website has been created, accessible via Photos, video and audio of Mr. Barrows are available for download: - 30 - Request an Interview  
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October 22, 2016 | TruthPR | --The American academy, which has revealed itself to be markedly susceptible to the intrigues of the Saudi-based radical Wahhabi sect and the Muslim Brotherhood, now faces the challenge of an Iranian radical presence. Since 2014, admission of Iranian students to U.S. colleges has been permitted by the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. Iran has yet to flood the U.S. with its own professors. Nevertheless, there are indications that an Iranian wave may soon hit the American academic community. A network of apologists for the Iranian clerical regime already exists within the Middle East studies departments of American educational institutions. How much will this attitude grow in light of the Obama administration's turn toward Tehran? Three recent examples of Iranian ideological functionaries penetrating U.S. universities stand out: Ebrahim Mohseni, Seyed Mohammad Marandi (by long-distance control from Iran), and Ali Akbar Alikhani. Ebrahim Mohseni is a research scholar at the University of Maryland (UM)'s Center for International and Security Studies, while simultaneously serving as a senior analyst at the University of Tehran's Center for Public Opinion Research (CPOR) and a lecturer in the University's Faculty of World Studies (FWS). He has a masters of public policy and a graduate certificate in intelligence analysis from UM. Ebrahim Mohseni & Seyed Mohammad Marandi That an obvious – as will be seen – Iranian regime advocate should have been awarded a graduate certificate in intelligence analysis by a major U.S. educational institution is startling, and so are Mohseni's affiliations with the CPOR and the FWS. In coordination with a CPOR colleague, Iranian official Seyed Mohammad Marandi, Mohseni produced two opinion polls in 2007-08 that presented Iranians as extremely supportive of then-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the noted extremist and anti-Semite. This view of Iranian politics was consequently disproven when the Green Movement of 2009-10 mobilized millions of the country's subjects against Ahmadinejad and the ruling theocracy. Undaunted, CPOR continued to produce propaganda. In 2014, it issued a suspect poll claiming that 78 percent of Iranians favored a law mandating separation of men and women in workplaces and that 64 percent believed that women should work only in jobs assigned to their gender. If that did not demonstrate that Mohseni was an inappropriate hire for a Western university, his jargon-filled doctoral dissertation at UM, "When Coercion Backfires: The Limits of Coercive Diplomacy in Iran," should. It was presented in 2015 to his dissertation advisory committee, including a well-known pro-Iranian professor, Flynt Leverett of Pennsylvania State University, where he teaches international relations, and Nancy Gallagher, a professor emerita at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she taught Middle East and feminist studies and supported the divestment campaign against Israel. The website for the UM Department of Government and Politics may carry the subhead, "Be Civil," but the tone of Mohseni's dissertation is anything but civil in its treatment of U.S. policy toward Iran. Mohseni admits that international sanctions on Iran, in reaction to its nuclear development program, have failed and that Tehran continues expanding its atomic capacity. But rather than assess this problem as a product of Iranian recalcitrance, Mohseni spins a complicated and contradictory theory in which U.S. policy, based on what he condemns as "coercive diplomacy," has "strengthened Iran's determination to advance, enhance, and expand its nuclear fuel cycle program." In the introduction to his dissertation, Mohseni asserts that "[t]o achieve a stable peace with Iran and to effectively deal with the proliferation risks of Iran's nuclear program, the U.S. needs to regain the confidence and the trust of the Islamic Republic." Yet when in the history of the Tehran theocracy beginning in 1979 did the U.S. ever possess the "confidence and trust" of that regime? In place of "coercive diplomacy," Mohseni calls for "strategic empathy [emphasis original]." He complains that "President Obama has also used his executive authority to put in place Executive Orders that target Iran. These executive orders stipulate neither the reason behind nor the objective of the orders," although the authoritarian and adventurist nature of the Tehran regime is obvious to the world. But Obama's "pivot to Iran," supported by the "5+1 group" comprising the United Nations Security Council and Germany, has been more accommodating than coercive and has failed. The professional alliances of Ebrahim Mohseni are more interesting when one enters, figuratively, Iranian sovereign territory. At Tehran University's FWS, his partner in political propaganda polling, Seyed Mohammad Marandi, is a former dean known for his venomous attacks on Israel. In a 2013 diatribe broadcast by the Russian Sputnik News Agency, Marandi defended Ahmadinejad's repeated calls to wipe Israel off the map by declaring that "Israel must cease to exist" and adding that "the political entity in this case meant military extinction." Ali Akbar Alikhani Another luminary of the University of Tehran FWS, Ali Akbar Alikhani, recently completed a 2015-16 visiting scholarship at the Harvard University Center for Middle East Studies. Alikhani, whose stated views are as radically anti-Israel as those of Marandi, remained below the radar until the end of his Harvard post early this year. His project as a Harvard visiting scholar was theological, meaning, in the Iranian context, ideological: "[A] Model for Peaceful Coexistence in [the] Contemporary World[,] ... Based on the Quran and Sunnah." One might interpret this topic as "world peace imposed by radical Islam." Alikhani's university work follows the hardline posture of the Iranian ruling elite and its supreme leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, in its attacks on Israel and Zionism. In a Farsi-language review, Alikhani lauded an Arabic-language book titled The Jewish Threat-Danger to Christianity and Islam as "strong and good," as it would "show the quality and the method of the Jewish threat." In the era of Obama's positive gestures toward Iran, Mohseni and Alikhani may be no more than scouts examining the terrain for a campaign to more thoroughly penetrate American academia. Financial resources for such an effort already exist. The Alavi Foundation, an Iranian-controlled charity that claims independence from Tehran, was freed on July 20, 2016, by a U.S. appeals court in New York from confiscation of its assets, mainly the Piaget building, a skyscraper at 650 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. In…
