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Blue Lives Matter: Dickson Police Officers Arrested, Haven’t Been Told Why, Forced To Pick Up Garbage

Written by  Blue Lives Matter

Dickson Police Officers Justin Walton And Rob Peeler Arrested Without Being Told Why

Blue Lives MatterDickson, TN –  Two Dickson police officers say that they were arrested after being caught up in their department’s unethical behavior and small-town politics.  Dickson Police Officer Justin Walton and Dickson Police Officer Rob Peeler were assigned to public works picking up garbage, ordered to lie, and then arrested without being told why.

According to both Officer Walton and Officer Peeler, they responded to a call after a fight and assault at a local Mexican restaurant, Las Plazas.  Officer Walton arrived first, then Officer Peeler. Officer Katrina Pulley, who is married to a Dickson Police Sergeant, also arrived on scene.

The people involved, Richard and Tasha Curtis, and Rex Buttery and his wife, have changed their stories several times.  The only version that hasn’t changed is from the waitress who witnessed the incident. What they can agree on is that they had been eating a meal together and all four had been drinking.   Read More here.

Follow Up to above article:

Dickson police officers speak out after indictment for tampering with records

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two Dickson police officers are on administrative leave after they were both arrested and charged with destruction and tampering with governmental records.

The two men, Justin Walton and Robert Peeler, were indicted by a grand jury last week. News 2 spoke with each of the officers, who said they are stunned they were arrested.

The charges came in the wake of how the two officers handled a report after a fight at a Dickson Mexican restaurant last October. 

According to Walton and Peeler, there was no clear evidence of who started the fight, and both sides accused the other.  Read More Here.


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