Date of Sgt Mike McGrew Interview: August 13 @ 2PM ET

Segments 2, 3 & 4

Sgt Mike McGrew

Host Blanquita Cullum on The Hard Question:

Sgt. Mike McGrewTopics Covered:

    1. Law Enforcement | Violence in the U.S | Insults against ICE & Police
      1. Community was more supportive in the past.
      2. Lack of support is taking a toll on officers
      3. Media does not cover the good things, one the bad.
      4. Positive Police stories need to be shared.
      5. Drug & Alcohol Problems – a huge problem.
    2. Is terror escalated because of Social Media, Video Games
      1. Used to have “Community Policing” – now its changed dramatically.
      2. Extreme Violence – how can Law Enforcement deal with gangs and the targeting of law enforcement.
      3. Communities have to decide their priorities. The money only goes so far.
      4. What about Antifa and the gangs like in Chicago?
      5.  Can’t put a band aid on the situations, you can turn around neighborhoods by providing community policing but it takes the right leadership.
      6. With all these cameras around, police are charged of crimes before the criminal.
    3. High suicide rates, divorce & Alcohol problems with first responders.
      1. Cops don’t get the help that they need.
      2. Police work takes a piece of you.
      3. Check out First Responder Support program.
      4. There is hope.