Letters Pour In Requesting More Showings

Producer Responds With Amazon.com Partnership For On-Demand Delivery Friday, October 19

(Charlotte, NC) October 16, 2018 | TruthPR.com |  – The Trump Prophecy, the true story of a retired firefighter, Mark Taylor, has not only sold out theaters across the country, but has inspired its audiences to stand together and pray at the end of the film as the credits rolled. The response to the film has been wildly positive, evidenced by thousands of letters, emails, social media messages and phone calls to ReelWorks Studios offices requesting another set of national theater showings.

“The feedback has been overwhelming and we wanted nothing more than to meet our audience’s demand, but we weren’t able to turn additional showings around as quickly as our audiences wanted. The great news is we’ve entered into a partnership with Amazon.com to make the film available on Friday, October 19. Anyone interested in viewing it immediately can visit Amazon.com and type ‘The Trump Prophecy Movie’ into the search bar, or visit our website,” Rick adds.

Despite being censored by Facebook and shadow-banned by Twitter for calling audiences to prayer, the film has gained momentum as its message spread organically.

“I don’t understand why our message of prayer would be challenged …  but I will say that nothing can stop the will of God or the faithfulness of His people and we will keep praying and encouraging others to pray for our Country and its leadership,” says Rick.

The film continues to receive great reviews from audience members including:

“After the applause, someone said ‘we should pray now’ and the entire theater held hands and prayed together!” — Honolulu, Hawaii

“Spontaneous prayer and applause. Something good and Godly is happening indeed!” — Grand Rapids, MI

“In our theater, as credits rolled, one voice started saying the Lord’s Prayer and suddenly everyone in the theater joined in. It was amazing!” — Nashville, TN

“This isn’t just a movie, it’s a movement. A call to prayer.” — Nashville, TN

About The Trump Prophecy:

The Trump Prophecy tells the story of the power of prayer set against the backdrop of the everyday trials facing a simple man of faith — a dedicated career public servant whom God chose to give a special message of hope for our nation. This story encourages all Americans to pray for our country and our leadership.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will heal their land.” — 2nd Chronicles 7:14

About ReelWorks:

ReelWorks Studios, LLC was founded by Rick Eldridge in August of 2009 as a production services and distribution management company. Business offices are located in Charlotte, North Carolina with representation and offices in Santa Monica, California. CEO, Rick Eldridge, has been in the entertainment business for over 35 years as a producer, director, musician, and creative visionary. The company now has over 100 titles under management comprised of feature film, television programming and digital media.


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