Whether you are starting a business, running an organization, trying to grow a church, or just the the most out of life, Josh Tolley has something for you!

Find out why millions of people around the world have turned to Josh for advice on all areas of life and what he can do for you too.

“I have been to the ‘experts’ like Tony Robbins, I have had a professional business coach, and I’m part of a national franchise. I have learned more from Josh than all those previously mentioned.”


  • Nationally Syndicated Talk-Show Host

    Josh Tolley reaches audiences in all 50 states & over 160 nations.

  • Top 100 Business Trainer

    Ranked as a Top 100 business trainer on Earth

  • Signed Four Book Deals

    Books include business, faith, political, and cultural issues.

  • Television Appearances

    Has appeared on CBS, NBC, Al Jezeera, RT, Daytime, NPR and dozens more!

Josh Tolley is nationally syndicated talk-show host who is ranked as one of the top 100 business trainers on Earth. He is the author of the book – Quit Your Job Or Die – and more recently – Evangelpreneur.

He has been featured on many secular and Christian networks, including TBN, The Church Channel, NBC, Shabbat Night Live, Passion for Truth, CBS. His youtube channel has over 26,000 subscribers, and people all over look to him for advice in finance, business, sales, entrepreneurship, self-employment, and advertising.

Business & Leadership

  • Top 100 Business Trainer
  • Leading Behavioral Strategist
  • Small Business Training
  • Franchise Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Classes & Events

Politics & Culture

  • Political Figure
  • Political Training
  • Political Speaker
  • Cultural Protection and Development
  • Television & Radio Commentator

Faith & Personal Growth

  • Speaker on Faith
  • Evangelpreneur System
  • Four Pillars of Church Growth
  • Becoming the Person You Want Others to Experience

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  • Sales, Marketing, Strategic Planning
  • Personal Transformation
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership Transition
  • Business, Relationship, and Youth Leader

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Keynotes & Workshops

Valley to Peak Leadership

90% of leadership training is worthless! Peak to Peak leadership (what most leadership training is based on) is great for million dollar athletes and senior VP executives but it does no good when leading employees going through hard times. Employees who see layoffs or are happier on Friday than Monday don’t care about “Teams” or “Shared Vision”. It’s time leaders give up the fluff and really become leaders!

Stop Selling & Start Selling

It is time we give up the cheesy sales skills, stop with the closes that would keep even us from buying and get to what really makes sales happen. Why do people buy? Why doesn’t your sales team perform to their peak ability? Stop Selling & Start Selling breaks down the bad habits and eliminates the need for all the sales training we wish we didn’t have to tolerate.

Who Shot My Duck

Not having one’s ducks in a row is not only the excuse we tell ourselves for not moving forward but it also kills productivity. Your organization will not really benefit from motivational, leadership or sales training until the people in that organization have all of life’s ducks in a row. This program transforms!

Becoming the Person You Want Others to Experience

Personal growth is really about who you want to be in the world. At some point personal growth has to go from books and seminars to actually living it out. Who you want others to experience is all about being the person you always wanted to be. There is no other presentation that brings out the best in people like this course as there is nobody else who could teach this course.

His New Book:

Evangelpreneur: How Biblical Free Enterprise Can Empower Your Faith, Family, and Freedom

Evangelpreneur is a book that seeks to dispel the lies of finances that are so prevalent in today’s Church, and the world. Bankruptcy among churchgoers is equally as high as those who don’t attend. Financial problems destroy marriages, families, individuals, and churches. A record number of churches are in foreclosure.

Evangelpreneur teaches you:
How to get your financial life to line up with your faith life.
How to save your family and your church from financial ruin.
How to recognize if God is calling you to entrepreneurship.
How to use proper financial practices to lead people to salvation and do God’s work on earth.

Author Josh Tolley - Evangelpreneur

Having hit Amazon’s #1 spot, Evangelpreneur is a motivating business read for anyone who wants to think a little smarter and see things in a different light. Did you know that the Bible talks more about money than it does about heaven?

In this book you will take a whole new approach to your way of life, your business mentality, and honestly look at your thought processes in the right order. You will be challenged, and you will also grow in ways you never considered before.

Time to take a new look at entrepreneurship and your faith-centered lifestyle!