Spirit Mornings Interview of Guest Mark Hancock, CEO Trail Life USA Interview. Host Jen Brown & Bruce McGregor of Spirit Mornings (Catholic Radio)

Date Aug 22, 2019


Mark Hancock - Trail Life USA - CEO

Chief Executive Officer of Trail Life USA

Mark Hancock says “Failure to Launch is a major problem today”.
  • Mission of Trail Life USA is to build up boys. Dedicated to raising up boys to be boys.
  • Alternative to Boy Scouts
  • Boys and girls are different.
  • About six years ago Trail Life developed due to direction that Boy Scouts was taking.
  • Focus of Trail Life is ‘Let Boys Be Boys’
  • Our culture today is trying to dismiss men
  • We’re stealing from boys what they are designed to be and necessary for society to succeed
  • Boys are falling behind girls in every capacity
  • Shooters are example of boys brought up in a society that is lacking in morals
  • Boys need to be allowed to their natural desires of competition, to work hard and finish ahead of someone else. Boys need this to mature.
  • In victories they find who they are and what they’re good it. That society is not their enemy but they are a part of something bigger.
  • Learn the ability to deal with stresses.

Failure to Launch is a problem today:

  • Trail Life mentors young men to do the hard things
  • Teaches that failure is a good learning
  • Give the opportunity to succeed and fail – its important
  • Boy’s want to know:
    • Who’s with me?
    • Who’s in charge?
    • What is my mission?
  • Gangs are attracting men at an alarming rate because they answer those three questions well. We need to learn from the gangs so they stop taking our young men.

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