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BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian opposition forces have captured the prophetically-significant town of Dabiq from the Islamic State group. Though only a small town of marginal strategic importance, Dabiq (dah-BEEK’) has figured centrally in IS propaganda. Citing Islamic lore, the extremist group claims it will be the stage for an apocalyptic battle between Crusaders and an army of the Muslim caliphate that will herald doomsday. Islamic State fighters put up “minimal” resistance in defending Dabiq, according to a commander of the Syrian opposition Hamza Brigade. The U.S. envoy to the coalition against IS, Brett McGurk, tweeted Sunday that the extremist group had promised a “final victory” in Dabiq, but that its fighters had instead “fled in defeat at the hands of Syrians supported by our @coalition.” The advance on Dabiq came as Iraqi troops and allied militias prepared for a push on IS’s largest population center, the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Sound: 321-a-13-(Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, in AP interview)-“would ultimately prevail”-Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, says the Islamic State group’s loss of the Syrian town of Dabiq undermines their message. (17 Oct 2016) <<CUT *321 (10/17/16)££ 00:13 "would ultimately prevail" 322-a-12-(Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, in AP interview)-“be very bloody”-Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, says the Islamic State group has suffered a serious setback with the loss of the Syrian town of Dabiq. (17 Oct 2016) <<CUT *322 (10/17/16)££ 00:12 "be very bloody" 323-a-10-(Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, in AP interview)-“another jihadist group”-Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, says the Islamic State group had predicted that Dabiq would be the site of its end times battle with unbelievers. (17 Oct 2016) <<CUT *323 (10/17/16)££ 00:10 "another jihadist group" 324-a-10-(Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, in AP interview)-“Qaeda gets Dabiq”-Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, says Dabiq could fall under the sway of another radical Islamic group. (17 Oct 2016) <<CUT *324 (10/17/16)££ 00:10 "Qaeda gets Dabiq"
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PORTSMOUTH, VA, October 14, 2016 | TruthPR | – Mercy Chefs, a Hampton Roads based non-profit, disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, is now providing relief on three fronts following Hurricane Matthew - in Haiti, South Carolina and North Carolina. Mercy Chefs is currently stationed at the Emergency Operations Center in Lumberton, North Carolina, where they are feeding first responders, police officers, search and rescue teams and the National Guard. In addition to the 1,800 meals for emergency personnel, they are cooking for one of the seven shelters in the area, as well as, several nearby churches. Lumberton, North Carolina is an emerging disaster zone. After the hurricane hit, the city sat quiet. Then, the levees failed. Immediately, the city and surrounding county were inundated with water. Now residents are facing widespread, extreme flooding. For days, the greater area of Robeson County has been overrun by these floodwaters. Officials have just announced that the water supply for Robeson County has been contaminated by the flooding and will remain so for two to three weeks. Residents are now facing the daunting reality of an extended period without access to the most basic of human necessities - water. This is the first time in Mercy Chefs' history that we have needed to respond to a water crisis here in the United States. The organization is preparing to have a water filtration unit, capable of providing 120 gallons of clean water per hour delivered to their North Carolina base. The unit will service the water needs of 5,000 people daily. For more information on Mercy Chefs, please visit ABOUT MERCY CHEFS:Mercy Chefs is a 501c3 founded in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The organization exists to provide professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals to victims, volunteers and first responders in natural disasters and national emergencies and partners with existing ministries with food service in underserved communities around the country. Since its founding, Mercy Chefs has served over one million meals, and in 2015 they received both the Virginia Governor’s Volunteerism Award and the Hampton Roads Volunteer Achievement Award for their service. Request an Interview Founder and President, Gary LeBlanc is available for video and audio interviews.
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Mr. Trump Apologizes: America Should Too

  October 8, 2016 | TruthPR | -- Mr. Donald Trump is raising the bar of America’s conscience. Apology is often the first step in correcting a wrong. Having moved for a position of saying “I don’t need forgiveness,” Mr. Trump is now taking a second look at past behaviors; things that he’s said and done that he regrets. While he is not asking for forgiveness for being human, he is admitting that he’s made mistakes and humbly making apologies.   I don’t know about you, but not many human beings allow themselves to be put on the front page and television screens of the world, in such a vulnerable way as to expose every big and little decision and action in their lives, past and present. Someone like Mr. Trump, who has almost “had it all” and who must have the shortest “bucket list” in history likely has pretty good reasons for facing judgment’s firing squad to offer himself for the nation’s biggest job; President of The United States. In apologizing for and correcting mistakes, boldly doing so before the entire world, Mr. Trump says he’s making the sacrifice for his children and grandchildren. That’s what’s at stake here folks; life now and forever. There is so much to lose, so much to gain for America’s children and grandchildren. “That the generation[s] to come, even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children... that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD." Psalms 78 and 102 While writing, saying and doing much, Mr. Trump is apologizing for his past sins. He’s walking away from supporting abortion, hurling insults and more. Now, America needs to follow suit and apologize for the scourge of legal abortion that has left millions of empty cradles, wombs barren, women’s health damaged, and families broken. As Americans, we all need to follow Mr. Trump’s lead and ask God for forgiveness for the sins of our nation, and yes, for ourselves.  Okay, Mr. Trump is “caught in the act[s]” of his past. Yes, he’s on the hot spot. God and the world are watching him. Yet, we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Not one of us is perfect. We need to humble ourselves, get our eyes off of the media hype of this election, onto the issues,  pray, forgive and vote. America needs to turn back to God.    ### Request an Interview
