By Gregory Wrightstone
October 24, 2018

Gregory Wrightstone responds to Sen Rubio’s comments on Climate Change in this article:

Why conservatives keep gaslighting the nation about climate change
Republican climate rhetoric shifts (again), but the goal remains the same.

Gregory Wrightstone says:

“Climate skeptics (including many conservatives) views on climate change have been mischaracterized by the media when they say that “climate change is a hoax.”

The phrase “climate change” here is shorthand for “harmful man-made global warming.” I have never spoken to one skeptic or politician who does not believe that our climate is changing.

That misses the point. The crux of the matter are the two following questions that need to be asked:

  • Is the warming seen in the last 100+ years the result of the same natural forces driving temperature since the dawn of time? Or is it man-made?
  • Are increasing CO2 and rising temperature leading to climate harm or benefits?

Mischaracterizing conservatives  position on climate change and their opposition to economically crippling legislation to attempt to control the uncontrollable is just one more reason the public has to distrust the mainstream media.”