Police Advocacy Group Calls for Federal Law Against Cop Assassination

New York Police Officer Miosotis Familia

New York Police Officer Miosotis Familia

CHESAPEAKE, VA, July 7, 2017 | TruthPR.com | — Today is the Anniversary of the assassination of five police officers in Dallas. With the assassination this week of New York Police Officer Miosotis Familia, a program formed in response to anti-police hatred – STAND With Law Enforcement (SWLE) – is calling for a federal crime against assassination of police officers. SWLE is a project of S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True to America’s National Destiny) Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit organization headed by former Virginia candidate for U.S. Senate and Lt. Governor, Bishop E.W. Jackson.

“While I would not normally support federalizing crime,” says Jackson, “the epidemic of killing police officers by ambush is new. We are talking about the stalking and murder of cops while they are sitting in their cars, walking the beat or standing around at the scene of a crime. This kind of violence against police officers requires the most vigorous response the criminal justice system can provide.”

Mr. Jackson is reaching out to members of Congress, asking them to put forward his legislative proposal. Congress is in recess, and he expects a response when they are back in session.

The mission of STAND is to unite Americans of all races and backgrounds as one nation under God. As part of that mission, they formed “STAND With Law Enforcement,” a program to educate and motivate citizens to respect and support law enforcement officers.

Bishop Jackson has met with police departments, pastors and communities all over the country, including Dallas after five officers were assassinated, Milwaukee after last year’s riots and Ferguson after the Michael Brown shooting. The organization has also handed out thousands of prayer cards and coins to police.

Says Jackson, “It is time to realize that the “Black Lives Matter” myth that police are out to get black men, is getting cops killed. Pastors, churches and other leaders and responsible members of the community must stand in defense of the police officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.”

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