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PORTSMOUTH, VA, October 6, 2016 | TruthPR | – Mercy Chefs, a Hampton Roads based non-profit, disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization is deploying their team of professional chefs to provide hot meals following Hurricane Matthew’s forecasted landfall in Florida. This is Mercy Chefs’ eleventh disaster deployment in 2016. Tomorrow morning, the relief team will be packing and loading between 8:00am and 9:00am at their Virginia base, located at: 5172 W. Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA 23321. Building 24, Hangers 3 &9. Then, at 9:00am they will deploy with their mobile command center, a state of the art mobile kitchen and a refrigerated trailer in tow for their initial assessment and response. The team will pre-stage overnight Friday in Atlanta and will head into the disaster zone Saturday. Daily meal service for victims, first responders and volunteers will begin by Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Mercy Chefs’ Founder and President, Gary LeBlanc says, “Right now Hurricane Matthew is the strongest storm I’ve seen headed for the East Coast since Andrew hit in 1992. This could be catastrophic. It is estimated that seven million people will be without power in Florida once Matthew strikes. Portions of the state could be uninhabitable for weeks if the eye crosses over land. Mercy Chefs is preparing for the worst and praying for the best. We will be there to provide aid whatever the outcome.” Mercy Chefs will post meals times and additional updates on the organization’s Facebook page as new information becomes available. For more information on Mercy Chefs, please visit ABOUT MERCY CHEFS:Mercy Chefs is a 501c3 founded in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The organization exists to provide professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals to victims, volunteers and first responders in natural disasters and national emergencies and partners with existing ministries with food service in underserved communities around the country. Since its founding, Mercy Chefs has served over one million meals, and in 2015 they received both the Virginia Governor’s Volunteerism Award and the Hampton Roads Volunteer Achievement Award for their service. CONTACT MERCY CHEFS: Request an InterviewFounder and President, Gary LeBlanc is available for video and audio interviews.Web:
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Audio Download for Radio It is vital that we seek the heart of God on the choices we make during such a crucial election. As a "nation under God," when we put God's heart, perspective and Word first in every aspect of our lives, we can make a difference... as individuals, as a community and as a nation.  -Kristi Watts   DALLAS/FORT WORTH, October 6, 2016 | TruthPR |  – In an unprecedented partnership, a coalition of Christian television broadcasters is calling Americans to place their trust, and their vote, in God. To deliver their message, In God We Trust, a television special will run on networks across the nation. The message is simple, powerful, and universal, crossing racial, political and socio-economic lines. God’s people need to pray for wisdom, fast and then to vote for the candidates of their choice in the upcoming election this fall. Facing the stark reality that over 27 million registered Christian voters did not vote in the 2012 election, these leaders believe that a responsible turn-out of Christian voters this November will pave the way of hope for our nation and a return to the Christian principles on which it was founded. In God We Trust viewers will be provided the opportunity to sign an online In God We Trust proclamation, pledging to pray, to fast, to vote and to place their trust in Divine Providence. A downloadable e-version of the devotional In God We Trust 21-Day Action Plan will be available to guide participants through 21 days of prayer and fasting for the nation. This television special is spearheaded by Don Black, president and CEO of Cornerstone Network, along with other ministry broadcasting partners including Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and Pathway to Victory TV and radio program, Andrew Wommack, founder and president of Andrew Wommack Ministries and host of The Gospel Truth TV program. Also adding their voices are Joyce Meyer, founder and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and host of Enjoying Everyday Life, Perry Stone, founder and CEO of Perry Stone Ministries-Voice of Evangelism/OCI and host of Manna-Fest TV show, Henry Fernandez, founder of Henry Fernandez Ministries and senior pastor of The Faith Center, and Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network. The special, hosted by Kristi Watts a former co-host of The 700 Club, will be airing from now up to the election. In God We Trust will inspire millions of Christian Americans and encourage them to exercise their authority in electing our next leaders and to petition Almighty God for His Divine mercy to sweep this great nation with a fresh move of His Spirit. Go to and sign the proclamation today. The In God We Trust television special can be seen on: VTN – Victory Television Network  SON Broadcasting Network  GEB – GEB America  WACX  – The Super Channel TCT – Tri-State Christian Television Daystar CTVN Cornerstone IBN – Immanuel Broadcasting Network TLN – Total Living Network CTN – Christian Television Network  Schedule Don Black here. For more information please visit
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A Call to Repentance & Renewal

