How to abide in Christ with Russ Jones

Abide Prayer and Meditation AppIn this episode I get the privilege of speaking with Russ Jones, the Executive Producer, Abide Bible Story and Sleep App. Abide Meditation is a project of Carpenters Code, a small startup located in San Mateo, California. It was started by former Google employees seeking to use their gifts to help bring people closer to God. The Abide mobile app is the world’s most popular Christian Bible story and sleep app, guiding hundreds of thousands of people around the world in biblical truth and personal reflection.

Russ talks about how, with our phones on our hips we are available and we are plugged in too much. Russ and the team at Abide’s mission is to redeem technology with the abide app. Russ debunks the myth that meditation is New-Age. Meditation is in the bible and God along with prayer. Russ discusses the difference between the two and encourages us to do both!

Russ Jones is a 35-year award-winning journalist, investigative correspondent, and producer whose primary goal is to create dynamic storytelling. His expertise is building content teams that creatively tell the Christian-Judeo message.

Former publisher of various Christian news sites such as,, and a media consultant to a number of political and cause-oriented campaigns.

His reports have been heard on radio networks like American Family Radio and Bott Radio Network.

He’s produced TV reports for NBC and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

As Executive Producer of Abide: oversees a talented team of writers, voice artists, sound designers, composers and video editors who create compelling Christian faith-based content.

From 2016 to 2018 Russ served as the producer and the guest host of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins national radio program which airs on 250 stations. Prior to joining Washington Watch, Russ was the Sr. Vice President of News for the USA Radio Network.

In addition to his broadcast career, Russ is the Subject Matter Expert of Media and Culture at Liberty University.

A big part of his life is serving in the Mississippi State Guard. CPT Jones serves as the Public Affairs Officer in the Magnolia State.

Russ holds degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia and St. Paul School of Theology.

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Russ Jones Interview on Say So With Jeanne - Aug 17 2021