Blessings to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for his stand for justice in the case of the current unfair impeachment efforts against President Trump. Yesterday Senator Graham introduced a resolution denouncing the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump. He said impeachment is “very dangerous to the country,” and that is true. 

Please join the battle for justice in support of this effort. Support Sen. Lindsey Graham’s resolution by doing three things:

First, pray that what is being done in secret will be exposed in the light.

Next, get on all your social media platforms and post your support of the resolution and for your support of due process for President Trump.

And, put a call in to your Senators and Representatives let them know they must honor the rule of law, to put the impeachment proceedings to a vote and for your support of SR 378. Assure them of your support.

Here’s the core of Senate Resolution 378:

“A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the House of Representatives should, with long-standing practice and precedent, prior to proceeding any further with its impeachment investigation into President Donald J. Trump, vote to open a formal impeachment inquiry and provide President Trump with fundamental constitutional protections.”

Minority members of the Senate are right to challenge the behind-closed-doors actions of Members of Congress determined to deny POTUS constitutional fairness. The illegitimate impeachment proceedings lack due process for the President and transparency, as standing members of Congress have been shut out of the hearings, and U.S. citizens are being denied facts while POTUS is denied due process.

As Americans, we are called to be defenders of truth. We must stand up for what is right and honorable. Use your voice, and use your vote, for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; for everyone.