A Call to Repentance & Renewal An Open Letter to Christian pastors, leaders and believers  who assist the anti-Christian Progressive political movement in America  September 27, 2016 | TruthPR | -- Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation… (St. Paul, II Corinthians 7:10 NIV) Join us on facebook Tip:  To help substantiate claims in the letter, please click on embedded links.  A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section will soon be added to our website.  We seek to base concerns in hard data including public financial and other documents of foundations and the U.S. government.  Surely we are not without error as this is a complex story and we are still learning.  We invite corrections and information.  May this lead to a healed and healthy church and nation. Each of us is called to repentance. Our entire nation will be revived as we return to the Lord. We, the evangelical and Catholic signatories below, know we are sinners forgiven by the saving work of Christ. And believers who normally turn the other cheek are, at times, also called to overturn tables. This is a moment for such believers to speak truth to power. After years of earnest but less public attempts, it is now with heavy hearts, and a hope for justice and restoration, that we Christian leaders urge ‘progressive’ evangelicals and Catholics to repent of their work that often advances a destructive liberal political agenda. We write as true friends knowing that most believers mean well. We desire the best for you and for the world God loves. As recent leaked documents confirm, and as Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners eventually admitted, wealthy, anti-Christian foundations, following the lead of billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, fund and “rent”* Christian ministers as “mascots” serving as surprising validators for their causes. The consequent realities include injury to countless people, the Church, the family, nation and the global Church including many martyrs. We must reclaim the Church’s witness in the world. Biblical truth and wisdom are the highest love for human beings.  While God loves justice and mercy for all, many “social justice” campaigns are politically crafted and not the true Gospel. Only the truth of our sin, both personal and systemic, and Jesus’ atoning sacrifice for our salvation and rebirth, is true hope for persons and nations. The gospel charges all things with hope. “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” ~ Jesus, John 14:6 We are not here endorsing or denouncing a political candidate but reminding you of basic Christian morality. How ironic, stale and shameless for the very leaders whose ‘progressive’ policies are hurting minority communities to falsely label those with political differences as ‘racists.’ Under liberal leadership, Hispanics and African-Americans suffer the loss of work and income, rising urban violence and family disintegration including children targeted by abortionists for death. It’s time to tell the truth and rebuild together. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught, “In contrast to ethical relativism, Christianity sets forth a system of absolute moral values.”  He wrote, “We need to recapture the gospel glow of the early Christians who were non-conformists …. Their powerful gospel put an end to such barbaric evils as infanticide …. Finally, they captured the Roman Empire for Jesus Christ.” To religious leaders assisting unwise, anti-Christian politicians and global elites: What wise and loving biblical morality would Jesus declare to be ‘hate-speech’? What justification would Jesus offer for ending the lives of unborn children and selling their body parts to the highest bidder? What money would Jesus give to a nation stating, “Death to Israel and America”? What judges would Jesus appoint who attack Christian believers and the Church? “Tolerance [of evil] is not a spiritual gift; it is the distinguishing mark of postmodernism,and sadly, it has permeated the very fiber of Christianity.”~ Rev. Dr. John Stott Consider some of the consequences of Progressive political activism over the past eight years: A growth industry trafficking in human baby organs and body parts – funded and defended by the Democratic Party. The abandonment of a biblical view of marriage that protected and liberated children and adults from centuries of pagan slavery, poverty, polygamy and non-life-giving sexuality. The Transgender agenda imposed by Obama-government edict, including gender re-education to be forced on our citizens, businesses, schools, military and churches. Doubling of our national debt, economic stagnation and increased welfare dependency. Increased minority unemployment, poverty and violent inner city lawlessness, with an accompanying loss of opportunity, self-determination and family stability. Heightened racial division and tension, and the growing phenomenon of paid demonstrators being recruited and dispatched to instigate protests that often become riots. Open borders and ‘sanctuary’ cities increasing drugs, disease, crime, gangs and terrorism. Forced refugee resettlement in hundreds of American cities without citizen consent, mandated by the federal government in collusion with the United Nations. “Refugees” are primarily non-assimilating Muslims, while authorities reject persecuted Christians. Hostility towards Judeo-Christian religious liberty in our courts, media and universities including the suppression of conservative speakers, free thought and moral education. The widespread, political use of the IRS to intimidate conservative, patriotic and Christian groups that disagree with the current political establishment. After such demoralization and pain, why would any religious leader ask Christians to embrace a Progressive political agenda that is clearly anti-Christian? When Hillary Clinton stated during a 2015 speech at the Women in the World Summit that religious beliefs “have to be changed,” she was openly declaring war on Christian believers and the Church. And now Progressives claim that supporting such a view is the Christian thing to do?  This is spiritual abuse of the family, the Church and the nation. “The framers of our Constitution meant we were to have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.” Rev. Billy Graham For many years, Soros’s Open Society and other liberal foundations have funded not only most of the disturbingcampaigns mentioned above (1-10) but also the Religious Left, using and creating ostensibly evangelical andCatholic organizations to “message and mobilize” Christians into Progressive causes. They use the Marxist-Alinsky tactic of funding “ministers” who cherry-pick faith language to confuse and divide the Church’s morality, mission and vote. At a time when many Christian ministries are struggling, a few of the Soros network “faith” and “interfaith” grantees are Jim Wallis of Sojourners, Richard Cizik’s New Evangelical Partnership, Telos, J Street to malign Israel, “ Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Faithful America and Gamaliel. Faith in Public Life to “counter”Christians and the Tea Party in the media and, with PICO, advocate for amnesty, mass Islamic migration, and even to attempt to influence the visit and priorities of Pope Francis himself. Billions of additional dollars to “ChristianVOLAGs” for large scale “refugee” and migrant resettlement come from the Obama administration. Joining “faith” fronts, the Soros network also funds thousands of other collaborators and…
