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Mark Hancock
"For those who see it, there is a depth of our brotherhood. We are permanently marked by our shared commitment to ... Read More
Looking for a Speaker
Communio and the Barna Group will be hosting free webinars Thursday, April 11 (for Evangelical and Mainline leaders) and Friday, April ... Read More
Leadership Summit - Atlanta GA
Evangelist Alveda King and author/activist Angela Stanton-King continue to join forces to unite America for advancing criminal justice reform and sanctity ... Read More
11-21 JULY 2019 EXPLORE AND DEEPEN THE BASICS OF YOUR FAITH Dates: July 11 - 21, 2019 Age: 17-32 *** USE CODE ... Read More
Alveda Kiing
Yesterday we celebrated MLK’s birthday. Several candidates announced a presidential bid yesterday. Most if not all of those candidates are pro-abortion ... Read More
WHO IS GOING TO SHOT SHOW 2019??? You can be sure to find ACE LUCIANO there. (To Schedule Ace, contact Jackie@TruthPR.com ... Read More
SPE International
Please come join us in Pittsburgh, PA for the 2018 annual joint meeting of the AAPG-SPE Eastern Section. The Pittsburgh Section ... Read More
Save a Nation Conference
Register now for the Truth for a New Generation Conference! Early Bird Deadline: THIS SUNDAY, Aug. 19! (Teens 17 & Under, ... Read More
Alveda King - Love not Hate
ATLANTA, GA | TruthPR.com | -- Today, April 4, 2018, marks the 50th anniversary of the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther ... Read More
Frontier Ventures
 Frontier Ventures conference to address ‘overlooked need’ for Evangelicals’ involvement in taking better care of the planet PASADENA, Calif. — A ... Read More
Censored Women's Film Festival
Men in Hollywood (and around the world) can’t abuse or silence these women   HOLLYWOOD – In Hollywood and around the world, certain ... Read More
Middle East Forum
The Middle East Forum invites you to a special lunch:  Organizing for Israel Victory Almost three decades of “peace process” have ... Read More