Susan Heagy

  • President & Founder, Abundant Hope International

  • Author

  • Teacher of the Holocaust

  • Entrepreneur

  • Holocaust Survivor Education

Topics: Holocaust, Pro-Israel Advocacy

Susan E. Heagy is founder and president of Abundant Hope International (AHI), a leading non-profit organization providing relational and humanitarian aid assistance to Holocaust Survivors in Israel.  AHI offers education to both the public and private sector and global relationships with Survivors of the Shoah are established to address the trauma and PTSD suffered from WWII.

Susan brings with her experience obtained through management, staff training, corporate oversight and promotions in the movie theatre industry.  Whether she was promoting movies like “The Mexican” with flamenco dancers or a golf movie with putting greens, she has implemented a creative approach with an eye to increased revenue and wide success.

Susan has devoted her entire career since 2004 to the philanthropic and nonprofit sector developing programs to encourage the public sector to join AHI in assisting the Survivors.

Dividing her time between Israel and speaking tours in the USA and various countries, she visits with her four children and five grandchildren in America.

Ms. Heagy is available to speak on request with the purpose of educating about the many aspects not generally known of the Holocaust of WWII and those who survived.  She shares the personal war accounts of the individual Survivors with the intent of making sure they are never forgotten.

Abundant Hope International is an organization with a passion to help Holocaust Survivors, especially in Israel. We are based in the USA but are international in scope. Through partners and volunteers from around the world, AHI is visiting Holocaust Survivors to alleviate loneliness, evaluating and meeting their needs, renovating their homes, and counting them as friends. We are currently involved with Holocaust Survivors in 25 cities in Israel. After reading about our history and growth, we hope you will want to join us in this worthwhile endeavor.

Those of you who have been involved with us for awhile may have noticed our new logo.

This is a logo with purpose, Jew and Gentile together.

Trees represent “L’Chaim!”  “Life!” to those of Jewish heritage.  The olive tree in particular is mentioned in the scriptures, and is so prized it is against the law to cut down an olive tree without permission from the Israeli government.

Water is life to Gentile Believers, in particular “living” or moving water.  Also in the Jewish faith “living” water is required for their mikva for cleansing.

Our Survivors, when we first meet them are like the brown leaves on the tree.  Old, seemingly shriveled and dry, nearing the end of their life.

But when you combine the Living Water from the Gentile beliefs with the Tree of Life from the Jewish religion, and view leaves as the Survivors who came out of the death camps to help build the State of Israel- the water feeding the tree brings life to the leaves, the Survivors.

The Holocaust Survivors we met a few years ago now show signs of new life, new growth.  We at Abundant Hope International want to continue to bring life and love to them, offering the chance of new hope.

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