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Why Posting Proudly Pro-Blue is Blind Courage

We lack respect in this country for life. Pain and death is a great teacher, how is it that we keep missing the lesson? The loss of any life make us all the same, how can you disagree? A mother, family and friends are anguished over this brutal attack of a young man who was expressing his American pride. Brian Ogle, a young Alabama teen was brutally bashed in the head by a pistol for sharing pro-police content on Facebook. These days to stand on one side of an extreme is an act of blind courage. One never knows the repercussions of freely sharing their beliefs, as our nation has lost the art of appreciating different views. Tragically, Brian Ogle, a young Alabama teen was brutally bashed in the head by a pistol for sharing pro-police content on Facebook. This young man respectfully honors the men and women of our nation who protect and serve and for his valor and exceptionalism he is beaten down during his homecoming game Friday. America, we have lost our souls to an evil spirit! We expend a significant amount of energy attempting to maintain extremes and therefore nobody and nothing moves forward. Do we not see that we are not winning this debate? We are stuck in the hollow streets of whose lives matters more. To boldly stand for your beliefs is one thing. To get beaten down for them is another. The racial divide that is killing and maiming our fellow citizens, worse our youth, should shock us to shift our views. Yet, we stand divided hurting one another in the pursuit of protecting our side of the argument. How did this heinous crime against a young man help the racial cause? The mission of Blue Lives Matter is a stated reverence for those “serving and honoring American law enforcement by tirelessly celebrating their lives and contributions to the communities they protect”. We lack respect in this country for life. Pain and death is a great teacher, how is it that we keep missing the lesson? The loss of any life make us all the same, how can you disagree? A mother, family and friends are anguished over this brutal attack of a young man who was expressing his American pride. HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THE TRUEMEANING OF LIFE? When did voicing your opinion call for violence? How is it that we place such little value on human lives? What we face as a society is an issue of EGO and fear. We stand on one side or the other believing that we are different by virtue of race. We are a society gone mad labeling one another and choosing sides ready to defend ourselves in the sickest most maniacal manner. Our collective consciousness is suffering from the depths of a victim mentality that is destroying our culture one human story at a time. This young man is a pillar of courage to stand behind the men and women who serve and protect our nation. Anger, which is disappointed love, infuses our every interaction in society. God is testing us, America. We have a hole in our soul and this hole is hurting our fellow citizens. Compassion for others comes from one’s spirit. To feel honored, protected, encouraged, loved and respected we need to unlearn the destructive art of judging. When will we stop hurting one another? Who will be the hero? It is time to stop pointing fingers and take accountability for violent actions. This post is in honor of Brian and his valiant pro-blue stance. We stand behind this young man and pray for his recovery. The Sylacauga Police Department is showing their support for Brian, while he recovers from this ruthless beating by asking our community to send him get well cards. Lt. Randy Sutton, National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter and Host of Police Radio on America Out Loud has an important message in the video below. The cards can be addressed to: Brian Ogle, Care of Chief Kelley JohnsonSylacauga Police Department301 N Broadway AveSylacauga, AL 35150
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CNN airs edited video of Charlotte shooting to make it look unjustified. October 3, 2016 | TruthPR | -- Blue Lives Matter, a media company made up entirely of active and retired law enforcement officers, is challenging CNN's editing practices in regards to the fatal shooting of Keith Scott.During recent news reports, CNN used cell phone footage taken by Scott's widow, Rakeyia Scott, but according to Blue Lives Matter purposefully left out critical audio leading up to the shooting, which could provide critical evidence, police actions were justified.   While Rakeyia claims her husband was reading a book, officers on the scene maintain he was armed with a gun.   Blue Lives Matter observes that CNN removed important audio of the officers warning Scott to drop his gun, but specifically started its edited piece with the comments of Rakeyia Scott who said, "He has no weapon" leading viewers to believe Charlotte police overreacted.In the days following the shooting violent protests erupted in downtown Charlotte. Blue Lives Matter believes CNN was reckless in its reporting and contributed to more than a dozen injured during two days of riots.Blue Lives Matter today issued a statement in response to CNN's editing decisions related to the Keith Scott shooting.   "The editing was clearly intended to give viewers the impression that Scott wasn't armed. By intentionally excluding information to promote the false narrative that the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott was unjustified, CNN directly contributed towards inciting violence and destruction in the Charlotte riots. Innocent citizens were hurt during the Charlotte riots, but editing like this also incites violence against police officers long after the riots are over. Irresponsible reporting contributed to the assassination of officers in New York, Dallas, and Baton Rouge when the killers were trying to retaliate against police for perceived injustices. There are consequences to editing video like this, and it may cost more officers their lives."Blue Lives Matter is available to speak further on this issue. To schedule an interview contact Jackie Jones at or call 662-259-0988.   ###   About Blue Lives MatterBlue Lives Matter seeks to serve and honor American law enforcement by tirelessly celebrating their lives and contributions to the communities they protect. The goal of Blue Lives Matter is to honor and recognize the actions of law enforcement to strengthen the public support of an understandably naive society. Request an    
