Tuesday, 14 March 2017 11:58

Survey Finds Just 10 Percent Of Americans Have A Biblical Worldview

Written by  Randy DeSoto, Western Journalism

"If we want to transform our culture then ..."

George Barna FRC tweetA new survey released Monday revealed just 10 percent of Americans truly have a biblical worldview, despite four times that amount believing that they do.

The American Culture and Faith Institute, headed by pollster George Barna, interviewed approximately 6,000 people from the general population and in church leadership in early February.

The ACFI determined 10 percent answered the 40 question survey regarding biblical principles and lifestyle in a way consistent with a biblical worldview (way of understanding the world).

The ACFI was not looking for perfect responses to all the questions, but 80 percent or more answered in a way that is consistent with biblical truths.

“Everyone has a worldview. The critical question is which one people have embraced,” said pollster George Barna, who oversaw the survey. “If we want to transform our culture then we will need to change the choices people make that produce that culture. And in order to change those choices we must identify the beliefs that led to those choices.”

Perhaps surprisingly, 46 percent of those polled reported having a biblical worldview, but their answers were not consistent with their profession.

For example, among the views adopted in a related survey by ACFI by a majority of Americans that would not be consistent with the Bible are a belief that people are basically good (74 percent) and having faith matters more than what faith a person has (66 percent).

Indicators that are consistent include a belief that moral truths are unchanging and absolute; that God created man in a miraculous event (not through evolution); and the Bible is totally accurate in all the life principles it teaches.

Travis Weber, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, believes the long-term health of American society depends on restoring a biblical worldview.

“The Bible speaks truth about humankind,” he told Western Journalism. “The more we depart from a Biblical worldview when making our laws and policies, the more we will suffer as a country.”

Joseph Backholm, president of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, observed that currently, “The culture is doing a much better job evangelizing the church than the church evangelizing the culture.”

He added that the secular humanists worldview “is destined to fail” because it is based on ideas that are false.

When it does fail, there will be “a great opportunity for those who understand and can articulate a biblical worldview to speak into the chaos and to speak into the harm being caused by these false ideas and provide an alternative that will ultimately resonate with people,” Backholm contended. 

To that end, a teaching that has been gaining prominence in the Christian church in recent years centers on a belief in the seven mountains of cultural influence. 

Dr. Lance Wallnau, a noted speaker on the subject, explained that those who control the seven mountains–religion, education, family, government, media, arts, and business–ultimately steer the direction of a society. 

The more people who hold a biblical worldview in these seven mountains of cultural influence will mean more people being exposed to and coming to believe in the Bible’s truths in all aspects of their lives.

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