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Every morning radio and TV producers scan the Internet searching for guests for their programs who can…

  •  Convey unique analysis/perspectives in their areas of expertise
  •  Offer expert opinions
  •  Promote new books and ideas
  •  Be Entertaining

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  • We’ll keep your name fresh in the minds of the media via weekly e-mailings to top radio,TV hosts and producers.
  • We’ll schedule your interviews and recommend you as an expert commentator to producers requesting guests. 

Your biography will be posted at complete with:

  • Your bio and a professional photo
  • Hot Topics – your areas of expertise
  • Links to your interviews
  • Listings of published books with links to Amazon and/or your publisher

We make getting interviews easy!

What We Do:

  •  Identify top reporters, bloggers, and influencers specifically for you.
  •  Weekly Email sent with your messaging.
  •  Arrange interviews as necessary.
  •  Continue the effort month-to-month.


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