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  October 15 - October 16 September 29, 2016 | | -- "I’m honored to be participating in this Christian Apologetics Conference hosted by Ratio Christi. I am scheduled to give the three presentations listed below:  How to discuss Race, Religion, and Conservatism at a Secular University,” “Cultural Marxism and the Progressive University,” and “From Secularism to Christianity: A Conservative Faculty Member’s Journey Through Academia.” Conference Website Link
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Pray, Fast, Vote

Audio Download for Radio Pray, Fast, Vote - It’s Not Too Late for America   Monday night’s debate shows us how important it is that we pray, fast, and ask God for wisdom.  God will show us what to do.  It’s time for us to take a stand.  Our faith and trust isn’t in politicians, it’s not in government, and it’s not in anything other than Jehovah God, our heavenly Father.  That’s where we place our alliance and allegiance.  We know God never fails, and He will do what He’s going to do in this nation.  We just need to stand up and be His people.  DALLAS/FORT WORTH, September 28, 2016 | | – In an unprecedented partnership, a coalition of Christian television broadcasters is calling Americans to place their trust, and their vote, in God. To deliver their message, In God We Trust, a one-hour special (a 30-minute version is also available) will run on networks across the nation. The message is simple, powerful, and universal, crossing racial, political and socio-economic lines. It is time for God’s people to pray, to fast for wisdom, and then to vote for the candidates of their choice in the upcoming election this fall. Facing the stark reality that over 27 million registered Christian voters did not vote in the 2012 election, these leaders believe that a responsible turn-out of Christian voters this November will pave the way of hope for our nation and a return to the Christian principles on which it was founded. In God We Trust viewers will be provided the opportunity to sign an online In God We Trust proclamation, pledging to pray, to fast, to vote and to place their trust in Divine Providence. A downloadable e-version of the devotional In God We Trust 21-Day Action Plan will be available to guide participants through 21 days of prayer and fasting for the nation. This television special is spearheaded by Don Black, president and CEO of Cornerstone Network, along with other ministry broadcasting partners including Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and Pathway to Victory TV and radio program, Andrew Wommack, founder and president of Andrew Wommack Ministries and host of The Gospel Truth TV program. Also adding their voices are Joyce Meyer, founder and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and host of Enjoying Everyday Life, Perry Stone, founder and CEO of Perry Stone Ministries-Voice of Evangelism/OCI and host of Manna-Fest TV show, Henry Fernandez, founder of Henry Fernandez Ministries and senior pastor of The Faith Center, and Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Most American Christians will agree that we have drifted far from our Judeo-Christian values and face perilous times as a result,” states Black. “We simply believe that, election or not, it is time to take our country back to our roots and to faith in Jehovah God. The upcoming election provides us an opportunity to begin that process.” The special, hosted by Kristi Watts a former co-host of The 700 Club, will begin airing on Labor Day and continue up to the election. The program will air in various lengths on Cornerstone and other participating networks as well. America is hurting and needs a miracle. In God We Trust aims to inspire millions of Christian Americans to exercise their authority in electing our next leaders and to petition Almighty God for His Divine mercy to sweep this great nation with a fresh move of His Spirit.  ### Request an Interview here
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Proven experts Dr. Ron Martinelli and Dr. Gary Kohls provide valuable insights on trending topics September 22, 2016 | | -- Radio veteran and founder Malcolm Out Loud has announced two new experts to join the America Out Loud News Network. The America Out Loud News Network leverages content from proven experts to maximize the listener’s online experience. "America Out Loud is incredibly excited to welcome these two expert talents to our Network. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our audience. Both Dr. Ron Martinelli and Dr. Gary Kohls are patriots for their work ethic and commitment to the truth." -- Malcolm Out Loud America’s Forensic Expert Ron Martinelli, Ph.D. CMI-V, BCFT, CFA, a nationally renowned forensic criminologist who is the only police expert in the country who is also a Certified Medical Investigator at the physician’s level. Dr. Martinelli, is the author of the new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police.” ( Retired Physician and Patient Advocate DR Gary Kohls, M.D., has dedicated his life to exposing the many untruths with big pharma and an over medicated population. His expertise is in non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental ill health, neurotransmitter disorders and the neurotoxicities from psychotropic drugs, vaccines, environmental toxins and food additives. More information: Dr. MartinelliMore Information: Gary Kohls, M.D.  These experts will join a line-up of featured hosts including: The Misdiagnosed Life with host Health Coach Beverly Butler, Police Radio with host Lieutenant Randy Sutton, The Enlightened Entrepreneurs with hosts Angye Foxx and Malcolm Out Loud, Emotions R Us with host Dr. Bev, The Messages with host Vassula Ryden, and This is Real Life Radio with Host Malcolm Out Loud.  About America Out Loud: The America Out Loud Network leverages content from proven experts to maximize the listener’s online experience. The days of the six o’clock news is gone forever. Folks want to tune in at their convenience. News, Entertainment & Inspirational Videos - we welcome you to AMERICA OUT LOUD News, Talk Radio & TV. Stay tuned for our World Premiere expansion of the America Out Loud TV network - launching late 2016!
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Terror in my Neighborhood

Schedule and Interview with Jonathan Feldstein Jerusalem Neighborhood attacked by terrorism JERUSALEM, Israel, September 20, 2016 | | -- This past Sunday I woke up early, very early.  Not by choice, but because I was very jet lagged from my recent speaking tour in the U.S.  I turned on the news to see what happened overnight.  Both the international English cable news and Hebrew Israeli news were reporting live on the terrorist bombing in NY.  I was shocked and my thoughts and prayers turned to the residents and law enforcement professionals.
