The poem Rhetoric Prevails by American Poet William Owens.[fc id=’2′ type=’slide’ placement=’right’ button_color=’#4488ee’ font_color=’white’]Request American Poet William Owens here[/fc]

William Owens reading Rhetoric Prevails

A portion of the poem:

The prescription for depression of most Americans is to be obligated
To a overrated ideology that cannot be substantiated by history
It’s sheer philosophy concocted with phraseologies that avoid accountability to the people

With cultic rituals
political agendas
Master pretenders
Complicit leaders
Group thinkers

It’s impossible to have a simple conversation
Rhetoric is the new religion
It has a pace that’s predictable
A face that familiar
A race of many shades that’s gullible

Some ask how and why can this be
Overrule the mind of reason
Common sense and the consequences of failures that all can see
Yet still Rhetoric prevails