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  Premiering this Month ZUG, Switzerland, Sept. 14, 2016 | | -- PrivacyAbroad, GmbH, a Switzerland-based online privacy protection company, celebrates its fourth anniversary this September. Along with this anniversary, the Snowden film premieres nationwide in the U.S. The film, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and directed by Oliver Stone, documents the history of whistle-blower Snowden's release of information revealing the National Security Administration’s (NSA) efforts to illegally spy on American citizens. The founders of PrivacyAbroad recognized the uptick in online privacy invasion well before Snowden's public revelation in 2013; this recognition was the motivation for starting the company. Headquartered in Switzerland, where some of the most strict privacy laws are enforced, PrivacyAbroad helps clients maintain security by offering Swiss-based online privacy and protection services including: Private Email, Swiss Safe, Swiss Domain Registration, Swiss Web Hosting and Cell phone/SMS encryption. These privacy solutions are robust and innovative. The hardened Swiss cyber protection has NO backdoor access to break encryption, unlike other hoax privacy services found in the U.S. and Canada. Individuals and organizations must be pro-active in protecting themselves during this global cyber war. PrivacyAbroad secures online privacy from commercial entities by: Blocking targeted advertising Protecting from government intrusions through unwarranted spying Preventing criminals from conducting cybercrimes with malware, viruses and trojans PrivacyAbroad is the leader in bringing concerned citizens these secure privacy solutions on a global scale.                 ### To Schedule an Interview, Click here. About PrivacyAbroad, GmbH PrivacyAbroad, GmbH, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, began marketing a full line of online privacy services in September of 2012.  We are committed to helping clients around the world regain their online privacy by marketing Swiss-based online protection services including Secure/Private Email, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Swiss Safe storage services, Email/Web hosting and cell/text encryption. To learn more visit
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SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 25, 2016 / / — Dr. Tim F. LaHaye, the son of a Detroit autoworker who grew up to become a respected pastor, international best-seller and prominent evangelical leader, died July 25, 2016 in a San Diego area hospital, just days after suffering a stroke. Born in Detroit, Michigan on April 27, 1926, he was 90 years old.  Dr. LaHaye, an Air Force veteran, is perhaps most noted for his blockbuster best-selling book series “Left Behind,” which he co-authored with Jerry B. Jenkins.  “Thrilled as I am that he is where he has always wanted to be, his departure leaves a void in my soul I don’t expect to fill until I see him again,” Jenkins said of his co-author’s passing. Over seven decades Dr. LaHaye influenced others from the pulpit, in books, the political arena and at home. Jenkins said that Dr. LaHaye had become a “spiritual giant” to him. “The Tim LaHaye I got to know had a pastor’s heart and lived to share his faith,” Jenkins said. “He listened to and cared about everyone, regardless of age, gender, or social standing. If Tim was missing from the autograph table or the green room of a network television show, he was likely in a corner praying with someone he’d just met—from a reader to a part-time bookstore stock clerk to a TV network anchorman.” Joining Dr. LaHaye for most of his journey was the former Beverly Ratcliffe, whom he married on July 5, 1947. Mrs. LaHaye—a powerhouse in her own right—founded Concerned Women for America in 1979, the nation’s largest public policy organization for women with 600,000 members. Their union prompted Time magazine in 2005 to name the LaHayes “The Christian Power Couple.” The proclamation came as the magazine named Dr. LaHaye as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America. Early in his ministerial career, Dr. LaHaye pastored churches in South Carolina and Minnesota before moving his family to California. They settled in San Diego County, where he took the reigns of Scott Memorial Baptist Church. Under his 25-year leadership, the congregation expanded to three locations, including what is now Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon. Dr. LaHaye also founded two accredited Christian high schools, a school system of 10 Christian schools and what is now San Diego Christian College (formerly Christian Heritage College). In 1972 he co-founded the Institute for Creation Research with the late Dr. Henry Morris. As a couple, the LaHayes hosted a radio show and, later, a TV program called “The LaHayes on Family Life.” In keeping with their faith, the show promoted Christian values. During the 1970s Dr. LaHaye was instrumental in gathering a coalition of Southern California pastors together to address a progressive agenda that was undermining traditional family values. Also in the ’70s he encouraged the late Jerry Falwell Sr. to establish the Moral Majority as a way to build a similar coalition nationally. He was also widely credited with garnering evangelical support behind the campaign of George W. Bush. Besides co-authoring the 16-book “Left Behind” series — which sold more than 80 million copies, topping the best-selling lists of The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Christian Booksellers Association — LaHaye was a prolific non-fiction author, penning 60 different titles that sold 14 million copies in as many as 32 languages. Topics he explored included family life, temperaments, the biblical view of sex and marriage, Bible prophecy, the will of God, Jesus Christ, and secular humanism.   Other ministries he either founded or co-founded include Tim LaHaye Ministries, the PreTrib Research Center and the Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy at Liberty University. He also designed the LaHaye Temperament Analysis, a self-improvement tool that has been used by more than 30,000 people.  Along with his wife, Dr. LaHaye was a generous benefactor, donating millions to numerous religious institutions, including Liberty University and San Diego Christian College. “One of the great things I saw Tim and Beverly do was to launch and fund a mission project in Atlanta. It was a mission church that is now a megachurch with 5,000 to 6,000 members,” said Dr. Richard Lee, founding pastor of First Redeemer Church, the mission church supported by the LaHayes. “If it hadn’t been for Tim and Beverly that work would have never started. His life was more generous than most people can imagine. He was so quiet about his generosity.”   Beyond his vast ministry accomplishments, Dr. LaHaye’s hobbies included skiing, jogging, motorcycling and golfing. In addition to his wife, Dr. LaHaye is survived by four children; nine grandchildren; 16 great grandchildren; a brother, Richard LaHaye; and a sister, Margaret White. For more information on Dr. Tim LaHaye, including an expanded obituary, visit ### Media Contact:Debbie
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Looking at Orlando from Jerusalem

Victims of the 2016 Orlando Nightclub Shooting
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This article is available for publishing in print and/or online with attribution to the author. (868 Words) Over 12 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Each year 1.5 million more are added to this grim statistic.  Is your church equipped to minister to this growing need?
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This article is available for publishing in print and/or online with attribution to the author. (734 Words) Together 2016 to include 12,000 service projects
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Debuts on WGST iHeartMedia / Atlanta   
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This article is available for publishing in print and/or online with attribution to the author (734 words). May 16 nationwide theater event to showcase gripping story of children liberated from traffickers
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PORTSMOUTH, Vir, April 13, 2016, | | – The American Academy of Chefs awarded Chef Lynn Krause, CEPC, AAC the Service Award for her volunteer disaster relief service with Mercy Chefs at this weekend’s American Culinary Federation Conference hosted in Hawaii. Since 2012, Chef Krause has volunteered with the non-profit, disaster relief organization. In partnership with Mercy Chefs, she has given both her time and expertise in the service of disaster victims, first responders and fellow volunteers at the site of seven natural disasters across the United States. Chef Krause has also partnered with the organization in several long term recovery projects for regions with extensive lasting damage.  In addition to her disaster relief work with the organization, she routinely serves with Mercy Chefs’ Dallas, Texas base in their weekly homeless outreaches to the Fort Worth area and participates in holiday meal services for at risk communities. In her career, Chef Krause, a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and member of the American Culinary Federation, has dedicated herself to teaching and mentoring young chefs.  She currently teaches Baking and Pastry at Texas State Technical College in Waco, and also belongs to Le dames d’Escoffier Society and Disciples Escoffier where she is involved in the mentorship of the next generation of pastry chefs. Her lifestyle of exemplary service was previously recognized in 2009, when the President of the American Culinary Federation awarded Chef Krause the Humanitarian of the Year award. Alongside many others Mercy Chefs Founder and President, Gary LeBlanc recognized Chef Krause for her recent achievement stating, “To find a chef with Lynn’s talent is unique, but to find that talent with her heart is rare indeed. I am beyond grateful to have her on our team. Without gifted individuals like Chef Lynn our work could not go on. She is gifted, accomplished and committed to using her skills in the service of others. The Service Award granted her this weekend is well deserved.” ### ABOUT MERCY CHEFS: Mercy Chefs is a 501c3 founded in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The organization exists to provide professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals to victims, volunteers and first responders in natural disasters and national emergencies. Since its founding, Mercy Chefs has served over one million meals, and in 2015 they received both the Virginia Governor’s Volunteerism Award and the Hampton Roads Volunteer Achievement Award for their service. CONTACT MERCY CHEFS:Founder and President, Gary LeBlanc is available for video and audio interviews.Phone: 877-746-9322 Ext.700 Email: info@mercychefs.comWeb:
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CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, April 12, 2016 | | —  Canadian Juggling Champion, clean comedian and physical variety artist Bob Cates has won the Entertainer of the Year award at the 2016 Canadian Event Industry Awards. The Canadian Event Industry Awards is widely acknowledged as the pinnacle mark of professional achievement, and the highest honour a Canadian event professional can earn. The award was presented at a gala dinner held at Toronto’s The Grand Luxe Event Boutique on March 31, 2016. His fellow nominees included a hypnotist, a magician, an artist and a mentalist. “It’s always thrilling to be recognized by your peers for professional excellence,” said Cates. “But this award is particularly meaningful to me because I’ve been nominated for several major awards recently but didn’t actually win. So this is my Susan Lucci moment!” he laughs. Cates has been delighting audiences for 22 years. He keeps the crowd laughing with fast-paced comedy routines involving advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills, black light, laser manipulation, memory tricks, illusion, and an insane 22 spinning plate finale (using real, breakable plates) that has to be seen to be believed. He is one of few entertainers left in North America who perform authentic plate spinning–his signature piece. “In our extensive talent database, we have categories such as ‘WOW’, ‘Variety’, ‘Novelty’, ‘Spectacle’, and you can be sure Bob Cates is tagged in every one of those, and a lot more,” says entertainment agent Carol Priest, President and Director of Talent Resources. “He is indeed the very meaning of the word ‘WOW’. As a variety artist he is always a true spectacle to behold,” she adds. “I’ve been working with Bob (and family) for many years and I can’t imagine a more deserving performer than he, to receive the 2016 accolade for Canadian Entertainer of the Year. Of course, that won’t change his value in our books. He’s a gem. A diamond in our minds and also in our hearts.” Cates was nominated for “Best Variety Act” at the 2014 and 2015 Canadian Comedy Awards. He was also twice nominated “Best One Man Show” at the Canadian Comedy Awards. He was also twice awarded “Best Entertainer of the Year” at the Festivals and Events Ontario Awards. His Comedy In Motion show has headlined on hundreds of cruise ships and at many special events and youth conventions. A resident of Cambridge, Ontario, Cates has been a special guest performer at the Israeli Juggling Convention and at several National Youth Conventions in the United States. When he is not performing as a headliner on luxury cruise ships, he is a favourite at corporate events and in theatres, at churches and ministry events. The Canadian Event Industry Awards program was founded in 1998 to provide a platform for event and meeting professionals from each major discipline of the industry, to be recognized and celebrated for their talent, hard work and success. Since its inception, over 600 awards have been presented and the competition has become a globally recognized symbol of excellence, as well as a powerful launching pad for companies looking to establish themselves in a competitive marketplace. -30- For interviews and information:Bob CatesEmail: bobcates@comedyinmotion.comWebsite: www.comedyinmotion.comPhone: 519 575 5568 Clip #1: Bob Cates talks about how it feels to win “Entertainer of the Year” award – he talks about being nominated a number of times before and how personally satisfying it is to take the trophy home. (21 seconds) Clip #2: Bob Cates talks about the significance of the award. (21 seconds) Clip #3: Bob Cates discusses his Christian faith – and how it influences his act. (32 seconds)
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Audio Download for Radio Hopeful Hearts Ministries Provides a Voice for Survivors
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Twitter Blocks New Faith Driven Consumer Campaign Supporting Subpoenaed Houston Pastors Minutes After Launch After famously blocking Faith Driven Consumer’s #IStandWithPhil campaign earlier this year, Twitter is back at it again – blocking the group’s new petition drive #HoustonWeHaveAProblem at minutes after launch this afternoon Raleigh, NC - Oct. 15, 2014 | | --  Faith Driven Consumer™, the group that emerged on the national stage last year with its #IStandWithPhil campaign that played a leading role in Phil Robertson's return to Duck Dynasty, continues to serve as an advocate for more than 41 million consumers who spend $2 trillion annually.
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